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Sean Moffitt - Wikibrands, WikiCharities: Reinventing Your Cause in a Donor and Fan-Driven Marketplace

Sean Moffitt - Wikibrands, WikiCharities: Reinventing Your Cause in a Donor and Fan-Driven Marketplace



Based on the learnings and insights from the just-launched book Wikibrands - Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Controlled Marketplace (McGraw-Hill), marketing executive, web practitioner and ...

Based on the learnings and insights from the just-launched book Wikibrands - Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Controlled Marketplace (McGraw-Hill), marketing executive, web practitioner and author Sean Moffitt @seanmoffitt dives more deeply into the subject of engaged brands through the lenses of charities, causes and not-for-profits by identifying what key success factors are involved in the architecture and front line management of customer and fan engagement, digital and social media activities from the world’s most engaged businesses.

With less than 75% of organizations having policies to govern the sometimes messy arena of the social web, and less than half having strategies and full time resources to manage this exciting but resource-intense Wikibrand world, this presentation is an essential guide for managing and staying relevant in business and marketing for 2011.

Recent data and insight from Agent Wildfire’s charity-based WikiGood Report will augment Sean’s research and findings. Fresh, interactive, high energy and always provocative, Sean’s passion is to get you to think deeply about “what’s next” and what key messages and tools you can bring back to the office tomorrow. Enjoy the WikiRide and stay looped into the conversation at www.wiki-brands.com and @wikibrands on Twitter.

Hashtags for presentation will be: #wikigood #mcc11



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    Sean Moffitt - Wikibrands, WikiCharities: Reinventing Your Cause in a Donor and Fan-Driven Marketplace Sean Moffitt - Wikibrands, WikiCharities: Reinventing Your Cause in a Donor and Fan-Driven Marketplace Presentation Transcript

    • Wikibrands, WikiCharities – Reinventing YourCause in a Donor and Fan-Driven MarketplaceSean Moffitt @seanmoffitt June 2011 www.wiki-brands.com #mcc11 My Charity Connects @wikibrands
    • Who is Sean Moffitt…. Just A Blonde Guy With a CauseDay Job – President, Agent Wildfire Night Job – Author, Wikibrands
    • Putting my best non-profit face forward – Movember-Style
    • Our Humble Contribution – Wikibrands Published by McGraw-Hill (2011 Launch) Twitter: @wikibrands Website: www.Wiki-Brands.com Richard Florida, Best Selling Author, “A must read for business leaders” Don Tapscott, Digital pioneer and author, Wikinomics “This is an important, perhaps seminal book”
    • Our Particular Mission
    • How do the top 100 organizations put their“social/customer pants” on in the morning?Wikibrands – (noun/verb)The new currency for today’smarketplace: - Customer participation - Social influence - Digital engagement - Word of mouth - Online community - Grassroots marketing - Connected media - Member collaboration - Awesome content - Great user experience
    • A Premium Brand is Now a Mark of Participation Wikibrands - A Rallying Cry - Participation is the New Business/Cause Currency “Something you Buy” “Something you Trust” “Something you Want” 1850 1910 1950 “Something you“Something you Prefer” “Something you Love” Participate In” 1980 2000 2010
    • Experiences are Being Socialized …even TV is now Social
    • Wikibrands – Surfing the Digital/Social Paradox…. …but…
    • ...A Demanding and ActivistCustomer Culture has Taken Over Freedom • iTunes, Craigslist, Zipcars, Android Customization • Nike ID, Facebook, Sodastream Scrutiny • Amazon, RED, Kiva, Wikileaks Integrity • Zappos, Vans, Trader Joes Collaboration • John Fluevog, Wikipedia, Doritos Entertainment • Red Bull, Axe, Zynga, YouTube Speed • Zara, Google, Dell Innovation • Apple, Toyota, UFC, Netflix
    • Wikibrands … A Manifesto for theFuture of Business - Born in Canada "Skate to where the puck is going, not to where it is."
    • Are You Ready To Become Buzzing, Wikibrand Evangelists?12
    • The 1% - Who are the three most passionate people in this room?
    • The Tug of The Crowd – Learnings - Takes courage to start a wave - Safety and success in numbers-Pose a challenge, watch people rally- We do things for irrational reasons, often in groups
    • The Challenge Today We will try: - Why is it So Tough? - 6 Reasons Why Now - 6 Key Wikibrand Benefits - 10 Key Things to Do It Right - 6 Key Takeaways - Q&A - Continue the Conversation
    • Why Is Wikibranding So Damn Tough?
    • Why Is it So Damn Tough? The Pentathlon of Engagement Business Customer Digital Savvy Savvy Savvy Strategy/ Experience/ Web/Tech/Innovation/ Community/ Mobile/SEOGovernance Social Change Communications Savvy Savvy HR/ PR/Brand/Content Organizational Marketing
    • – Wikibranding - The Big Hurdles – Getting Out of The Way#1 - Company culture#2 - Lack of executive/managerial support#3 - Too controlling#4 - Lack of authenticity/genuine engagement#5 - Lack of community leadership#6 - Ineffective measurement#7 - Lack of relevant skills of people involved#8 - No clear purpose#9 - Lack of ongoing strategy/plan#10 - Lack of investment Source: Agent Wildfire 2010 Community Management Survey
    • So how do you mobilize a world around your cause… Do Fundraisers/Foundations Have it Easier or Tougher than For Profit Cousins?
    • There Ain’t No Big Charity At Not Least Playing Source: The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
    • Social Good is Actually Leading The Way Source: The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
    • Pros of Causes, Charities and Fundraising (Straw Sample Poll)- Embedded Cause that People PassionatelyBelieve In- People commitment at local and affiliate levels- Willingness to try things- Campaign mentality drives attention
    • Cons of Causes, Charities and Fundraising (Straw Sample Poll)- Lack of Money, Resources and Employees- Deeply competitive and fragmented- Appetite for risk and being personally noticed- Digital culture, talent and community-buildingnot a core part of DNA Storytelling?
    • We’re just not very good at this world…yetThere are Exceptions! Only 5 Conventional Causes inTop 320 Followed Twitter accounts #203 World Economic Forum #248 Charity Water #302 UN Refugee Agency #352 Join RED #189 Livestrong CEO
    • Why Wikibrand Now? What’s changed…
    • The Awesome Reason – Media/Tech Shifts Tech is Oxygen Mobile - 5 billion people have access to Mobile Gaming -3 billion gamers in the world Dependency - 36% of us would rather give up sex than the internet
    • The Awesome Reason – Media/Tech Shifts The World is Connected and Engaged • 1.5 Billion Social Networkers Globally – Facebook - 700 million, 1,000+ fans per page – Wikipedia – 265 million readers. 17 million articles – Twitter – 200+ million (wants to be 1 billion by end of 2013) – LinkedIn – 101 million, $9 billion IPO, 189 index on post-grad – YouTube - 144 million unique monthly visitors watch/292 minutes per month – Flickr – 45 million members/5.0 billion photos – Foursquare – 8 million mobile members/500 million checkins – Amazon – 650 million users annually, $24 billion sales – GroupOn – 50 million users annually, $2 billion sales • Spending 82% more time on social networks than they did last year • The 385x Grapevine - Facebook - 130 Friends/Twitter 190 Followers/LinkedIn 65 Colleagues
    • The Good Reason- The Age of Real Organizations are “Starting to Get It”#1 The Need for Authenticity and Transparency - 42%#2 The rise of social networks - 38%#3 Increasing role of wireless/mobile - 35%#4 Customers/people waning attention spans - 25%#5 Media fragmentation - 22%#6 Change in mass marketing effectiveness - 20% Agent Wildfire -The Buzz Report, April 2010
    • Causes/Charities?Social Innovation concerns the Executive Suite “Which of the following global environmental, social and political issues are the most critical to address for the future success of your business?” CEO response: • 50% “educational systems, talent constraints” • 42% “poor public governance” • 38% “climate change” • 36% “making globalization’s benefits accessible to the poor” • 35% “security of energy supply” • 12% “access to clean water, sanitation” • 8% “HIV/AIDS and other public health issues” Source: McKinsey, 2010
    • The Bad Reason – Facebook Fever #1 -Competition is There#2 – Agency/Guru/Ninja/Conference made a good pitch #3 – Beta Test Hell 78% dont have an employee policy More than ½ of top firms don’t have a strategy Source: Commotion Study/Buzz Report
    • The Ugly Reason– This is Cheap and Cool Ah, Let the Intern/Mad Men Solve It 53% of businesses engaged in social/digital spaces do not have full- time staff to support the effort. 83% of executives believe their agencies need to radically transform to be more competitive in a wikibrand world. Source: SNCR/Buzz Report
    • Why Not Now?
    • The Good Excuses? Bravo…The AwesomeWhat unique value can I add?We really do suck? E.g. employeeshate working hereThe GoodWe have no time? Talent?My CEO/executive/owner doesn’tget it?
    • The Bad Excuses? C’mon really…The BadI like my privacy? I hate losingcontrol?I can’t measure it?The UglyMy stakeholder is not on the socialweb? Doesn’t care enough?I can’t monetize it?
    • Key Rebuttal - Economic Reason - Engagement Sells Engaged brands drive value +18% Non-engaged brands decrease in value -6% Source: Interbrand 2010 Best Global Brands report
    • If Lubricants, Scissors and Insurance Can Do It, So Can You
    • Why Should Causes Wikibrand? 6 Benefits
    • Six Big Wikibrand Benefits Brand Advocacy (Marketing/Fundraising) - Word of mouth/Referral/recommendation - Badging - Fundraising (#3)* - Sales/traffic - Reduction in media budgets Brand Perception (PR) - Awareness/exposure (#1)* - Affinity - Empathy/respect - Lead industry conversation - SEO benefits
    • Six Big Wikibrand Benefits Brand Support (Customer service) - Recruiting volunteers (#2)* - Customer service - Education/ advice - Value-add experience Brand Serendipity (HR/Corporate) - Stories/Inspiration - Corporate social responsibility - Galvanize employees - Hiring employees (#4)* - Traditional media interest
    • Six Big Wikibrand Benefits Brand Content (Media/Customer Experience) - Co-innovation/solutions - User-generated Creative - User-generated content - Reviews/ratings - Personal Stories Brand Insight (Research and Innovation) - Idea stimulus - Beta-testing - Market research/polling - Industry/competitive intelligence - Mobilize in crisis
    • The Recipe for Success? ..10 Factors
    • #1 Culture Change Required– “Live the brand, listen before saying, letting go?”
    • Something just needs to click in…
    • There is a big difference between “Being Social”
    • Versus “Doing Social”
    • Raising a Brand/Cause, The Difference BetweenRaising a 4 Year Old Parenting an 18 Year Old
    • The Biggest Wikibrand Sins - Listening is Paramount
    • A Culture Change is Required MASS DIRECT WIKIBRANDMARKETING MARKETING SOCIAL INFLUENCEControl CollaborationHype AuthenticityDecisions DialogueFeatures Purpose
    • Externally - Treat Customers like VIP Fans Two Steps Thinktank/ Scout/ Turning Users, Customers and Sounding Mystery Board Shopper Consumers User Customer Consumer Into Authors, Producers, Scouts, Testers and Collaborators & BroadcastersCollaborator/ Brand Fan Community Member/ Producer VIP Insider Evangelist/ Ambassador/ Into Community Members, Advisory Advocate Council/ Seeded Adopter/ Advocates, Ambassadors Cause Torchbearer Beta Tester and Evangelists
    • Internally,Get Employees on the Bus…
    • High Employee Engagement = Profitability up 16% Productivity up 18% Customer loyalty up 12% Quality up 60%
    • Vancity– Live Your Values -
    • Naked Pizza –Evangelizing the Cause
    • Twestival– Strict on Brand, Loose on Local -
    • #2 FOCUS– “Why are we doing this/what are we doing?”
    • FOCUS– The 4 Legs of the Wikibrands Strategy Couch
    • #2 - FOCUS– Four Big AxiomsSocial/member needs > Company needsThe social customer has 4 seconds…Focus > TechnologyAvoid Social media Fever - Link to a corecompany objective
    • – Wikibrand Community Success Factors – Top Ingredients#1 - The customer/member experience provided Cul/Strat/Exec#2 - A conversation worthy idea/concept Strategy#3 - Clear objective/mission/value statement Culture#4 - Expert moderation/dialogue management Execution#5 - Great service/responsiveness Execution#6 - A great product/brand Strategy#7 - The quality of the people/members who participate Exec. Source: Agent Wildfire 2010 Community Management Survey
    • Movember – A New Generation of Philanthropy• Not built around a celebrity• Not founded by a mega wealthy individual• Not a cause marketing campaign by business• Movember is created by building andenergizing a community around a cause.
    • Movember – Energizing a Community with a Clear FocusObjectives – Vision – “Change the Face ofMen’s Health”Brand – “Bring back the retro icon of themoustache to visibly support cause”Customer - The right mix of fun, retroappeal, competition, sense of belongingto a team and a global movement that ismaking a differenceOrganizational Culture -– every interaction and donation matters - If it’s awesome they will use it, if it’s awesome they will talk about it
    • Cisco’s One Million Acts of Green – Foucs Buried in Their Challenge
    • 10,000 Women –Focus Buried in their Mission
    • World Book Night -Focus Buried in Their Date
    • #3 LANGUAGE, CONTENT &OUTREACH“do I like this/is there enough of this/can I identify with this/do theyknow me?”
    • “It doesn’t matter what you say, if Idon’t like the way you’re saying it” James Cherkoff, Collaborate Marketing
    • LANGUAGE –If you wouldn’t say it in real life to a friend, don’t say it on the social web
    • Alex’s Lemonade Stand – Making it Personal
    • CONTENT–If the Customer is King, then Content is Queen Blog – Min. 3 posts per week - well-tagged Tweets – Min. 4 tweets per day, well spaced apart - 50/50 conversation/distribution Video – Min. 1 video per month - Embed in other things (blog, twitter, Facebook) Email – Min. 1-4 newsletter per month
    • The Art of Storytelling – 9 Methods#1 - Aspirations and Beliefs#2 - Avalanche about to Roll
    • The Art of Storytelling – 9 Methods#3 - David vs. Goliath
    • The Art of Storytelling – 9 Methods #4 - Anxieties
    • The Art of Storytelling – 9 Methods#5 – Personalities/Personality Appeal
    • The Art of Storytelling – 9 Methods#6 - Changing Assumptions
    • The Art of Storytelling – 9 Methods #7 - How-to Stories and Advice
    • The Art of Storytelling – 9 Methods#8 - Seasonal/Event-related
    • The Art of Storytelling – 9 Methods #9 – Glitz and Glam
    • OUTREACH – Some of these people are not like the others,Forget 100,000 Followers, Start at Finding 1000 Real Fans
    • The Influencers – They Know More, They Connect, They Adopt Earlier - Find ThemLOCAL RAW SCORE PROFESSIONALBY INTEREST THE BEST BLOGGERS
    • - Wikibrand Recruitment Tools - Where to Find Your Fans1. Employees (and affiliates and stakeholders)2. Twitter (or other microblogging platform)3. Facebook4. Discussion Forums5. Traditional PR6. Dedicated Community Portal7. Conversion of website visitors8. Blogger Outreach Source: Agent Wildfire 2010 Community Management Survey
    • 4. INCENTIVES & MOTIVATIONS“what’s in it for me?”
    • Never Forget – Humans are Hard Wired Social Animals 82
    • – Online Community Motivation – Why Do People Join#1 - Social Connection#2 - Shared Community Values/Culture#3 - Expression/Creativity/Venting#4 - Establishing influence with key decision makers#5 - Access to Special Information/Advice#6 - Appealing to Hobbies/Interests#7 - Making a difference/to matter/support a cause Source: Agent Wildfire 2011 Community Management Survey
    • 27 Community Incentives - Intrinsic“How do I identify with, help the community” • Fun & enjoyment (#1) • Creativity • Group effort/achievement • Learning • Better life/supporting cause • Challenge/competition • Satisfying curiosity • Wanting to make a better product • Meet people of similar interests
    • 27 Community Incentives - Extrinsic “How do I appear to others?”• Recognition by company (#1)• Access to exclusive resources• Ability to join VIP circle• Access to exclusive channels• Chance for wider Fame• Recognition by peers• Published leaderboard/ranking within community• Reputation building• A larger audience/stage
    • 27 Community Incentives - Explicit “What is my direct, tangible reward?”• Invitation to Events (#1)• 3rd party incentives• Customized/personalized treatment• Non-monetary rewards• Discounts• Points accumulation• Customer service• Information/advice• Cash rewards
    • Kiva – Intrinsic, Extrinsic and Explicit Rewards
    • 5. RULES, GUIDELINES & RITUALS“what can/can’t I do here?”
    • Rules - Kodak – Good Empowering Rules Air Force – Good Prescriptive Rules• Experience Facilitation• Legal & Ethical Concerns• Employee Policies• Ownership Rights• Support, Training and Certification• Rituals/Customs
    • 6. TOOLS & PLATFORM“the home and away game – where do we play?”
    • Have a Home, Neutral and Away Game Home: Neutral: Away: Website Brand Pages Social Networks Blog Personal Profiles Sharing SitesCommunity RSS Feed Other Blogs Forums Facebook Connect Influencers
    • Our Social House has many rooms…and keeps expanding
    • Some rooms you…Play EntertainLearn CreateConverse Escape
    • The Core 10 for a Cause Tool Metaphorical Room Organizational Benefits1. Facebook - “The Living Room” - Ubiquity, Socialness, Integration2. Email Provider – “The Mailbox” - Outbound, Connection, Fans3. Twitter - “The Front Porch” - Trends, Viralness, Launches4. Blog - “The Garden” - News, Comments, Feeds, SEO5. Community Site – “The Pool” - Fans, Deep Engagement6. YouTube - “TV Room” - Entertainment, Previews, Video7. LinkedIn - “The Office” - BtoB, Deals, Professional Community8. Flickr - “The Gallery” - Photos, Artists, Celebrity9. Wiki - “Workshop” - Collaboration, Fan community10. Slideshare – “The Library” - Thought leadership, Trends, Ideas
    • Degrees of Engagement •Face to faceAre you listening to me? Highest engagement Lowest reach •Video chat •Phone call •Chat service (AIM, Skype) •E-mail •Facebook message •Facebook wall post Lowest engagement Greatest reach •Tweet
    • The Home Game – “The Lure” Owned Community PlatformsWebsite + Owned Community + Affiliated Community- Type of Software/Language- Cost, Resources & Time- Customization- Scalability, Integrated & Usability- Security & Ownership
    • 7. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT“who will lead the conversation?”
    • How to Avoid This…
    • Community/Brand Evangelists - Tasks
    • Top Tasks of Community Managers1. Communication2. Content Creation3. Company/brand evangelism4. Member/Customer support5. Ongoing Facilitation6. Metrics Reporting7. Event Host8. Community Evolution/Feature Development9. Internal Rallying Cry10. Community Administration11. Member Recruitment/Crowdsourcing Source: Agent Wildfire 2010 Community Management Survey
    • Top Skills of Community Managers1. Leadership/charisma2. Diplomacy/Patience3. Customer/member empathy4. Persistence5. Social/Networking6. Communication Skills7. Technology Skills8. Passion for company/brand9. Change Agent10. Creativity11. Leads the lifestyle of the customer Source: Agent Wildfire 2010 Community Management Survey
    • 8. LIFE STAGE OF THE COMMUNITY“when do we need to adapt?”
    • The Life Stage of Social Media/Community Milestone achievement User generated content Incentives materialized Mass supported Expansion Expected cycle of activity Broadened focus Company culture change Self-governance Tiered membership Fresh produced content Highlight contribution Incentives pitched Networked Seeded audience
    • Life Stage Management – The AGBU Experiment Quarterly (Threadless) Reinvent every 2 years (Dell) Not monitoring/moderating daily Not reviewing weekly
    • 9. METRICS, MEASUREMENT,INSIGHTS & ROI“what do we measure and look for?”
    • Social Media Measurement - No Silver Bullet Formula
    • Different Brand Yardsticks - Measure The Applause, Not the Attendance -Try many small testable experiments -Have goals, track over time
    • 10. CULTURE & ORGANIZATIONALCHANGE“how will we be changed? ChannelingTom Sawyer”
    • Lego – Success by a Thousand Paper Cuts
    • Mozilla FirefoxA Wikibrand Role Model
    • Intuit– B2B Community Builder – A Safe Haven for Answers 111
    • eBay Green Team– Challenging Yourself
    • Organizational Change – The AGBU Have Social Become Part of Your DNA (Best Buy) Host Ideajams (IBM) Don’t celebrate milestones/keep social out in the cold Don’t build organizational capability/outsource all expertise
    • What’s Next?
    • In the Year 3000…“YouTube, Twitter and Facebook will merge and become an uber social network “YouTwitFace”
    • Types of New Media Future Growth
    • 5 Deep Thoughts to take Back to the Office
    • #1 - Get Some Executive Sponsorship, Rules, Listening tools, 3-6 months and Participate - The First 5 Days (64 hours) - Each Day (30 minutes/day) - Every month (10 hours/mth)
    • #2 – Leverage Your Own CrowdHost Employee/Customer/Stakeholder Ideajams
    • #3 – Find Your Real Hardcore FansInvite them into The Front Row or On Stage
    • #4 - Go Ahead, it’s OK to FLIRT 1. Focus 2. Language and Content 3. Incentives, Motivations and Outreach 4. Rules, Guidelines and Rituals 5. Tool and Platforms
    • #5 - In a world of no time, attention and trust…don’t play it safe or follow othersThere is only one thing in the worldworse than being talked about, andthat is not being talked about. Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Grey
    • Let’s continue the conversation… Twitter: @wikibrands Facebook page and 6 other social extensions Join our twice monthly #wikichat Ongoing Wikibrand Engagements/ Bootcamps/Keynotes Take our Buzz Report survey Become an ambassador Contact me: smoffitt@agentwildfire.com
    • Your Voice – Not for Profits The Wikibrands/WikiGood Survey - 23 survey questions you always wanted to know on Engaged NFPs - Access to research ahead of time and chance to win Wikibrand books and a workshop -Twitter Chat June 21 - #wikichat 3-4:30pm EST Twitter: @wikibrandshttp://www.surveymonkey.com/s/wikigood
    • Q&A