Accommodation guide of SEDA College


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Accommodation guide of SEDA College

  1. 1. Student guide to finding accommodation in Ireland
  2. 2. A guide to finding accommodation in IrelandĬ EDA Collegehaspreparedthisstep-by-stepguide onfindingrentedaccommodationinIrelandforthebenefitof the college’sstudents.Thereisafairlylarge supplyof propertiesforrentinDublin.Oftenyoucanfindadsfor sharedaccommodationonSEDA’snotice boardand onthe school’sFacebookpage aswell asothersocialmedia.There are alsoa numberof specializedwebsiteswithmanyadsforrentedaccommodation, suchas; ,, http://www.location.iÑ,ŅŘŎÞMǾÑŒÒŌŊÕÑŘoucanchoose eitherasingle roominahouse oranapartment, asharedroomor a studio.If youaretravellingasacouple thenlookforadouble room.There isalsothe optionof rentinganentireapartmentorhouseandsharingitwithanothercouple orcouples.ĞÒŌŇÒŌŊMŃŃŎÖÖŎŇMPÒon in the city centre can save you money on transport. The parts of Dublin which are closestto SEDA College are: D1, D2, D3, D7 and D8. If your accommodation is in postcodes such as D4, D5, D6 and D12 youcan get to the school by bicycle or by bus in about 20 minutes.HŌHǾÑÕMŌŇǾÑŌPÒŒŌŎǾÖMÕÕŘŐMÒŇinadvance, usuallyonthe firstdayof the month.Mostlandlordsalsoasktheirtenantsto paya depositwhichusuallyequalsamonth’srent.Sowhenyoufirstrentaccommodationbe preparedtopaythedouble amountof rent(firstmonth’srentplusdeposit,butyouwill getthe depositbackatthe endof yourtenancy).ĘÑŅŎǾÑǾÑŌPÒŌŊMŌMŐartment,ahouse ora roomalwaysreadthe contractto findoutimportantdetails, suchasthelengthof the tenancy, isthe mostpopularwebsite forrentedaccommodation.Findingapropertyhere isverysimple.Log onto
  3. 3. If you are looking for shared accommodation choose SHARING from the menu at the top.ĘÑŅŎǾÑŒPMǾPÒŌŊŘŎÞǾŒÑMǾŃOŅŎǾshared accommodation (SHARING) or entire houses/apartments (LETTINGS),specify the area where you want to
  4. 4. After choosing the region you can select more options like minimum and maximum rent, accommodationtype and so on. After you’ve made your choices press SEARCH.You will then see ads for accommodation that fits your search criteria. By clicking on these options you canget more details about (for example, the number of people already living in the accommodation, theirnationality etc). You will also see a map showing the exact location of the property. On the right hand-sideyou will normally see a phone number for the person who placed the ad, and also a form which you canuse to send them an e-mail.
  5. 5. If you are looking for an apartment or a house, rather than shared accommodation, choose LETTINGSfrom the menu at the top. You can then select the desired location of the property, your price range,number of bedrooms and type of accommodation.İ OÑŐǾŎŃÑŒŒŎŅŃŎŌPMŃPÒŌŊPOÑŐÑǾŒŎŌ ǾÑŒŐŎŌŒÒNÕÑŅŎǾPOÑ ÕÑPPÒŌŊÒŒPOÑŒMÖÑMŒPOÑone describedabove: you will normally see the person’s phone number and e-mail on the right-hand side.Generally when it comes to lettings you will deal with a lettings/real estate agency. But someproperties are advertised by their landlords (owners).
  6. 6. The process of finding accommodation on other websites is very similar to that described above.Inthe spotlight - Feature your ad hereCarsCars,Vans &Motorbikes(252.133)• Jobs• ( 91.9 69 )AccountingAutomotive& EngineeringFlats & Houses(231.700)for Rent (152,168)OfferedServices(140.013)Buiding,Home & RemovaisEntertainmentcar Parts &Accessor lesCampe!Vans &CaravansMotorbikes & ScootersMotorbike Parts &AccessoriesVans.Trucks & PlantWantedFor SaieBabysitting& NanniesBanking, Settlements &lnsuranceBar Staff & anagementCaretakers &HandymenChefs.Cooks & KitchenComputing&ITConstructionData Entry &Junior AdmlnWantedTo Share (73,230)OfferedWantedProperty for Sale (6,302)Health & BeautyMiscellaneousProperty & ShlpplngTax,Money &VisasTelecoms & ComputersTraveiSeiVices & TJursTuition & Lessons(l>. . . . (753,621)Baby & Kids StuffDentlst,De1talHyglene &SalesDriving & WarehouseBOOK YOUR HOTELPACKAGE NOWEXPERIENCE SENSATION 2013CDs,DVDs,Games & Books EducationClothes,Footwear &AccessoriesComputers & GamingHome & GardenFarm,Vet,Garden &LandscaplngGeneralJobsHealth &BeautyLocationsJ--+R----Ocat iQcaiis29 Wellington Quay Temple Bar Dublin 2+353 (O) 1677 1188 info@locations .ieHomeAbout Our CompanyDublin Property LettingsDublin Property SalesDublin CommercialSales & LettingsOverseas PropertySalesSpainPropertyBerlin PropertyAlqarve PropertyBulgaria PropertyDubai PropertyEditorials/NewspapersTestimonialsLinksApply for a jobContact UsWelcome to Locations.ieClick here for a list of our sale properties »Featured Sales PropertyOnApplication Region€20 0 000
  7. 7. Kh"{qw"o cpci gf "vq"i gv"cp"crrqkpvo gpv"vq"xkgy "vj g"rtqrgtv{"vt{"vq"i gv"vj gtg"c"hgy "o kpwvgu"dghqtg"vj g"vko g0"If youliked the place and would like to rent it let the landlord/agent know as soon as possible to guarantee that you getthe accommodation. Always try to get as much information as possible about the accommodation from thepeople living there already: ask about your transport options, availability of shops and other facilities in the area.If you have any further questions talk to SEDA College’s student support team.UEDA CollegeMarketing & Student Support team