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Chia Seed Explanation & Recipe Slide Show
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Chia Seed Explanation & Recipe Slide Show


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Want to know more about the chia seed? This quick & colorful slide show will illustrate the benefits of these tiny, flavorless seeds. There are so many health benefits & cool uses for chia that you …

Want to know more about the chia seed? This quick & colorful slide show will illustrate the benefits of these tiny, flavorless seeds. There are so many health benefits & cool uses for chia that you might not know about.
You've heard of chia seeds in the news & from shows like Dr. Oz, so it's time to learn what all the buzz is about. How can you use chia seeds to make every day foods you already like more healthy? How can seeds help you lose weight? Are there fun, easy recipes to introduce chia seeds to your daily meal plans?
This slide show answers all of the above with photos, facts & more. Get a quick overview of the chia seed now.

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  • 1. Do you want better health? Why is the Chia Seed your fun & easy answer? Find out with this quick & informative slide show by MySeeds! Chia seeds are tiny seeds that have no flavor of their own. This means they’re super versatile, easy to use in food you already like AND you can’t hate them, because there’s no taste. But why would you want to add chia to your favorite foods? Because chia seeds give you… Magnesium – 15 times more than Broccoli Calcium – 6 times more than whole milk Omega-3 Healthy Oils– nearly 9 times the amount found in salmon Fiber – more than flax seed & 2 times more than bran flakes Iron – nearly 3 times more than spinach Protein – more than soy Unlike fish, MySeeds Chia Seeds have NO CHOLESTEROL You can add all of the healthy nutrients in that list to food you already like in a natural way. No pills, no powders, no flavors just seeds straight from nature. Sprinkling MySeeds chia seeds onto salad dressings, sauces, soups, oatmeal, yogurt and smoothies is just the start!
  • 2. What about maintaining a healthy weight? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to maintain a healthy weight? The chia seed is fantastic for weight loss & weight maintenance thanks to its 2 kinds of fiber. Chia has the fiber you can really see! Why are the seeds in this spoon sitting so far apart from each other? Soluble fiber is clear & very small. You can’t usually see it without a magnifying glass, but you can see it in action in this spoon. When soluble fiber is exposed to water (like in this photo) it forms a clear gel. The gel separates the seeds you see here. Insoluble fiber is the fiber you see as the seed shell. Your body can’t digest insoluble fiber at all. It adds no nutrients or calories, but it plays an important role in digestion. It helps move food through the digestive system easily.
  • 3. But why is fiber so important for weight loss & weight maintenance? 1. Fiber can fight hunger Since it doesn’t add any calories both fiber & water aren’t going to add to your daily caloric intake. But, since the water is bound up in the soluble fiber, your body has to work to break it down just like food. It takes up space in the digestive system & helps you feel full. 2. Fiber moves foodWhen the digestive system is moving smoothly & regularly, food doesn’t spend as long in the intestines. You don’t get the chance to absorb toxins, bile acids, or allow bad bacteria to make trouble. 3. Good bacteria love soluble fiber – Feed the good bacteria and they’ll help you get the nutrients you need out of your food so you have more energy for your day. Getting proper nutrition also reduces or eliminates cravings. 4. Fiber can lower cholesterol Everyone’s heard of the 2 kinds of cholesterol, and no one wants elevated levels of bad cholesterol. The liver assembles cholesterol & it sticks to the insides of artery walls as a response to inflammation. Inflammation is caused by oxidative particles, pollution in the environment, and harmful bacteria. Flushing out the ‘bad guys’, not allowing the re-absorption of bile acid from the liver (turns off a ‘make cholesterol signal’), and counter-acting oxidative particles with anti-oxidants are all things that the chia seed & its high fiber content can help you with.
  • 4. But how much fiber is in chia seeds? You can see just how much fiber they have when you make chia gel. When chia seeds are exposed to water, they form “Chia Gel”. It takes about 15 minutes for this gelling action to take place. The ratio for making chia gel is 9 to 1. That’s 9 tablespoons of water to 1 tablespoon of dry chia seeds. That’s not only a surprising ratio, but it’s a great value too. An average adult uses about 1 tablespoon of dry chia per day…but since it makes 9 tablespoons of gel, think of all the hunger-fighting power you’re getting, as well as the fiber! A little MySeeds chia goes a long way when you make gel.
  • 5. Why is chia important right now? 1. Today’s fruits & vegetables aren’t as nutritious as they once wereDepleted, over-farmed soil, chemical fertilizers, & plants genetically modified to withstand harsh pesticides all contribute to a loss of nutrients. Sure, broccoli is still good for you, but common, grocerystore shelf broccoli isn’t as good for you as it once was. 2. Most people don’t get enough fiberIt’s easy to miss out on your daily recommended amount of fiber with food today. Traditional fiber is heavy, gritty, or unappetizing so most processed food companies work to reduce it. 3. Today’s food has to be fast! Nobody wants to spend hours in the kitchen any more, but fried fast-food fare isn’t the answer for your best health. Chia is important because it’s so easy & fast to use. If something isn’t convenient or quick, it’s too easy to skip it. 4. You can use it to reduce fat in your recipes Chia is SO amazing that you can actually use chia gel to substitute for butter or oil in your favorite recipes. You won’t change the taste & you won’t change the texture, but you will reduce the fat! A cookie with the same taste but half the fat? With chia, you can have it. 5. Omega 3 oils & anti-oxidants Omega 3 oils are healthy, but more expensive to use, so you won’t find them in as many pre-prepared foods. Oil is important for cell membrane health, brain health & lots of other body functions. Antioxidants fight free-radical (oxidative particle) damage. Free radical damage can lead to signs of premature aging & inflammation. You can see the anti oxidant power of chia in its long shelf life: they keep the oils from going rancid & grant a shelf life of 2 years! (if kept in a cool, dry place)
  • 6. What exciting uses are there for chia seeds? What could you do with fun chia recipes that are also healthy? All of the foods you see here were made & enhanced with chia seeds. Chia seeds are used to add fiber to the Apple Ramen Plate. Chia blends flavors together in the Rainbow Potato Salad. Chia adds fiber & complete plant protein to your Berry Smoothie. The Chia Chocolate Cracklin Snowballs are richly chocolaty but have only half the fat of an ordinary cookie. Chia seeds thicken the tasty (vegan!) Easy Chia Chili. You can make a great variety of tasty burgers like the Chia Roasted Pepper Turkey Burger too, because chia helps the patty cling together & then blends the flavors in the healthy cilantro topping. Make breakfast better with Carrot Cake Pancakes…they’ve got a whole cup of vegetables AND chia…but they taste like carrot cake. If you like snacks or appetizers, you’ll want to make Chia Sweet Potato Dip, it’s better for you than cheese spreads & works great on vegetables. With MySeeds chia you can get all these recipes… and more for FREE!
  • 7. We GIVE AWAY great full color, step by step easy recipes all the time. When you choose MySeeds you get 2 free instant chia seed cook books with any size order. Look over the fun recipes to decide what you’ll make first as you wait for your seeds to arrive in the mail. Are 2 Cook Books not enough? That’s ok, we’ve got the MySeeds Recipe of the Month club mailer. The recipes are still full-color step-by-step full page complete recipes. It emails you 1 free recipe every month for as long as you like. The longer you stay, the more you’ll get! There’s never any obligation or irrelevant ads. Want to know even more about chia? Want to grab some seeds of your own right now? How fast will your seeds get to your home when you order? (hint: really quickly!) Come to , where we have more photos, more videos, more recipes & more great chia articles. There’s so much to learn about these great seeds and what they can do for you, that you couldn’t possibly fit it all into one slide show.