Best Practices For My Space Apps


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Best Practices For My Space Apps.

This power point will give you a snapshot of all the features and tools MySpace Apps Platform offers it's developers to grow their applications and engage with their users.

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Best Practices For My Space Apps

  1. Best Practices for MySpace AppsJuly, 2009<br />May X, 2009<br />
  2. Overview<br />This document covers a number of best practices for developers building Apps for the MySpace Open Platform. It covers:<br />Growing Your User Base<br />Driving Engagement<br />Developer Guidelines<br />
  3. Growing Your Audience<br />Invitations<br />The most effective channel for growing your user base<br />Up to 20 friends can be invited at once<br />Most companies create their own friend selector that passes the recipients to our Invite dialog<br />We recommend that you filter the friends list to only include:<br />Users who do not have the App installed<br />Put Top Friends and Online friends at the top of the list<br />Only include regular user profiles (no bands, comedians, etc.)<br />Provide an option to select multiple friends, 20 friends or all friends<br />User’s can add additional names in the To: bar<br />Test variations of the invite message<br />Keep in mind that user’s can block receiving invites from your App<br />
  4. Growing Your Audience<br />App Activities<br />App activities was recently expanded to show activities to all friends, thus creating a viral channel<br />Activities must be previewed and published manually by the end user.<br />Have a call-to-action to the viewers of your activities, which leads users to an OpenCanvas page that contains an add App button<br />An OpenCanvas page allows the developer to personalize based on the user’s ID, display name and public photos<br />Use the OpenCanvas to further interest the user and have a clear call-to-action to add the App<br />Parameters can be passed from the activity to the OpenCanvas that provide context to the App<br />Status Updates<br />Using our server-to-server REST APIs allow you to update the user’s status with a link to the canvas<br />It must be clear to the user that they are updating their status<br />
  5. Growing Your Audience<br />You don’t have to rely on our Add App link on a canvas.<br />Provide your own Add App link that points to your canvas with the parameter autoInitiateInstall=true, which will bring up the Add App dialog<br />
  6. Growing Your Audience<br />Unlike other social networks, MySpace Apps can have a more persistent and upfront presence on the user profile with modules<br />With OpenSocial you can differentiate between the userviewing the profile box or a visitor/friend viewing it<br />Have different calls-to-action<br />Personalize<br />Integrate personalization and animation to make yourprofile box standout and be engaging<br />Flash can be used on profile modules<br />Make sure your profile box does not have a significantnegative impact on profile page loadtime<br />
  7. Growing Your Audience<br />Users can post to blogs, bulletins and profiles, which are one to many channels.<br />Apps can also send one to one messages to the user’s inbox<br />Only one user can be mailed to at a time<br />Posting to a comment is like sending a message to the user, but it’s publicly viewable<br />Users can set their comments to be approved before being displayed<br />All these options require user confirmation and are not available as server-to-server APIs<br />Blogs, messages and bulletins can contain links to the canvas and Add App page, and can contain externally hosted images<br />
  8. Growing Your Audience<br />Once your viral channels are ready, invest in sponsorship in the App gallery and other parts of the site to fully launch your App<br />Leverage our Hypertargeting and optimization capabilities to target the right audience with the right call-to-action<br />Use autoInitiateInstall=1 to shorten the add App process<br />Use tracking parameters passed in the install callback to analyze conversion rates for various ad units<br />
  9. Driving Engagement<br />App to user notifications can be a powerful engagement channel. They can sent to any user that has the App installed.<br />They can be invoked in the App via OpenSocial or from the server via REST APIs.<br />REST must be used for bulk messaging.<br />Notifications should have clear call-to-actions using action buttons. They can include a media item, such as a picture of any user that has the App installed to engage the user or a picture uploaded to an album<br />You can upload pictures using to be released 0.9 REST APIs for photos<br />
  10. Driving Engagement<br />The user homepage (UHP) module is a great way to draw the user back into the App<br />Include in the UHP module personalized and timely updates of what’s happening in the App<br />Flash can be used in the UHP module to make it more interactive<br />Also make sure the UHP module does not negatively impact page load time<br />
  11. Developer Guidelines<br />Using IFRAME versus OpenSocial for your surfaces<br />IFRAME makes it easier to keep your App update, however there is more heavy lifting in terms of invoking OpenSocial methods for Invites and Activity Publishing and REST calls<br />Use IFPC library for communicating to OpenSocial from your IFRAME App<br />Our SDKs cam simplify using the REST APIs<br />Flash can either be uploaded to our CDN or served from your CDN<br />We now support the appropriate crossdomain.xml permissions for non-MySpace hosted Flash Apps<br />Leverage install and uninstall callbacks to track acquisition and churn<br />The URL of the page from which the App was installed is passed as a parameter in the callback<br />Leverage appParams and appData to pass state from modules or canvas pages to other canvas pages<br />Make use of adjustHeight to dynamically adjust the IFRAME on canvas to fit your content.<br />In the developer website, don’t login as the App and then try to create a new App <br />
  12. Getting Support<br />Stay up to date with best practices at<br />Follow our developer blog at<br />Email<br />Documentation:<br />MySpaceID SDK’s:<br />Follow us on Twitter @myspacedevteam<br />