7 Questions for Nonprofit Leaders Who Are Serious About Digital | Claire Kerr, Artez Interactive

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Do you typically sit around a boardroom table waiting for your consultant or technology team to report in on the state of your online campaigns? Are you generally content to let the “digital natives” …

Do you typically sit around a boardroom table waiting for your consultant or technology team to report in on the state of your online campaigns? Are you generally content to let the “digital natives” determine your activities in social spaces? The idea that online strategy begins and ends with the tech savvy folks is outdated! We no longer expect senior decision-makers to be hands-off with everything digital. You don’t have to be an expert on usability, interactive multimedia, social fundraising, or any of the other buzz words of the day to benefit from a broader understanding of your digital infrastructure in relation to sector trends. The most effective non-profit leaders rise to the challenge and work to understand their own online strategies, whether they are internally deployed or developed externally through a consultant. If you're a manager or executive director who is truly serious about improving your non-profit's digital, mobile or social performance, here’s what you need to know to make smart decisions about the future of your organization online.
• Tools to determine effectiveness of your current strategies online
• The internal numbers leaders need to know to make smart decisions
• Strategies to improve your performance in relation to web, social & mobile trends

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  • 1. @snotforprofit www.artez.com http://www.slideshare.net/clairekerr
  • 2. Information is power!!!!
  • 3. Canadians …Most digital folks on Planet Earth? “No matter which measure you use, Canadians always score high in online engagement.” - ComScore
  • 4. Serious about digital means you can more accurately ...• Set online goals for your org• Evaluate staff activities• Allocate future resources
  • 5. What information does yourorganization collect online?
  • 6. How do you source your data?
  • 7. Cleaner data, happier databases
  • 8. 17% of Americans change addresses annually.
  • 9. How many email addresses are in your database? Average charity has 1000 email addresses for every 103 Facebook fans…
  • 10. Segmentation …
  • 11. How do visitorsaccess your websites?
  • 12. 12% Facebook 2% mobile Facebook Facebook: A top referrer tofundraising & donation pages. Yours?
  • 13. Not a Google Analytics whiz?
  • 14. Scheduled social reports
  • 15. Be first to know ...
  • 16. Your online ad spend
  • 17. Where are the trends going? … of 2011’s total ad spend 10.8% was on social networking sites!11% of all North Americanonline advertising is through
  • 18. Which actions happen from traffic referred by social advertising?Thoughtful Keywords
  • 19. 10% of traffic to ourfundraising & donation pages is from mobile devices… 10-17% of event participants are logging in on a mobile device…
  • 20. Do you know the real trends for mobile channels? 24 % decrease in the number of organizations with active text-to-give programs 27% increase in the use of mobile websites …
  • 21. Mobile web
  • 22. What percentage of myoverall fundraising is online?
  • 23. Benchmarking ... 10-14% 100 50 0 All Fundraising Online6%
  • 24. Online donation is thefastest growing givingchannel.Acquisition:Direct mail = $1.25Online donor = $0.07
  • 25. Mobile web transactions 2.15% of donors via mobile web
  • 26. In peer-to-peer events & campaigns across our platform ... 3 - 7% of donations are made through mobile devices
  • 27. The unavoidable intersection of social & mobile Of the over 600 million people on Facebook, more than half access it through a mobile device.
  • 28. Which social networksare relevant to your cause?
  • 29. Canadians & Social Media 86% of Canadian social networkers choose Facebook!
  • 30. Canadians & Social MediaIpsos Reid examined the networks showingrapid growth in Canada ….Twitter – 19%LinkedIN – 14%
  • 31. Which relevant tasks are we completing on social networks?• Content sharing• Lead generation• Supporter stewardship How does your conversion funnel look?
  • 32. Social beyond “likes” …
  • 33. For a donation form
  • 34. For an online community
  • 35. 77% of social mediausers prefer social login to traditional registration.
  • 36. How quickly can you publishor edit your own digital content?
  • 37. Donations can be made …
  • 38. What kinds of content & multimedia are you sharing online?
  • 39. By the way …http://pinterest.com/source/yourwebsite.com/
  • 40. How can you use online video tofurther your organizational goals?
  • 41. Canadian online video consumption rose 58% in the last 12 months.
  • 42. Thinking about publishing?
  • 43. Which accessibility issues matter to your supporters & donors?
  • 44. Which accessibility issues matter to your supporters & donors? Visual Motor/Mobility AuditorySeizures / Visual effects http://www.cnib.ca/en/services/accessibilities/web/
  • 45. What digital resources do mycorporate partners & sponsors have?
  • 46. What are you asking for?• Email list or newsletter placement• Social network properties• Digital ad networks or placement• Corporate intranet• Local digital signage
  • 47. Creative leverage of sponsor support
  • 48. Who are your top five competitors?
  • 49. When cutting edgebecomes commonplace ...
  • 50. Who am I spying on?
  • 51. Artez.com/webinars CharityHowTo.comTechSoupCanada.ca
  • 52. @snotforprofit www.artez.com http://www.slideshare.net/clairekerr