Welcome to Your DIY Online Marketing Application


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Welcome to Your DIY Online Marketing Application

  1. 1. You can keep track of your tasks with your Task Library, whichshows your last assigned tasks at the top, and your oldesttasks at the bottom (or next page after your first 90 tasks)
  2. 2. You will be assigned two tasks everyday of the week.Try to do them in a natural manner, i.e., do not save up 1 monthsworth of tasks, then do them in one or two days (this can beseen by Google as un-natural link building)Watch the tutorial video only if you need to, many users skipthem if they are comfortable with the website/task description Social Media Content Blog Pinging Tasks Marketing Tasks Development Tasks Directory Submission Local/Organic Search Analytics and Tasks Tasks Conversion Tasks
  3. 3. Show me the money!! This greatly varies depending on your website and industry. We can guarantee you long term success with our verified tactics that our marketing team has been using for 10+ years. You are guaranteed to increase your web traffic sources within 90 days Your pagerank, Mozrank, and Alexa score (three common website reputation grades) will increase within 30-90 days of tasks You can instantly see return from social tactics if properly practiced. Social reach, likes, followers, and social referral traffic often grows within the first month.
  4. 4. We want your business to excel at social media and post daily to yourfacebook, twitter, and more if possible. Some of our highest performingclients also post daily to Pinterest, Linkedin, and Google+. We can’t tellevery different business what they should post to facebook everyday, butwe instead show you the posting tactics that have been shown to workwell. Follow the first couple months tasks of setting up your social profilesand learning the ins and outs of each social network before abandoning orgiving up on gaining traction. If you’re already posting to facebook 1-4times per day, awesome, and keep improving your reach with our tactics!!If not, start adapting posting into your businesses daily schedule, and wewill jump into ways to quicken the whole process over the upcomingmonths.
  5. 5. We want your business to excel at search engine optimization and gainlong-term first page rankings in Google and other search engines. Weprovide a dynamic task structure that will organically raise the reputationof your website throughout the internet. To get the maximum result fromyour tasks, you will want to start writing 300+ word blog posts (articles)about your industry, location, or business in general. This fresh content willshow Google that you are a reputable and regular source of information foryour targeted industry/location keywords. In addition to blog posts, youwill also be asked to provide press releases and other media that can beused to promote your business online. We strive to make online marketingas affordable as possible, and let us know if you have trouble with any ofthe content required for tasks at Email Support