Getting Your Board on Board - Talking to your Board About CanadaHelps
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Getting Your Board on Board - Talking to your Board About CanadaHelps



We’ve put together a presentation called ‘Getting Your Board on Board – Talking to Your Board About CanadaHelps.’ This presentation is designed for you to show your board why CanadaHelps ...

We’ve put together a presentation called ‘Getting Your Board on Board – Talking to Your Board About CanadaHelps.’ This presentation is designed for you to show your board why CanadaHelps would be beneficial to your organization.



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Getting Your Board on Board - Talking to your Board About CanadaHelps Presentation Transcript

    Winter 2010
  • 2. Instructions
    We’ve designed this presentation for you to take to your Board in order to
    show them why CanadaHelps would be beneficial for your organization.
    We’ve packed in as much information as possible so you would have all of the
    information needed to answer all questions.
  • 3. Table of Contents
    1. About CanadaHelps
    2. Donation Process
    3. How It Works
    4. Advantages
    5. MyCharity Account
    6. FAQs
    9. How to Register
    10. Appendix
  • 4. About CanadaHelps
    What is CanadaHelps?
    A public charitable foundation that provides accessible,
    affordable and secure online technology to both donors
    and charities.
    Build a caring and involved Canadian society that is committed to giving and participating
    effectively in the charitable sector. Using technology, we create an efficient connection
    between charities, donors, and the corporate community.
    Engage Canadians in the charitable sector by providing accessible and affordable online
    technology to both donors and charities so as to promote – and ultimately increase –
    charitable giving in Canada.
    We are a charity helping charities. We make giving simple.
  • 5. About CanadaHelpsHow It Began
    In 1999, a young university student named Aaron Pereira sat in a church pew waiting for the collection plate to make its way towards him. As he dug in his pockets, he realized that he didn’t have any cash on him. The dot-com boom was in full swing, and e-commerce was the way of the future: how come his church wasn’t collecting donations online, too?
      With that question in mind, he began to put together the concept that eventually became CanadaHelps. Aaron envisioned a way for all charities and donors to benefit from the same technology that helped businesses reach huge markets over the internet.
    With two friends – Ryan Little and Matthew Choi – Aaron set about finding support to build CanadaHelps. The students convinced major supporters to back their vision of an engaged donor base online. With Canadian corporations and financial institutions offering donated funds, space and technology, CanadaHelps launched in 2000. CanadaHelps, itself a charity, supports the philanthropic efforts of both donors and charities – online. Ryan, Matthew and Aaron’s dedication and volunteer time led to its early success: in its first year, over $150,000 was donated through CanadaHelps to charities across the country.
    Today, CanadaHelps facilitates over $40 million in donations annually. We continue to honour our entrepreneurial roots by innovating to stay ahead of online trends and offer Canadians new ways to give to their favourite causes.
    Matthew, Ryan and Aaron in
    The first CanadaHelps office.
  • 6. About CanadaHelpsSome Stats
    As of January 2010
    More than $130 million has been processed since CanadaHelps launched in 2000;
    Over 8,500 charities are registered with us
    An average of 35 charities sign up with us every week.
  • 7. About CanadaHelpsBoard of Directors
    Bill Kerr, Chair - JSE Partners Inc., Oakville
    Alec Zimmerman - Borden LadnerGervais LLP, Toronto
    Aaron Pereira – Social Entrepreneur
    John Beattie - Telus, Toronto
    Ryan Little - StormFisher Biogas, Toronto
    Sean Van Doorselaer - OPK Capital, Toronto
    Matthew Choi - Physician, Winnipeg
    Patrick Johnston - Walter and Gordon Duncan Foundation, Toronto
    Brenda Gainer - Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto
  • 8. The Donation Process
  • 9. The Donation Process
  • 10. The Donation Process
    Donor Perspective
  • 11. The Donation ProcessDonor Perspective
    The donor visits your website
    and clicks on the CanadaHelps
    Donate Now button.
  • 12. The Donation ProcessDonor Perspective
    Enter donation details
    Fund designation/instructions
    Potential card request
    Personal contact information
    Payment information
  • 13. The Donation ProcessDonor Perspective
    Gift is submitted
    and tax receipt
    emailed to the
  • 14. The Donation Process
    Charity Perspective
  • 15. The Donation ProcessCharity Perspective
    Charity is notified by
    email when they’ve
    received a donation.
  • 16. The Donation ProcessCharity Perspective
    Donation details appear
    in your account
  • 17. HOW IT WORKS
  • 18. How It Works
    Disbursement Process
    What is Electronic Fund Transfer or EFT?
    EFT allows CanadaHelps to disburse donations directly into a charity’s bank account through direct deposit on a weekly basis. All charities registered with CanadaHelps receive funds by EFT.
    *PLEASE NOTE: Charities not registered with CanadaHelps will instead receive cheques on a monthly basis
  • 19. How It Works
    • CanadaHelps issues tax receipts for all donations made through our site
    • 20. We are a foundation with our own charitable business number
    • 21. Legal name of your charity is also listed on the receipt
    • 22. Receipts are in an unalterable PDF format, as per Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations
    • 23. Your charity should never issue receipts for donations made through CanadaHelps
  • How It Works
    Complete Donor Records
    What information does a charity receive?
    • Name
    • 24. Mailing and email
    • Message to charity
    • 25. Card acknowledgement
    • Donation amount and
    • Fund designation
    • 26. Fee taken
    • 27. You receive an email notification when a donation is made to your organization.
    • 28. Donor records are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week in your personal MyCharity Account.
  • How It Works
    Thanking Donors
    CanadaHelps sends an email to donors with their tax receipt, but since these are your donors, it’s important for you to foster the relationship and personally thank them.
  • 29. Remember!
    These are your donors
    • You own the relationship with your donor so steward them as you would any offline supporters
    • 30. CanadaHelps doesn’t solicit donations and doesn’t share, sell, trade or otherwise use your donor information.
  • 31. Advantages
    Multiple Donation Options/Sources
    We offer several options for giving by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Interac Debit Online, which include:
    Scheduled Giving – The ability to accept recurring monthly gifts.
    Securities – The only way to accept gifts of securities online in Canada.
    CanadaHelps Giving Pages – Peer-to-peer fundraising tool for your supporters.
    Causes on Facebook – Rally your network on Facebook around your cause.
    In memoriam donations – Remembering a loved one’s life with a gift to charity
    In honour of donations – Give on behalf of friends, family or coworkers
    Donations to different funds/campaigns – Donors specify the project they support
  • 32. Advantages
    Low Cost, Less Time, Less Administration
    Other providers will charge for:
    • Set Up
    • 33. Monthly/Annual Fees
    • 34. Transaction Fees
    • 35. Tech Support fees
    CanadaHelps charges 3.9%, covering:
    • Creation and distribution of tax receipts
    • 36. All credit card merchant rates and
    transactions fees, bank account settlement
    costs and disbursement charges
    • Please note: The fee is 4.9% for charities not registered
    with CanadaHelps to cover the costs of issuing and
    mailing cheques
  • 37. Advantages
    For your French Donors, our services are offered in both official languages
    Please visit to find out more
  • 38. Advantages
    Enhanced Charity Profile
    Once signed up, you can include the following information in your profile:
    • Personalized Logo/Banner
    • 39. Donate Monthly Button
    • 40. Contact Information
    • 41. Mission Statement
    • 42. Description
  • AdvantagesAutomated E-receipts
    • Your charity doesn’t issue receipts for donations made through CanadaHelps
    • 43. CanadaHelps issues receipts for all donations made through our portal, regardless of donation size. This is an administrative savings to your organization!
  • AdvantagesSecurity & Privacy
    CanadaHelps employs a number of measures and practices
    to protect you, including:
    CanadaHelps recognizes that privacy and security are important issues for both donors and charities and as such is committed to ensuring a safe experience when using our services.
  • 44. AdvantagesProject Specific Pages
    A CanadaHelpsGivingPage is a
    tool that provides new and
    easy ways for your organization
    to fundraise for a specific
    campaign or project
  • 45. AdvantagesPeer to Peer Fundraising
    CanadaHelpsGivingPages also
    provide new ways for your
    donors to fundraise on your
    Create a GivingPage for:
    Sports events
  • 46. AdvantagesEasy To Use!
    Above all, CanadaHelps is easy to use. CanadaHelps
    allows donors and charities to raise funds quickly and
    efficiently. CanadaHelps staff is always available to help if
    you have any questions too!
  • 47. MyCharity Account
  • 48. MyCharity AccountWhat is it?
    A MyCharity Account is a charity’s account on CanadaHelps.
    It allows a charity to do the following:
    Access donor records
    Update account information
    Fill a profile with information
    Access the Donate Now button
    * The following slides will take you through
    the different sections of an account.
  • 49. MyCharity AccountHome
    You have complete control of your donor information
    Under the Home tab, you can:
    • Get updates in the News section
    • 50. Read FAQs
    • 51. Download the Charity User Manual
  • MyCharity AccountProfile
    Review and change your operating names, admin email, contact info, and banking details.
    Enhance your Charity Profile with a mission statement, organizational description, and logo.
    Preview your page to see what others will see!
    Fill in your charity’s mission statement and description in English and French.
    This is your chance to explain to donors what your charity does.
    Under the Profile tab you can:
  • 52. MyCharity AccountDonations
    Under the Donations tab, you can:
    View donation details for all of your gifts 24/7
    Use the “Data Download” feature to import donor data into your database software
  • 53. MyCharity AccountFunds & Link
    Under the Funds tab, you can:
    • Designate specific funds for your charity (e.g. special campaign, specific project, fundraising appeal, etc.)
    • 54. Create a drop down menu that donors select from when making a donation, thus increasing your charity’s transparency
    Under the Link tab, you can:
    Learn how to add the Donate Now! button to your charity’s website, linking donors directly to your page on CanadaHelps
  • 55. MyCharity AccountSearch Info
    Under the Search Info tab, you can improve your charity’s “searchability” in the search engine in two ways:
    CATEGORIES lets you select main and sub categories that best describe your charity
    KEYWORDS lets you create a list of search terms that you want to be associated with. When they are typed into the search engine, your organization will appear in the results
  • 56. Frequently Asked Questions
  • 57. Can we download the data into our database?
    Saving the file as a comma separated value (CSV) file will allow you to open it into many
    different programs. To save it in this format, simply type “.csv” at the end of the file
    name. You can then open the file in your spreadsheet program or upload it to your
    donor management software.
    Compatible with:
    • Raiser’s Edge
    • 58. Excel
    • 59. Access
    • 60. Salesforce
    • 61. And many more!
  • What are our charities saying about CanadaHelps?
    Testimonial 1
    "Your provide a great service. Small organizations like ours benefit tremendously, keeping our overhead low & spending more on good works!" - Better Day Alliance
    Testimonial 2
    Through CanadaHelps' service, we have been able to generate a surprising amount of additional income for our projects. Our donors find it very convenient to preset their donation periods, direct their donations to specific funds, and even dedicate them on behalf of a cherished one. The donor records are thorough and easy to access through and the technical support has made it easy for our young organization to integrate this important feature onto your website. Thanks CanadaHelps!" - Todd Lorenz, Managing Director, One Child's Village
  • 62. How much is this really going to cost me?
    There is ONLY a 3.9% fee per transaction, which covers:
    Credit card processing fees
    Bank processing fees
    * Charities not signed up with CanadaHelps are subject to a 4.9% transaction fee when we mail a
    cheque for donations because of the added mailing costs.
  • 63. How do I know a donation has been made?
    You receive an email each time a donation is made
    Donation details then appear automatically in your account
    Find out who made the donation so you can thank them and respond to any requests they may have
  • 64. Where do I claim CanadaHelps donations on my charity’s tax return?
    Again, since CanadaHelps issues and sends tax receipts for all of the donations made through our site, you do not need to do this. Your organization therefore must claim CanadaHelps donations on line 4510 of your tax return, “Total amount received from other registered charities.”
  • 65. What happens when a donation needs to be refunded?
    CanadaHelps handles all refunds. In the event of a refund, CanadaHelps
    notifies the charity and provides all relevant back up documentation. If the
    donation has already been disbursed into your bank account, CanadaHelps
    will need to perform a debit to return the funds to the card holder.
  • 66. What more can CanadaHelps do for our organization?
    We also teach charities how to use low cost or free online technologies in efficient and
    cost effective ways that will help further their missions!
    Check out for demos, event listings, and other great
  • 67. What can CanadaHelps not be used for?
    We can only process donations that are 100% tax receiptable, so
    we cannot process:
    Ticket sales
    Product Sales
    Auction bids
    If you are unsure if a transaction will qualify as 100% tax receiptable, you should
    contact the Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency to inquire at
  • 68. Where do I get more information on CanadaHelps?
    Click on the following menu options on the main
    page to learn more about CanadaHelps:
    About CanadaHelps
    How To Give
    For Charities
  • 69. How To RegisterThe Steps
    Go to
    Click on “Register Your Charity”
    You will be asked to accept the CanadaHelps client agreement and then receive a banking information form that must be sent in with a voided cheque or bank statement.
    You can send in this information
    By fax
    By mail
    215 Spadina Ave, Suite 330
    Toronto ON M5T 2C7
  • 70. How To RegisterRegistration Checklist
    Before sending in your banking information, please
    ensure you’ve completed the following:
    The online part of the registration has been completed
    Your Banking Information Form is fully complete
    Your voided cheque or bank statement includes the full name and account details for your organization
  • 71. I have more questions, who do I talk to?
    • Contact our Charity Liaison with any questions at
    • 72. We respond to email inquiries within 24 business hours
  • Thank you, from the staff at CanadaHelps!
    We are a charity helping charities and we’re here to help you in your fundraising needs!
  • 73. Appendix
    CanadaHelps encourages you to do your research before
    choosing an online donation processer. Here are some
    questions to consider:
    • Who handles tech support?
    • 74. How are refunds handled?
    • 75. Is the processer PCI compliant?
    • 76. Does the processor accept Interac?
    • 77. Does our charity require a credit card merchant account?
    • 78. What are the costs involved?
    • 79. If there are fees, how are they paid for? Is the organization invoiced? If so, how often?
    • 80. How often do we get donations disbursed to us?