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Lesson plan

  1. 1. HUELLITAS SCHOOLCLASS: BeginnersTEACHERS: Barreto Tatiana Bucheli Nelly Figueroa Cristina
  2. 2. DailyRoutines
  3. 3. Objectives Students will be able to describe their daily routines Students will be able to use daily routines vocabulary Students will be able to listen to specific information related to daily routine
  4. 4. Time: 15 minMethodology: Audiolingual Method Total Physical ResponseContents: Verbs (brush, go to, eat, wake up, get dressed, make, etc.)
  5. 5. Pre listeningActivity 1 Teacher: Asks questions about the students daily routine and then presents a video with the activities that they mentioned Students: Respond to the teacher and while they watch the video they repeat the activities after the teacher Aids: - Computer - Video
  6. 6. ListeningActivity 2 Teacher: Ask students to go to a link, and listen carefully to some daily routines. Plays the audio Students: Go to the link and choose the daily routine they recognize. Aids: - Computer -http://www.123listening.com/worksheetmak ers/dailyroutines_ccp2.php
  7. 7. Post listeningActivity 3 Teacher: Asks students if the listening exercise was easy or difficult and check the correct answers. Students: Express their opinion and check answers with the teacher Aids: - Computer - Internet
  8. 8. Check the correct answers.1. Go to school2. Brush your teeth.3. Dry your hair.4. Take a bath.5. Wake up.6. Eat breakfast.7. Study.8. Get dressed.9. Wash your face.10. Get home.
  9. 9. Post listeningActivity 4 Teacher: Asks students to use the vocabulary learned to fill a short written exercise in a web site. Students: Fill in the blanks with the correct expression. Aids: - Computer - Internet
  10. 10. Check the correct answers:1. Every day, Harold sleeps until 6am.2. He gets up when his alarm rings at 6.3. He takes a shower after he gets up.4. Then he gets dressed.5. He eats breakfast t at 7 oclock.6. After breakfast, Harold usually reads the newspaper.7. Everyday, Harold leaves for work by 8 oclock.
  11. 11. He gets a bus to work at 8:15He takes the bus past University Avenue.When he gets off the bus, he usually waves to the bus driver.Harold usually gets to work by 8:30.He works all day at his deskHarold leaves work everyday at 5 oclockAfter work, he goes to the park
  12. 12. At the park, Harold plays basketball with his friends.He finally gets home at 6:30.At home, Harold eats dinner at 7 oclock everyday.Harold always goes to bed by 10 oclock.
  13. 13. makes a briefly review about the daily routines. Post listening Activity 5 Teacher: Makes a briefly review about the daily routines. Students: Participate Aids: - Computer - Internet
  14. 14. Sources http://www.123listening.com/worksheetmake rs/dailyroutines_ccp2.php http://www.123listening.com/freeaudio/dailyr outines1-1.mp3 http://scintro.com/kid/colors/index.html http://www.kids.scintro.com/index3.html http://linguistics.byu.edu/resources/lp/lpl5.ht ml http://www.eslwonderland.com/activities/tesl mini/activity.html