Wide Open Spaces Using My Sql As A Web Mapping Service Backend


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Wide Open Spaces Using My Sql As A Web Mapping Service Backend

  1. 1. Wide Open Spaces: MySQL as a Web Mapping Service Backend Don Beesing Alion Science and Technology USJFCOM Experimentation Modeling and Simulation April 22, 2009
  2. 2. Overview Going to show MySQL in one aspect of GIS World   Security Restrictions   Feel free to ask questions  
  3. 3. Problem Experiment based environment   How to share geospatial information   Many different government organizations   Disparate systems on each site   Fallback systems to use  
  4. 4. Solution WMS (Web Mapping Service)   OpenGIS Standard   Http request returns images   Can be a queryable service  
  5. 5. Constraints Typical commercial setup   Timing & dollar issues   Unofficial open source policy   Our idea   MySQL & MapServer  
  6. 6. Diagram of Implementation Users without Users with access to access to WMS WMS Publishing Publishing Point and click GUI COP COP/WMS Server WMS Feed WMS Feed HTTPDServer HTTP Feed MapServer CGI MySQL Server
  7. 7. MySQL Already a key component of lab •  Proof of concept •  Stubbornness of lab manager • 
  8. 8. MySQL Implementation •  Schema setup – geometry type •  Parent/child tables for updates •  Roads not taken – Shapefile import
  9. 9. MapServer Open source •  Standards compliant •  OGR connector to link w/MySQL •  Standards version issues •  Reliance on linked WFS • 
  10. 10. MapServer Format Example Meta Data Header WEB METADATA quot;wms_titlequot; quot;J9 Noble Resolve WMS Serverquot; quot;wms_onlineresourcequot; quot;https://yoursite.com/mapserv?map=nr.map" quot;wms_srsquot; quot;EPSG:4269 EPSG:4326quot; quot;wfs_titlequot; quot;J9 Noble Resolve WFS Serverquot; quot;wfs_onlineresourcequot; quot;https://yoursite.com/mapserv?map=nr.map" quot;wfs_srsquot; quot;EPSG:4326quot; END END
  11. 11. Format Example Layer Info LAYER CONNECTIONTYPE OGR CONNECTION quot;MYSQL:noble_resolve_08,user=test,password=test,host=,port=3306quot; DATA quot;SELECT geom,id,max(update_id) as `update_ref`,object_title,IF(u.description IS NULL, g.description, u.description) as `description`, IF(u.attachments IS NULL, SUBSTRING_INDEX(SUBSTRING(g.attachments,2),',',1), SUBSTRING_INDEX(SUBSTRING(u.attachments,2),',',1)) as `Attachment` FROM geoint g LEFT JOIN geoint_updates u ON id=record_id WHERE object_type IN ('POINT','MULTIPOINT') AND incident_type='fire' GROUP BY id, update_id;quot; NAME quot;fire_pointsquot; METADATA ##wms metadata quot;wms_titlequot; quot;fire_pointsquot; quot;wms_authorquot; quot;USJFCOM J9quot; quot;wms_srsquot; quot;EPSG:4269 EPSG:4326quot; quot;wms_include_itemsquot; quot;allquot; ##wfs metadata quot;wfs_titlequot; quot;fire_pointsquot; quot;gml_featureidquot; quot;idquot; quot;gml_include_itemsquot; quot;allquot; quot;gml_geometriesquot; quot;standardquot; quot;gml_standard_typequot; quot;pointquot;
  12. 12. Format Example Layer Info (cont) END TYPE POINT STATUS ON DUMP TRUE TOLERANCE 3 TRANSPARENCY 90 TEMPLATE quot;test.phpquot; PROJECTION quot;init=epsg:4326quot; END CLASS NAME quot;fire_pointsquot; SYMBOL graphics/flames.gif END END
  13. 13. Screenshot Demo Giesken James J9 Control
  14. 14. Screenshot Demo
  15. 15. How did MySQL grade out? Pros   Cons   Incompletes  
  16. 16. Unresolved Issues – Steps Forward Speed of Google Maps •  Grouping of layers •  Standards Assessment •  MySQL GIS function usage expansion • 
  17. 17. Thanks Would like to thank Steve Judy who was instrumental •  in the front end design and design of some of the subtables used for this project Also would like to thank Chris Kannan of NGA who I •  bounced a lot of these ideas off of and who put me in contact with people who had used MapServer before
  18. 18. Questions Any Questions after the conference can be directed to: Don Beesing dbeesing@alionscience.com
  19. 19. References http://mapserver.org •  http://www.gdal.org/ogr •  http://www.opengeospatial.org •  http://www.jfcom.mil/about/experiment.html •  jo