The Rise Of Mobile For Lawyers


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Mobile computing is on the rise for lawyers and smartphones and tablets are becoming the preferred interfaces of choice. In fact, according to Kevin O’Keefe at Real Lawyers Have Blogs, last year smartphones use overtook that of regular mobile phones, crossing the 50% mark for the first time (ComScore Report).

And, mobile interfaces are quickly catching up to desktops as the interface of choice, with 37% of people using mobile devices as their preferred interface. So it’s not surprising to learn that as far back as the fourth quarter of 2010, the smartphone market surpassed the PC market, selling 101 million mobile devices compared to 92 million PCs (IDC).

Lawyers aren’t immune to this trend and are jumping on the mobile bandwagon as well as reported in the American Bar Association’s 2012 Legal Tech Survey.

According to the report, a whopping 89% of lawyers now use smartphones. And, one of the most drastic increases in lawyers using mobile tools was the surge in the number of lawyers using tablets. That percentage nearly doubled over the period of one year, with only 15% using tablets for law-related tasks in 2011, with that number increasing to 33% in 2012.

Given how many lawyers are using their mobile devices for work-related purposes, it should come as no surprise to learn that one of the main ways that lawyers want to use their mobile devices is to manage their busy practices on the go. That conclusion seems fairly evident, but what is harder to predict is how and where lawyers want to use their mobile devices.

In 2013, MyCase web-based law practice management surveyed a large group of lawyers regarding the rise of mobile in their practices. The following infographic shows what they learned.

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The Rise Of Mobile For Lawyers

  1. 1. THE RISE OF MOBILE FOR LAWYERS This infographic tracks the increase of mobile usage amongst lawyers and explores the need to access important data on the go. 1.3 Million licensed attorneys in the United States of attorneys reported using a smartphone for law-related tasks while away from their primary workplace. 31% Blackberry 17% Android 3% N/A 49% iPhone Percentage of lawyers who use practice management apps* Where lawyers access mobile practice management tools 15% 1 1% % 19% 16% 44% 15% 66% 24% Court Car/Train/Auto Home Vacation Office Other All the time Sometimes Rarely ITEMS LAWYERS NEED ACCESS TO ON-THE-GO 0 15 30 45 60 Calendar Time & Expense Documents Messaging Contact Info Case Info Tasks Other Invoice & Bills Reporting Client Intake Accounting WHEN LAWYERS NEED 3G/WIFI ACCESS When internet connection goes down With current or prospective client Other @ ? When I receive correspondence and I’m away from the office In court while standing before the judge, jury or counsel TABLET USAGE FOR LAWYERS ALSO INCREASED 33 14% 2011 2012 91% of lawyers replace the word “tablet” with “iPad” MOBILE HELPS BRIDGE THE GAP TO ALLOW LAWYERS AND LAW FIRMS TO DO MORE WITH LESS Smartphones used for work related purposes Tablets used for work related purposes YES 88% YES 60% 40% NO 12% NO The modern day law firm is heavily supported by technology. Cloud-based software and applications give legal practitioners the flexibility and organizational tools needed to work efficiently from anywhere. With the right technology in place, attorneys can focus on their legal affairs rather than mundane office tasks - ensuring a higher quality, streamlined business. Infographic from MyCase, providers of web-based legal practice management software for the modern law firm. Learn more at Sites credited nly_7_use_blackber/ *Number derived from attorneys known to be using practice management software