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Qrcodes word camp2012 Qrcodes word camp2012 Presentation Transcript

  • #WPyall SCAN IT! Incorporating QR CODES intoStephanie True Moss
  • #WPyallAbout MeStephanie True Moss @truemc @Qrmedia Co-host #QRchat True Moss Communications  TrueMoss.com  Qrmedia.us  QRmediaGuide.com
  • #WPyallQR Codes: they’re everywhere By now you’ve probably scanned QR Codes.
  • #WPyall
  • #WPyallSource: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_code
  • #WPyallSource: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_code
  • #WPyallAbout QR codes 2D Barcodes QR = Quick Response Learn how they work What they are capable of doing Created for Auto industry Multiple Ways to use QR CodesQR codes are capable of using the smartphone’s camera, GPS, phone, SMS, internetconnection and more.
  • #WPyallHow much information? 1D Barcode – Code 39 2D Barcode – PDF417 QR Code
  • #WPyallWhat Can QR Codes Do? Browse to a website Bookmark a website  Android Market Search Make a phone call  Foursquare Check-in Send an email  YouTube, Vimeo - Play Video Send a SMS / Text Msg  Play MP3 Create a vCard  Tweet on Twitter Create a meCard  WiFi Networks - Android Create a vCalendar Event  Plain Text Google Maps  LinkedIn Profile Bing Maps  Image, Photo Geographical Coordinates  Facebook Likes iTunes Store  Paypal payments/donations iTunes App URL  & More
  • #WPyallWhere Can QR Codes Go? Business Cards  Building Permits Magazines  Labels Newspapers  Scoreboards Direct Mail  Nametags Signs  Television Buildings  Websites T-Shirts  Billboards Jewelry  & More
  • #WPyallQR Code Scanning20.1 million mobile phone owners in the U.S. usedtheir phones to scan a QR code in the 3-monthaverage period ending October 2011. 59.4% from home 44% from a retail store 26.6% from a grocery store. 21.4% while at work 11.2% while outside or on public transportation 10% while in a restaurant.
  • #WPyallThink Mobile Resist the urge to put a QR code on your website that leads to:
  • #WPyallThink Mobile Resist the urge to put a QR code on your website that leads to: the very same full-size website! … You will certainly lose the impact and disappoint the end users.
  • #WPyallThink Mobile Where will your QR Code take the scanner?
  • #WPyallThink Mobile Where will your QR Code take the scanner? Create a mobile landing page. A traditional website is hard to read.
  • #WPyallGive Something Extra  Think Creatively and Consumer Focused.
  • #WPyallGive Something Extra  Think Creatively and Consumer Focused.  Offer Video Instructions or Care & Maintenance Information.
  • #WPyallOffer, Call to Action
  • #WPyallAdd QR Codes - PluginsShortCodes / Quick TagsQR Tag [qrcodetag]content[/qrcodetag]5 Second QR Codes [qrcode]content[/qrcode]WCS QR Code Generator [wcs_qr_code] (permalink)
  • #WPyallPluginsQR Code Redirect custom post type
  • #WPyallPlugins[qr_code id=xx size=xx]
  • #WPyallAdd QR Codes - WidgetsWidgets• WolframAlpha.com Embed Code (shortcode plugin)[wolframalphawidget id=“xxx”theme=“orange”]
  • #WPyallAdd QR Codes - WidgetsWidgets• WolframAlpha.com
  • #WPyallAdd QR Codes - WidgetsWidgets• Mobile-Barcodes.com Embed Code <iframe>
  • #WPyallAdd QR Codes - WidgetsWidgets
  • #WPyallAdd QR CodesGoogle Chart API• Add the code to single.php file• Place extended URL in browser, save resulting QR Code
  • #WPyallMoreAdd QR Codes with Google Chart API QR Code Tag « WordPress PluginsQR Code Redirect – WP Plugin QR Code Widget « WordPress PluginsQR Code Tag – WP Plugin QR Encoder « WordPress Plugins5 Second QR Codes – WP Plugin QR Print « WordPress PluginsGenerate Social Network Profile QR Code – WP Qurify - WP PluginPlugin Simple QR Code Creator Widget « WordPressCreate QR Codes – WP Plugin PluginsWCS QR Code Generator – WP Plugin Super Cool QR Code - WP pluginSimple QR Code Creator Widget – WP Plugin Twitter QR Code Signatures Widget « WordPressWidgetBox QR Code Widget – WP Plugin Plugins WCS QR Code Generator5sec QR Codes - CodeCanyon Wolfram Alpha Code GeneratorCreate QR Code « WordPress Plugin Wordpress Plugin – QR Redirect | NLB CreationsEasyQR « WordPress Plugin Yeblon QR Code Generator « WordPress PluginsGenerate Social Network Profile QR Code - ZonaW QR Codes « WordPress PluginsWordPress PluginMagn QR Code for WP « WordPress Plugins
  • #WPyallCreate Campaign QR Codes
  • #WPyallQR Code Services
  • #WPyallQR Code Services
  • #WPyall QR Codes/Shortener URLs http://qrmedia.us/the-atl-welcomes-travelers-with-qr-codes-discounts-deals/bit.ly or goo.gl Long URL Shortened URL http://bit.ly/fUJxTH
  • #WPyallInclude Instructions Include instructions on how to scan QR codes. Remember that not everyone knows what QR codes are or that they can have fun scanning them. Perhaps list a few QR Code scanners that work on multiple platforms. • Open QR code scanner application on your smart phone. Point the phone’s camera at the code, scanner will do the rest.
  • #WPyallInclude Instructions
  • #WPyallInclude Instructions QR Codes extend the possibilities! StopAfib.org, a non-profit organization, shares information via QR codes. They also give instructions for scanning and even for downloading QR code scanning applications. StopAfib.org Source: QRmedia
  • #WPyallInclude Instructions Source: QRmedia See them, Scan them
  • #WPyallTest, Test, and Test Again!  Test your QR code to make sure that it resolves to the correct mobile optimized URL or content.  Be sure to test using different smart phone and QR code scanner/ reader apps.
  • #WPyallBusiness Cards
  • #WPyallQR Codes for Good!
  • #WPyallQR Codes for Good!
  • #WPyallQR Codes for Good!
  • #WPyallBillboardshttp://mashable.com
  • #WPyallCreative QR Codes
  • #WPyallEdible QR Codes
  • #WPyallCreative QR Codes
  • #WPyallCreative QR Codes
  • #WPyallCreative QR Codes http://mashable.com
  • #WPyallCreative QR Codes
  • #WPyallCreative QR Codes
  • #WPyallCreative QR Codes
  • #WPyallCreative QR Codes
  • #WPyallCreative QR Codes
  • #WPyallCreative QR Codes
  • #WPyallQR Code Generators List!
  • #WPyall Thank You!All lists are available at QRmedia.us ©Copyright 2012 QRmedia.us