The Future: Local Search Optimization & Google Places


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  • The location-based marketing landscape is extremely fragmented and requires the management of many different channels.You need to ensure that customers can find you anytime and anywhere to ensure maximum consumer exposer.Currently, the landscape requires you to build and manage your presence and visibility on:Search engines,Social networksMobile search enginesMobile mapsMobile app, including 4 squareRatings and review sitesInternet Yellow pagesDaily deal sitesAnd the flavour of the month: Pinterest today, gone tomorrow!Managing all these different channels is a big task, you need to make sure that:Your data is accurate, complete and consistentThat You monitor ratings and reviewsYou also have to manage your brands reputationAnd in order to be most effective you need to converse with your customersNow, because this is local, each venue has their own individual accounts, and therefore managing a brand becomes a herculean task:The marketer needs to deliver value, and great performance, all under budget!When you scale up from 1 location to hundreds or thousands, new issues arise, like:Data AccuracyBrand managementRegional differences, as an example, a Café in Montreal, may be called a coffee shop in Vancouver or Boston.Effectively managing and maintaining this simple difference is no simple task.In addition to the management of your data requirements, When Managing large volumes of locations, how can you derive actionable competitive intelligence to set and implement strategy, report the results and implement improvements using multiple tools and or Excel? You cant!As a marketer, it is impossible to deliver optimal performance for a fully integrated Location-based marketing campaign without automation, analytics and actionable recommendationsSweet IQ solves this problem with our “all-in one” platform that enable the delivery of value and optimal results!The Task becomes even more complicated, when a marketer or agency has to manage multiple large venue based campaigns!
  • The Future: Local Search Optimization & Google Places

    1. 1. The Future:Local SearchOptimization &Google Places Michael Mire Co-founder & CEO @MichaelMire1
    2. 2. Big Data• Indexed: 100M pages in April 2012• Total Listings: 700K listings• Keywords: 60k• Categories: 90K• Citation pages indexed: 6.5M• Recommendations 3.0M
    3. 3. Mobile- Local Search • 51% local searches on the go • 67% of local searchers, think that having the correct NAP + hrs of ops is critical • 77% of local searchers have submitted a review in the last 30 days • 61% of searchers believe local results are most relevant and trustworthy • VS 27% for natural search results • 64% use Google Maps App to perform local searches • Mobile local searches on Google grow to 40% in 2012 • PC local searches on Google = 20%Source: 5th annual Local Search Usage Study, prepared by comScore, Inc. for Localeze and 15 miles & Google Canada..
    4. 4. Local Search ConvergenceAll rights reserved SweetIQ 2012 © - Private & Confidential not for public distribution
    5. 5. Canadian Local Ecosystem Confirmed Not-confirmed
    6. 6. Google Place Rank Algo• Prominence • Citations and listings • Reviews• Relevance • Keyword/ Category usage• Distance
    7. 7. Venice Update• Improved Local results- Integrating local into SERP• Blended Vs. Pack• Locator pages- custom content • KML site maps • Schema data • Local link building • Citations
    8. 8. Future of Places & G+• Scared of Facebook!• Added layer of personalization• More accurate targeting• Added authority and relevancy• Stickiness factor for users- they hope!• Monetization
    9. 9. National Chain- Case 1Locations: n=76Listings (G/B/Y): n=228Total Keywords: n=4685 keywords per location: Brand+ city name KW1 + city name KW2+ city name Long tail KW1+ city name Long tail KW2+ city name
    10. 10. I’ve Got Issues!Presence Audit:• Inconsistent NAP: 63%• Locations w/out G or+ B or+ Y listing: 57%• Listings w/≤ 2 categories: 90%• Citations- Locations under benchmark (57): 53%• Keywords ranked on page 1 (G/B/Y): 10.1%Recommendations:• Claim & optimize listings• Optimize listings & website for keywords + categories
    11. 11. More Issues!Visibility Audit:• Average star rating: 1.6 (71% ≤ 3.5 stars)• Average # reviews per location: 2.15• 50% locations: No reviews/ ratings• Average citations per location: 57• 53% locations: ≤57 citationsRecommendations:• Campaign to solicit reviews• Review and ratings management- interact with reviewers• Citation building campaign
    12. 12. Local Lawyer- Case 2 Impressions/Visits/Actions353025201510 Google Places Impressions Google Places Actions5 Website Visits0 Google Places Impressions= 2505 Google Places Actions= 68 Website Visits = 171
    13. 13. Results Keyword Ranking100.0 89.0 90.0 80.0 70.0 66.3 60.0 56.8 56.5 50.0 January 40.0 35.5 February 31.5 28.5 March 30.0 26.8 24.5 24.0 20.0 17.5 8.3 8.3 9.5 7.8 8.8 10.0 6.6 6.6 5.6 2.6 3.5 2.0 1.4 1.4 0.0 avocat immigration Immigration Immigration Business saguy avocat avocats immigration lawyer lawyers attorney Lawyer barchichat montreal Montreal
    14. 14. More Results Impressions/Visits/Actions Website Visits200150100 Google Places Impressions 50 0 Google Places Actions Google Places Impressions= 13,534 Google Places Actions= 140 Website Visits = 410
    15. 15. Strategy Competitive Audit Local Search OptimizationReporting Set Strategy Listing Management Citation Optimization Building
    16. 16. Tips To Get Results1. Claim your listings2. Find the optimal local keywords3. Select appropriate categories4. Monitor local packs and competitors listings for insights5. Listing management: data accuracy and consistency6. Citations: • Competitive analysis • Citation building • Monitoring your citation accuracy7. Manage Reviews & reputation • Encourage clients to leave reviews
    17. 17. Finding KeywordsFind the right local keywords from your website or yourkeyword listDetermine if they are relevant for local- display a local packAnalyze the competition to determine the effectiveness ofcompeting for the keywords
    18. 18. Picking CategoriesAnalyze the category to kw relationshipPick the Categories that best suite your needsDon’t forget to plugin your new categories into your listingsand website on-page seo
    19. 19. Unifying Local & web SEO Add CategoriesAdd Categories Off-page SEO to On-page Selected Category SEO Categories Consistency On-page SEO
    20. 20. Listing ManagementAnalyze your existing listings,, and the data accuracy andconsistencyAnalyze your listing categories, and optimize as requiredDeal with any duplicates immediately
    21. 21. CitationsAnalyze your citations, data accuracy and consistencyAnalyze the competition’s citations for insightsBuild, build, build…Monitor your progress
    22. 22. Tools• Get Me Listed> SweetIQ• White Spark• Bright Local• Places Scout• Yext•• SEO MOZ• Majestic SEO
    23. 23. Questions? @GetMeListed