The #DISRUPTORS Manifesto: Chapter 1 Sneak Peak


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Here's a sneak peak at our upcoming manifesto. Let us know what you think!

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The #DISRUPTORS Manifesto: Chapter 1 Sneak Peak

  2. 2. CHAPTER ONESNEAK PEAK @MyDisruption
  3. 3. Originality is…a by-productof sincerity.– Marianne Moore, poet
  4. 4. Inside Out MarketingOscar Wilde, famous Irish writer and poet, once wrote that “The final mysteryis oneself”. Without getting too existential on your asses, brand self awarenessis an extremely powerful concept that has the potential to drive everything youdo in monumentally impactful ways. But being yourself – both as a brand andas a communicator – isn’t always organically simple. It takes deepintrospection, strategic decisiveness and ongoing concerted effort.Lucky for you, we managed to find one of the best resources out there in IdeaLand to help explain Inside Out Marketing and how you can identify anddevelop your fundamental foundation of being. And once you master all that,your audience will undoubtedly have a positive emotional reaction to yourauthenticity.Let’s talk about The Golden Circle…
  5. 5. Inside Out MarketingAs wonderful moments so often do, we begin with a TED speech. Simon Sinek,author of the inspiration proclamation Start With Why, uses what he calls TheGolden Circle as the explanation model for why some leaders inspire above allelse. Equally impressive in its simplicity and its depth, this theory hassignificant implications for defining your reason for being.
  6. 6. Inside Out MarketingThe Golden Circle - Explained Very few organizations know “why” they do it Some organizations know “how” they do it (i.e. differentiating value proposition) Every organization knows “what” they do
  7. 7. Inside Out MarketingThe way Simon lays things out, the “Why” relates to your cause, your purpose,your belief. It is the reason you exist and the reason people should care thatyou do. He argues that most organizations think, act and communicate in thisbasic linear fashion – beginning with “what”. As a result, only the truly inspired(and inspiring) brands think from the inside out – allowing the “why” to sparktheir every movement.
  8. 8. Inside Out MarketingThe Golden Circle - Example “Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently.” “They’re beautifully designed, simple to use and user- friendly.” “We make great computers.”
  9. 9. Inside Out MarketingIf Apple thought and communicated in the way most brands do, its marketingmessages would start with the “what” (“Our computers work well and lookgreat…wanna buy one?!”). Instead, consumers are drawn to Apple’s beliefsystem of innovation and distinctiveness because those elements are front andcenter at all times. As Simon noted, any great brand’s goal should be to dobusiness with people who believe what it believes.
  10. 10. Inside Out MarketingOnce you’ve identified your “Why”, it’s time to spring into movement and turnthat sentiment into your actionable guiding force. And what better inspirationthan a cheesy commercial I happened upon while watching late night TV?Check out this spot by Skinit and I’ll explain exactly what the hell is going onhere on the next page.
  11. 11. Inside Out MarketingWithout knowing it, Skinit has provided us with the ideal credo for your InsideOut Marketing action plan: Live It, Cherish It, Design It, Love It. The rule that rules all rules – let every action spring forth from your Live It purpose and beliefs. Appreciate YOU for being YOU and be proud to share your specialCherish It awesomeness with the world. Build the ideal communication plan that provides the most genuineDesign It opportunities for you to deliver your unique message. Don’t waver in your adoration for what makes you different. Love It Consistently recognize it and use it as a springboard for inspiration. Status quo be damned.