Tourism Research: Closing the gap between Government and the Travel Industry

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This PowerPoint presentation was shown at the PATA Destination and Board meeting 2013. It details the My Travel Research philosophy and business model. Ensuing the travel industry receives the …

This PowerPoint presentation was shown at the PATA Destination and Board meeting 2013. It details the My Travel Research philosophy and business model. Ensuing the travel industry receives the benefit of market research commissioned by governments worldwide. We take the 100 page reports no one has time to read and translate them into 1 or 2 slides and a video with focus on how to increase visitor numbers and increase tourism revenue for destinations, associations, businesses and governments

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  • 1. Bridging the Market Research Gap For Destinations and the Travel Industry By Bronwyn White
  • 2. About • Combined experience in Travel and Tourism Research and Marketing of more than 50 years • We specialise in the travel and tourism industry • Worked for: – Qantas – Tourism NSW – Regional Tourism Organisations – TNS Global Research (Travel and Tourism) – IATA • Worked with (clients): – National Tourism Offices – State Tourism Offices – Regional Tourism Offices – Airlines – Travel and Tour Companies – Small commercial entities (e.g. hotels, bed and breakfasts) – Travel and tourism associated businesses (e.g. Airframe manufacturers) – Associations
  • 3. My Market Research Moment • The Qantas light bulb moment • Led to the opening of doors and dissemination of market research
  • 4. Bridging the market research gap Problem • Millions of dollars collectively spent on insightful market research by companies, governments, destinations, associations and representative groups • Not being filtered down in a timely manner and used where it is needed most: – Regional – Operational – Front line • Much of the industry lacking in traditional marketing and research skills
  • 5. Bridging the market research gap Many Reasons • Lack of time, skill and knowledge. – No fault of their own. Busy working in the business – Destinations / NTO’s are often stressed making happy holidays for people – We realised we needed to help them work on the business – Both from a strategic planning and tactical execution level – No time to trawl through thick reports to extract the essential details – Often without the ability or skill set required to interpret insight
  • 6. Typically those needing insight and direction most are time and cash poor • Destinations, regional and local tourism managers and organisations • On the front line • Operators • Associations – trying to please everyone • They need insight, they need it now, “just tell me what to do” They don’t have time to read the research, let alone implement it
  • 7. Bridging the market research gap Solution • Those commissioning the research aware of the problem – ‘frustrated’, ‘hands tied’, ‘not enough resource’ • Often don’t have the resource to ‘translate’ research results into insight that is easy to understand, quick to assimilate and actionable Our work fills a gap identified by many destinations who struggle to fulfil the expectations their industry places on them to deliver actionable insight Connect the insight and research To the travel industry
  • 8. Enabling insights to action travel industry Membership site An innovative membership model Easy to read highlights of public data with key recommendations Training on how to use, interpret and action data A monthly ask us anything webinar Webinars on hot topics in the tourism industry Training and templates to help you DIY research How to documents
  • 9. Building skills In research and marketing • Teaching the travel industry how to: – Conduct their own market research • Survey templates – Become less reliant on consultants – Analysis – Implementation of results – Strategic and tactical planning
  • 10. Making a difference Special reports and collective insight
  • 11. Making a difference Ask us anything webinar “It’s not every day you can tap into the experience and expertise of Bronwyn White and Carolyn Childs. This morning’s Webinar was extremely helpful giving me advice, direction and resources to assist with an upcoming project. I look forward to next month’s Webinar!” Lana Willetts City Promotions and Events Supervisor Dubbo City Council
  • 12. site Inland NSW White label version Making a difference White label
  • 13. Philosophy We teach the travel industry to be self sufficient in the long term by building skills in market research and marketing so that they become less reliant on outside services and consultants. We empower the industry with the knowledge and skills to change and improve their industry and businesses, while all of the time providing support
  • 14. Thank you! Please note that the data contained in this proposal has been prepared for the specific purpose of the PATA Board Meeting in Chengdu and information contained if for Pty Ltd and PATA It may not be suitable for other applications. The use of this data for any other purpose should be discussed with the lead author. accepts no responsibility for unauthorised use of this data by a third party.