How to Bake Soft Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies With Half the Fat


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Want to bake soft, delicious chocolate chip cookies that have half the fat of a normal cookie? It's easy, with this slide show! This recipe is specially made to produce the chewiest, puffiest chocolate chippers around. They may be low fat, but they're packed with great classic cookie flavor.

Learn how you can use chia seed gel to replace half the butter so you get cookies that bake, look & taste the same as a real home made treat...but have only half the fat. The cookies are easy to make with step by step instructions & photos.
Plus, when you add chia you get more fiber, a little boost of protein, calcium and omega 3 oils too. Chia has no flavor, so you'll never even know these seeds are in your cookies. Try this quick, fun recipe for dessert tonight.

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How to Bake Soft Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies With Half the Fat

  1. 1. How to Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies with Half the Fat Who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie? These puffy, chewy cookies are loaded with tasty chocolate chips…but they have half the fat of a normal cookie! They look the same, bake the same, and even taste the same, but they have half the fat. What’s the secret? Chia gel. When you learn more about chia gel with this slide show, you’ll see how you can use it to not only cut the fat in this cookie recipe, but in your own recipes as well! Are you ready to bake these easy chewy cookies? Let’s get started! The step by step recipe & photos of the process are all here in this slide show.
  2. 2. First, make the chia gel: What is chia gel? Chia gel is what you get when you add filtered water to chia seeds. Chia seeds have no flavor. You won’t even know they’re in the cookies. While chia has no flavor, it has plenty of fiber. Each seed has 2 kinds of indigestible fiber (roughage) The first is insoluble fiber, that’s what you see as the seed shell. The second type is soluble fiber. This kind of fiber is invisible when the seeds are dry, but when you wet them, it absorbs 9 times the weight of the seed in water, and holds it next to the seed shell. The key to chia gel is in the high amount of soluble fiber. Above, you can see the dry seeds & what they look like when wet. Notice how the seeds sit apart from each other.
  3. 3. Recipe for Chia Gel: You’ll need chia gel for this cookie recipe. It’s a good idea to have the gel ready before you start to cook, because it takes about 15 minutes for the gel to form. 1 tablespoon chia seeds 9 tablespoons filtered water Put the seeds & water in a re-seal-able container, shake or stir to prevent clumping, and then just leave it to sit on the countertop for about 15 minutes. When you return, you won’t have seeds & water, you’ll have a thick, clear gel with seeds suspended inside. This is chia gel, and it’s ready for your recipes! Chia gel will keep fresh for about 1 week in the refrigerator, if kept in a covered container. Now that your chia gel is ready to use, it’s as easy as using a tablespoon to measure and scoop it into any recipe you’d like. This gel can usually replace half of the butter, oil or shortening in most baked- goods recipes. For example, if a recipe needs 1 stick of butter, you can use 4 tablespoons of butter, and 4 tablespoons of chia gel. *Why filtered water? Chia seeds distribute the flavor of liquids they’re added to. If the tap water has any unsavory flavors, these could be magnified and cause the gel to taste bad.
  4. 4. Ready for cookies? To get started, gather the ingredients you’ll need and decide on the size of cookies you’d like to have. Extra fact: Most cookie recipes only make cookies of ONE size. If you attempt to make the cookies at a size that is not described in the original recipe, you’ll run into problems such as undercooking while edges burn, or over-done cookies despite the bake-time. These cookies can easily be made in ANY of THREE sizes! From ¼ cup scoops of dough at once for giant cookies…to 1.5 tablespoon sized medium cookies…and 1 .5 teaspoon size regular cookies With this recipe the size is totally up to you! Just adjust the baking time accordingly. (seen below) A big chocolate chip cookie can make a nice ‘thank you’ gift for someone you know. When it’s home made, it really shows you care…and you only need to spend minutes making them!
  5. 5. Ultra Chewy Chia Chocolate Chip Cookies What you’ll need: Dry Ingredients 2 cups flour ½ heaping tsp baking soda ½ tsp salt ¼ cup white sugar 1 cup brown sugar 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips Wet Ingredients 8 tbsp butter (works best if melted first) 4 tbsp MySeeds Chia gel ¼ cup apple sauce (unsweetened) 1 tbsp vanilla 1 whole egg 1 egg yolk only First, pre-heat the oven to 325 degrees and grease your cookie sheets. Mix the melted butter, and both sugars until well blended. Brown sugar makes the cookies chewier and keeps them softer than normal.
  6. 6. Then add the vanilla, applesauce, whole egg and egg yolk. Stir again until thoroughly combined. Last add in your chia gel and stir again. The extra egg yolk also contributes to chewiness and softness for these cookies. Notice how the batter looks “grainy” and different from box mixes or other homemade chia-less recipes once the gel is stirred in. The chia gel keeps the cookies moist (not dried out or crumbly) without adding extra fats or oils to get the job done.
  7. 7. In another bowl, combine the rest of the dry ingredients except the chocolate chips. (Flour, baking soda, salt) Once the dry ingredients are mixed, add them slowly to the wet ingredients with a wooden spoon. Stir only until just combined. Last, add in the 2 cups chocolate chips (or chunks). Suggestion: If you’re making large or medium size cookies, you can use Jumbo chocolate chips or chocolate chunks. If you’re making regular or small size cookies, regular-size chocolate chips work best Sizes: If you use ¼ cup batter per cookie bake for about 15 minutes (Large) If you use 1.5 tbsp batter per cookie bake for about 12 minutes (Medium) If you use 1.5 tsp batter per cookie bake for about 10 minutes (regular/small) When done baking, the cookies will become golden brown. The edges may appear lightly toasted but the centers will still be soft and puffy. Be careful not to over bake.
  8. 8. The Cookies Are Ready! Here are the cookies! These are so easy to make, you can bake them even on a week night for hot, fresh cookies whenever you want. Want a great way to see that they really ARE lower in fat? Aside from the taste of the cookies…not being weighed down with a greasy flavor, look at these cookie comparisons:
  9. 9. All you need is a piece of colored paper and 15 minutes. Here, the store bought refrigerator dough cookie is on the right. It leaves lots of oil spots when you pick it up. Notice how few spots the chia cookie leaves. What else does MySeeds chia do for you? Chia does much more than cut the fat out of recipes when you use the gel. Each seed is also packed with other nutrients, just check these out: Magnesium – 15 times more than Broccoli Calcium – 6 times more than whole milk Omega-3 Healthy Oils– nearly 9 times the amount found in salmon Fiber – more than flax seed & 2 times more than bran flakes Iron – nearly 3 times more than spinach Protein – more than soy (and its complete!) Unlike fish, MySeeds Chia Seeds have NO CHOLESTEROL
  10. 10. Want to make this fun recipe? You’ll need chia seeds! MySeeds chia has a mix of black and white chia seeds in every one pound bag. The seeds are nutritionally similar, but not identical, so when you mix the two colors together, you get the best of both worlds. (For instance, black chia has a higher level of anthocyanins, dark-colored plant pigments that are free-radical fighting anti-oxidants for you) Since every dry tablespoon of chia seeds makes 9 tablespoons of gel, a pound of seeds goes a long way, it’s a great value. If you use 1 tablespoon of chia per day (the recommended amount for an average adult) one bag will last over one month. Grab MySeeds Chia seeds today, and you’ll not only get great, top quality mixed black and white chia, but you’ll get TWO FREE INSTANT chia cook books as well! After all, one cookie recipe is just a start. You can use chia at breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack time too, with all the great recipes in the books. You can look at the books while you’re waiting for the seeds to arrive in the mail. (We ship anywhere in the world!) Since they’re instant, you’re just minutes away from recipes like this:
  11. 11. What exciting uses are there for chia seeds? What could you do with fun chia recipes that are also healthy? All of the foods you see here were made & enhanced with chia seeds. Chia seeds are used to add fiber to the Apple Ramen Plate. Chia blends flavors together in the Rainbow Potato Salad. Chia adds fiber & complete plant protein to your Berry Smoothie. The Chia Chocolate Cracklin Snowballs are richly chocolaty but have only half the fat of an ordinary cookie. Chia seeds thicken the tasty (vegan!) Easy Chia Chili. You can make a great variety of tasty burgers like the Chia Roasted Pepper Turkey Burger too, because chia helps the patty cling together & then blends the flavors in the healthy cilantro topping. Make breakfast better with Carrot Cake Pancakes…they’ve got a whole cup of vegetables AND chia…but they taste like carrot cake. If you like snacks or appetizers, you’ll want to make Chia Sweet Potato Dip, it’s better for you than cheese spreads & works great on vegetables. With MySeeds chia you can get all these recipes… and more for FREE!
  12. 12. Want to know even more about chia? Want to grab some seeds of your own right now? How fast will your seeds get to your home when you order? (hint: really quickly!) Come to , where we have more photos, more videos, more recipes & more great chia articles. There’s so much to learn about these great seeds and what they can do for you, that you couldn’t possibly fit it all into one slide show.