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How to work with Activities streams and activities. Learn what they are, how to use them, and some tips for coding.

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  • Activities invite you to interact by surfacing the most relevant pieces of information in the story. Not only that, but our engine can draw certain correlations thus placing similar activities together and provide a more human like way of telling the stories which sound less repetitive.
  • *Unless you are in a culture where My Visitors is available and you want to track your visitors. Our user base raises a couple million activities a day !
  • You can really get to know someone’s life via their personal activity stream
  • After some days of research we found out that there were others outside our company who had the same dilemma: How to represent activities in a machine parseable fashion ? How to add enough metadata to the stories in the stream so an aggregator could correlate
  • This details are located at:
  • DavidRecordon, Kevin Marks, Monica Keller, Nikita, Martin Atkins, Brandon Black, Luke Shepard, Chris Messina, Mike, Joseph Smarr, Nicolas Bertrand discussing verbs and object types
  • This is where we show the demo
  • Now that you know how to display activities, we are going to show you how to write activities.
  • Talk about what is new: Multiple Language support
  • App Activity Streams

    1. 1. Welcome ! You have New Friend Requests…. Marco Ensing (@sentient) wants to be your friend ! May 25, Hi I am the Architect in charge of Activities on the 2009 Developer Platform. If you have any issues raising 7:34 PM Activities or building Activity templates I can help you. Monica Keller (@ciberch) wants to be your friend ! May 25, Hi I am Development Manager in charge of Activities. 2009 I can help you consume our Activities using the 6:14 PM emerging standards from 2
    2. 2. Activities 101 • At MySpace we give users the choice to stream in real time a variety of activities. For example: For the entire list of activities available click here 3
    3. 3. Activity Stream Privacy • The activity stream is way to promote positive actions users want to share. • It is not a way to stalk or spy on actions others are unaware of. • Therefore, no one will ever be updated about when you: Send or View other View other View other Read other receive users' users' users' users' messages profiles* photos videos blogs Deny a Delete a Deny a friend friend comment request 4
    4. 4. Displaying your personal stream 5
    5. 5. Visibility controls 6
    6. 6. Friends Activity Stream on Home Page 7
    7. 7. Friends Activity Stream on iGoogle 8
    8. 8. Activity Stream Reach We have many places MySpace features using where activities are the activities engine: displayed: Songs recently added by friends Friends Activities on Home Page, View All Page,Toolbar, IPhone, Blackberry, Yahoo, Google and counting Local Ratings and Reviews Celebrity Activities on Splash Page New Photo Album Indicators Personal Activities stream on Profile page, Mail New Birthdays Home Page Module Sender Pane and Yahoo Front Page Artists’ Activities on Music Player My Visitors Home Page Module 9
    9. 9. Challenges • When we first started syndicating updates we had a tough time agreeing on a generic object representation and providing guidance to transform and group the activities data. • We started by using XML/XSLT but soon clients started lagging behind and the interfaces broke so then moved to simply providing the final product as semantic html markup. • This provided a polished, consistent user interface but did not allow for our consumers to customize their display independently. 10
    10. 10. Activity Stream Syndication Solution: Standardize our representation of social objects and actions activity streams an extension to the Atom feed format to express what people are doing around web Discuss. Wiki. First draft specs: Activities in Atom; Activity Schema; Atom Media. An initiative from the DiSo Project. Background. 11
    11. 11. Our involvement • After some meetups and heads down sprints, MySpace made available their activity streams api on February 25th, 2009 to a group of small partners. Yahoo! was their first partner going live on March 3rd, 2009. • On March 25th, 2009 MySpace opened up the activity stream to all developers. • To consume the stream you can use a MySpaceID or Opensocial app. Details at and documentation at: vity_Streams 12
    12. 12. Web 2.0 Activities Meetup 13
    13. 13. It is very easy. Try it ! • /v1/users/{userId}/activities.atom • /v1/users/{userId}/friends/activities.atom • You just need to be able to parse atom with extensions and you are all set. More details here • Unfortunately OpenSocial 0.9 was already committed to when we started this effort but we are now researching ways to allow you to include this rich metadata in existing 0.8 and 0.9 implementations until the standalone activity spec is out. • We welcome your input please let us know how we can best extend our offering to fit your needs. 14
    14. 14. Activity Ingestion • Activity Ingestion is done via OpenSocial • Once you have created your application the next step is to create a template for your activity and publish it. • You can then start raising activities with very simple JavaScript calls. • Onsite activities will be immediately available to all users who have the same app installed. • Offsite activities will be available to all your friends even if they have not tried that site yet. 15
    15. 15. Activity Template Editor 16
    16. 16. Templates tips and tricks • Test with template editor your data • Template aggregated format defaults to last event per day, no aggregation • Restrictions – 4 variables – Variables length max 200 char, visible 60 char – Title max 160 char – Body max 260 char • Fiddler is your friend. – Detailed error info on the responds for developer of the app. 17
    17. 17. What is new • More html => better support for microformats – <a> » title,href,alt,class – <span> » class – <abbr> » title, class • Acitivity events showing to all friends. (not just the one who have the app installed) • I18N of templates 18
    18. 18. Blocking Activities 19
    19. 19. Template i18n 20
    20. 20. Thank you • Contact us at • Questions ? 21