Jane Zhang - Technology Tools and Trends: How to Make Them Work For You


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Cloud computing, social media, digital storytelling … these are some of the ways that technology has evolved to change the way we operate and how we engage with our communities. In this session, TechSoup Canada will review some of the latest technology trends and share some free/low cost tools you can use to build your organization’s capacity.

- List of free or low cost technology tools to help increase organizational capacity
- Knowledge of latest technology trends in the charitable sector
- General guidelines on how to choose the right tools for the organization

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Jane Zhang - Technology Tools and Trends: How to Make Them Work For You

  1. 1. Technology Tools and Trends:How to make them work for you My CharityConnects 2011 Jane Zhang
  2. 2. We help nonprofits use technology to achieve their fullpotential. We do this by lowering the barriers totechnology through access to tools, knowledge, trainingand talent.
  3. 3. A walk down memory lane…
  4. 4. Search for info
  5. 5. Web 2.0 Tools• Twitter• Facebook• Newsletters• Blogs• RSS Feeds• Social bookmarking• Google Alerts
  6. 6. • Portability• Connectivity• Convergence• Integration• Progressing towards abundance and complexity
  7. 7. • Cloud• Mobile• CRMs• On-demand Business intelligence• Collaboration• Social• Apps
  8. 8. Cloud Computing
  9. 9. Cloud ComputingBenefit Drawbacks• Less maintenance & • No control over upgrades maintenance & upgrades• No need for dedicated IT • No control over user fees staff • Increased cost for access• Lowers the cost of IT • On-demand may not be on- infrastructure demand• Portable technology, greater • Lease vs Own mobility for staff • Security & Privacy• Security
  10. 10. Cloud Computing tools• Google Apps (office productivity)• Salesforce (CRM)• Box.net/Dropbox (file sharing)• Manymoon (Project Management)• SlideRocket (online presentation)
  11. 11. mobile • Fastest growing consumer product • 22.8 Million subscribers • 99% coverage of Canadians • 75% have cell phones • 50% phone connections are wireless • 21% browse the internet
  12. 12. MobileBenefit Drawbacks• Mobile can reach most • Cost of smart phones, data Canadians (Mobile Giving) plans• Convergence of technology allows for live capture of • Cost of app development events, pictures, video, live blogging • Security• Tools such as group SMS can allow for instant real-time messaging to mobilize large groups of people• Mobile Apps shifts from fixed connectivity to mobile• Mobile Website
  13. 13. Mobile tools• Group SMS: Ez texting – $10/month ~290 messages – $149/month ~4700 message• Mobile Giving Foundation Canada – Glue between charity & wireless provider – Vetting charity, pass 100% donations back to the charity from wireless carriers• Paypal
  14. 14. CRMs
  15. 15. CRMsBenefit Drawbacks• Tracks relationships with • Can be costly to implement our funders, volunteers, • Must have buy-in from all donors, members, public levels of organization• Help to identify champions, individuals engaged on • Cost of customization multiple levels • Must integrate with• Capture organizational data organizational processes for reporting • Training, staff time• Identify gaps in program & Service
  16. 16. Popular CRMS• Wild Apricot• Sumac• SugarCRM• CiviCRM• Salesforce• Raiser’s Edge• Convio
  17. 17. On-demand Business Intelligence
  18. 18. On-demand BIBenefit Drawbacks• In-sight into how an • Data by itself is not insight, organization is doing but have clear goals for• Real-time data to enable outcome more agile decision making • Privacy and security of• Hosted services allow for hosted services easy upload and quick • Can be difficult to analysis of data implement well• Allows for easier reporting
  19. 19. Tools for Insight• BI-On demand• Jaspersoft• Crystal Reports• Salesforce
  20. 20. Collaboration
  21. 21. CollaborationBenefit Drawbacks• Breaks down geographical • Staff time required for barriers training• Reduce travel cost • Broadband internet/3G• Real-time documentation of access project development • Voice/video quality• Reduce # of emails and • Not true replacement for drafts of documents face-to-face interactions
  22. 22. Tools for collaboration• ManyMoon (Project Management)• SAP Streamwork (team management)• Google Apps• Smartsheet• Dropbox/Box.net• SlideRocket• Skype• Gotomeeting/GotoWebinar• Adobe Connect
  23. 23. Social• Integration of Social with mobile, offline events, existing communication channels to weave together better engagement Single Sign-on QR Codes
  24. 24. SocialBenefit Drawbacks• Hub of conversation, it’s • Short lived messages, can where the people are get lost in the noise• When integrated with CRMs • When not integrated with and other tools, can communication strategy, significantly increase reach and strength of messaging can have limited impact• Help to build better brand • Staff time, and proper• Gives organization guideline required personality, emotional connection point
  25. 25. Tools to Manage Social Media• Hootsuite• TweetDeck• Google Analytics• Klout
  26. 26. Apps
  27. 27. AppsBenefit Drawbacks• No need to install software • Early adopter stage, still• Less need for dedicated IT need to develop best staff practices• On-demand, access • App overload anywhere • Functionality thin, not• Cross platform replacement for enterprise software • Cost of access • Hard to organize, security?
  28. 28. How do we decide what trend to follow andhow to make it work?
  29. 29. Goal Setting• Be SMART, set goals for your organization• Start with intent, add attainable #, benchmark, set measuring metrics, evaluate• Go through the SmartChart process• www.smartchart.org
  30. 30. •Staff Buy-in •Training •Recruitment •Budget •Time commitment•Budget•Scalability •Roadmap•Open Source vs Proprietary •Simplification•Cloud vs In-house •Automation•Data Portability •Capacity
  31. 31. Resources• MyCharityConnects Slideshare channel• TechSoup Canada Webinar – June 15th, 1pm
  32. 32. Questions?• jane@techsoupcanada.ca• www.techsoupcanada.ca• Toronto Net Tuesday – June 14th, Digital Story Telling