How Can I Be Self Employed


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How can I Be Self Employed? Do you ask yourself this question often?

Becoming self employed and starting on the path of becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be difficult. To be self employed requires motivation, the ability to take action and confidence. Ready for the easiest way to build any of these traits? Learn from other entrepreneurs. The answer to “How Can I Be Self Employed” is learning through others and then taking action. I’ll share weekly some of the best content I’ve listened to, along with some of the best advice entrepreneurs share with me during my interviews. I hope you find these helpful and most of all I hope they help you take action. This is Week 1′s best Podcast content for you to catch up on over the weekend! Wishing you great Entrepreneurial Successes!

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How Can I Be Self Employed

  1. 1. Brought to you by:My Jobs It“Helping You Open For Business!”www.myjobsit.comBy Learning FromSuccessful EntrepreneursThis weeks Best Podcast Content
  2. 2. John Lee Dumas is INSANE! Each day he interviews aSUCCESSFUL Entrepreneur and pulls out great Nuggetsto help you get started on your entrepreneurial journey!This interview is with another Great Podcaster DavidWood!Learn how David FAILED big, but came back HUGE!You’ll learn about the POWER OF YOUR MIND and greatlessons you’ll need when looking to be self employed!Listen to the Interview by Clicking Here!
  3. 3. Warning: Prepare to feel GREAT! Lewis Howes weeklyPodcast focuses around Greatness!Staying positive and feeling Great is a key to success as anentrepreneur or one who wants to be self employed.This Week Lewis Interviews Kyle Maynard. Kyle was bornwithout legs and arms, yet has accomplished more in life thanmany. You’ll never make an excuse for ANYTHING afterlistening to this.Listen to the Podcast by Clicking Here!Watch this increadable short Video also, especially withChildren. There are no barriers in life except for the ones youcreate! Watch Clicking Here!
  4. 4. EXCUSES – THEY STINK!Excuses are one of the biggest obstacles that stand in theway ifyou want to be self employed.Listen to these 2 great Podcasters discuss how excuseskeep you from moving forward and what to do toOVERCOME it!LISTEN TO PODCAST BY CLICKINGHERE!HAVE YOU EVER SAID YOU DON’T HAVE TIMEto do something that you really want to?THINK AGAIN! Great tips provided!
  5. 5. Jaime Tardy interviews a Millionaire eachWeek and is AWESOME!This week she interviews one amazingEntrepreneur, Amy Applebaum.Interesting Topics Discussed:1) How to be laser focused and accomplish more2) Creating Your BrandListen to Interview By Clicking Here!
  6. 6. Pat Flynn provides great content each week to help those looking for passiveincome!The advice is priceless and his successes show that what he teaches works!This week he tackles a topic everyone can use help with!PRODUCTIVITY!He Shares a productivity tip that can help you get more done in less timeLISTEN TO THIS BRIEF ADVICE BY CLICKING HERE!
  7. 7. Andrew Warner is one of the Top Interviewers by far.Mixergy Interviews Proven Entrepreneurs to share their stories & lessons!Though these are typically larger companies, lessons can be learned by ALL!Listen to Ross Gordon who sold his company for 7 Figures a(After only being opened for 1 year)Interesting Topics Discussed:1) How he financed the business with a Credit Card2) How he got a Personal Line of Credit3) Mistake to avoid when Naming Your Business!LISTEN TO INTERVIEW BY CLICKING HERE!
  8. 8. Looking to be self employed or running a SmallBusinessYou need to know Networking!How to Network using LinkedIn Groupsby Stephanie Sammons. Read Post Here!I can’t say enough about how CONNECTONS help inStarting out! Connect & Engage!Michael Stelzner helps Small Businesses navigate the SocialMedia Jungle!Each Friday Michael interviews a Social Media Expert andasks great questions so you can see how to apply it in yourSmall Business.This week he interviews Mobil Marketing Expert JamieTurner.Jamie shares great tips on how you can use Mobile to drivemore business, whether you’re a small restaurant or largeretailer. Amazing Tips.Listen to Podcast by Clicking Here!
  9. 9. Marcus Sheridan grew a successful swimming pool business bytaking a different approach!As you look to be self employed, listen to this Ted talk and takethese principals and apply them to your business!If there’s a “MAGIC BULLET” – this is it!