Jennifer Ellis-SEO Today: Now What Does Google Want?
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Jennifer Ellis-SEO Today: Now What Does Google Want?



In the legal profession, online marketing is critical to the success of your firm. An important aspect of this is SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is constantly evolving and it is imperative to ...

In the legal profession, online marketing is critical to the success of your firm. An important aspect of this is SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is constantly evolving and it is imperative to keep up with the changes to maintain a strong online presence. Jennifer Ellis, attorney, educator, and online marketing consultant is teaming up with MyCase to present the basics of SEO and give you the tools you need to start driving traffic to your website.



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Jennifer Ellis-SEO Today: Now What Does Google Want? Jennifer Ellis-SEO Today: Now What Does Google Want? Presentation Transcript

  • SEO Today: Now What Does Google Want?!
  • About MyCase Built as a complete platform, MyCase offers features that seamlessly cover all the daily functions that a modern, small law firm requires in one place at an affordable price. MyCase Web-BasedLegalPracticeManagementSoftware Just$39/monthperattorney $29/monthperparalegalorstaff
  • About MyCase •Modern and professional design built for your firm •Social media and blog integration •Complete integration with MyCase practice management software MyCase Websites View slide
  • About Our Presenter • Attorney, Educator and Online Marketing Consultant • • Jennifer works at Lowenthal & Abrams • • In January 2014, she published the book “Word Press in One Hour for Lawyers” • Perfect 10 on Avvo JenniferEllis View slide
  • Today’s Webinar • What is SEO? • Google/Search Engines –Main Focus • Social Media • Advertising • Hiring an SEO Firm?
  • Poll: Do You SEO? 1. Yes 2. No 3. Kind of 4. What’s SEO?
  • What is SEO? SearchEngineOptimization How easily can people find you on the web? Google ranking is crucial • Where do you show up for key phrases? Provide many ways for people to find you • Go where your potential clients are oFacebook oLinkedIn oOther sites Ads • Google • Facebook • Relevant sites
  • How Has SEO Changed? Used to be Easy • Poorly written content • Keyword stuffing • Repeated use of the same keywords in the content • Poor quality links, easily obtained • Unrelated directories • Links from poor quality blogs and other sites • Frequently purchased (violated Google’s terms of service)
  • How Has SEO Changed Googlechangeditsalgorithm • Wants high quality, relevant results • Penalizes bad links • Punishes sites that engaged in black hat techniques • Penalizes keyword stuffing Nothingismoreimportantthanqualitycontentwithrelevantphrases Termsyoumighthear • Penguin - Links • Panda - Content • Hummingbird – Phrases instead of simple keywords (Content)
  • A Word about Web Design WelldesignedforGoogle • Proper coding • Proper organization • Submit sitemap(s) in Webmaster tools • Easytoread • Easytonavigate • Searchablebyusers • Fastloading • Mobilefriendly • Usecall(s)toaction • Havecontactform/chatbox • RecommendWordPressforeasyupdatingandSEO
  • Why Google Matters • 11.944billionsearchespermonth • 1.17billion uniqueuserspermonth • 67.5%oftheUSsearchmarket • April,2014DigitalMarketingRamblings • numbers-a-gigantic-list-of-google-stats-and- facts/#.U4ScwCggF40 Year Annual Searches Daily Searches 2013 2,161,530,000,000 5,922,000,000 2012 1,873,910,000,000 5,134,000,000 2011 1,722,071,000,000 4,717,000,000 2010 1,324,670,000,000 3,627,000,000 2009 953,700,000,000 2,610,000,000 2008 637,200,000,000 1,745,000,000 2007 438,000,000,000 60,000,000 • January, 2014 Statistic Brain •
  • Where Do You Rank? How high up do you show for relevant phrases on • Google • Yelp • Bing Term you might hear • SERP (search engine results page)
  • Results Will Vary Rank will be different depending on physical location • Search in San Diego, will receive one set of results • Search in San Francisco, will receive a different set of results Rank willbe different based on how the person searches • Order of words • Local search (use of city name) • Use of quotation marks
  • Search Resul ts A ds A ds
  • In Philadelphi a
  • Identifying Key Words/Phrases Think – How will people find you • What phrases do people use • Research what people are searching • Free tool in Google AdWords •
  • Level of competition
  • Where to Look for Help From Google Google’s Suggestions • s/webmasters/docs/search-engine-optimization-starter-guide.pdf • Matt Cutts • In charge of web spam at Google • Frequently releases videos/blog posts •
  • Back Links Links from other websites to your site • Quality more important than quantity • Challenging to obtain good links • Google shut the door on many old techniques oTrading links oGuest posts (starting to be an issue) oArticles » Ezine » Patch (AOL)
  • Getting Back Links • Highquality,uniquecontent • Sharingcontentthroughoutthewebtogetattention • Interestinginfographics • Lookwherehighrankingsitesareobtaininglinks • Writingfornewspapers • Usingrelevanthighqualitydirectories • Askpeopleforlinks • Harder now since trading links can be a problem
  • Tools for Checking Links Ahrefs • Moz • Link Detox •
  • Follow v. No Follow • Follow links are links that impact your rank with Google • No Follow links do not impact your rank • However, no follow links can impact your traffic oDon’t dismiss them out of hand
  • Dealing with Bad Links • Ask sites to remove bad links • Disavow with Google Instructions -
  • Poll: Where do you get Ideas for Content? • Clients • Reading • Day-to-day life • What content?
  • Nothing is More Important than Well Written Content What is Well Written? • On point • Appropriate use of key words/phrases • 300-600 words • 1-3 external links • Appropriate internal links • Proper grammar and spelling • Engaging Terms • Short tail – Philadelphia Divorce Lawyer • Long tail – How do I find a good Philadelphia divorce lawyer
  • Writing Tips • Write clearly and simply • Proofread • Edit • Use pictures • Identify your target market • Normally 8th grade level • Mix up phrases • Divorce lawyer in Philadelphia • Philadelphia divorce lawyer • Keep each page/post to one concept
  • Writing Tips Use key word/phrase in • Title • Link • Meta description • H1 (First line, large size) • First paragraph
  • Writing Tips Use proper design and HTML • H2 &H/3headingsbreakupcontent • Lists with numbers or bullet points • Alt tags for pictures •Use key word/phrase Alt Tag
  • Writing Tips Do Not • Write like a lawyer • Write a legal brief • Get lost in the details • Be too complex • Provide too many cites • Repeat key word/phrase too many times • Balance the number against the length of the content
  • Judging Content Useful tools • Plugins for WordPress • Yoast • Scribe (keyword analysis) • External sites • Moz oProvides on page grade and recommendations
  • Poll: How often do you Write Content? • Once a day • Once a week • Once a month • Once in a blue moon
  • Google Values Fresh Content • The more you write content, the better your site will do • Try to write at least several times per week • At a minimum, write at least once a week • Update your old content • Research how various key words/phrases are performing • Adjust accordingly • Don’t be afraid to test
  • Researching Success Google Webmaster Tools GoogleAnalytics Free tools you must “claim” to work with your site
  • Webmaster Tools • Provides details about • Crawl errors • Warnings/notices from Google • Manual penalties • Provides ability toadd sitemap • Instructs Google how to crawl your site
  • Analytics Detailedinformationabouthowyoursiteisperforming • Bounce rate oHow long people stay on your site oHow many pages people read on your site • Sources of traffic oOrganic search oSocial media oPaid results oDirect links Resultsfromspecificsearches Note Google is hiding a lot of searches due to “privacy” concerns
  • LearnAnalytics Google training • P91LW-zL4CFSJqOgodBSIAiA Advanced Web Metrics with GoogleAnalytics • Brian Clifton WebAnalytics –An Hour a Day • Avinash Kaushik Make sure resource is up-to-date • Google has made many changes recently
  • Poll: Do You Use Social Media? • Yes, and I engage with both clients and family • Yes, but only with close friends and family • No, but I’d like to. • No, it’s a waste of time. I don’t care what you ate for lunch
  • 1.23 billion 1 billion 4 billion Views per day 300 million 150 million 16 billion photos 70 million243 million 152 million 277 million 45 million 1.3 million businesses
  • People Use Social Media Use Social Media to • Expand the reach of your content • Network with potential referral sources • Educate clients • Thinkofsocialmediaasifitisacupofcoffeewithapotentialclient • Don’tthinkofitasmarketinginthetraditionalsense • Sharewhatevermakesyoufeelcomfortable • Donottrytohaveaseparatesocialmediapresenceforprivateand public
  • Blogs Blog • Articles • Updates on the law • Interesting information • Encourage comments Betimely • Example, same sex marriage in Pennsylvania • Wait a few days? No one will care. • Write within a day or two. A lot of traffic. Rememberacalltoaction • Call us • Write us • Use contact form • Etc.
  • Facebook • Share blog posts • Talkaboutyourlife(whateveriscomfortable) • I talk about my dog • People respond
  • Set up a Facebook Page • Accountsareforindividuals • Pagesareforfirms • Usethecorrectone • Makeyourpagedetailedwithalotofinformation
  • Twitter • Share blog and website content • Retweet other people’s content • When you share for other people, they share for you • Talk about whatever makes you comfortable • Only 140 characters
  • LinkedIn • 100% of Fortune 500 Companies Represented • Excellent place to seek referrals • High end clients • Business clients • Set up a business page as well as a personal account
  • Google+ • Notparticularlysuccessfulforsocialmedia • Googleintegratesthesearchresults • GooglePagesarecrucialforlocalsearch • Local search is crucial for being found • CompleteaGoogle+Pageforeachlocation • Seekreviewsfromclients
  • Pinterest • 80% female • Harder to use picture sites • Can link blog posts with pictures toPinterest • Share activities by firm • Charity work • Pictures in court house • Share personal interests are comfortable and appropriate • Recipes • Garden • Follow others and share posts
  • YouTube • Videosareanexcellentwaytoattractattention • Allowspotentialclientstogettoknowyouinamorepersonalway • Provide • Bios • Short pieces about the law • Embed • Website/blog posts • Facebook • Other social media sites
  • Share Content Everywhere • Use the language of the site • Get to know Twitter’s unique language • @jle_jd • #SEO • RT • Use tools such as HootSuite to make life easier • Share content in many places at once • Remember to engage • Adjust content for medium
  • Reviews • Peoplejudgelawyers(andallbusinesses)basedonreviews • Askyourclientstowritereviewsforyou • Becertainyoudonotofferanythinginexchange • Some review technology providers will tell you this is ok » It is not • Google+ • Avvo • Yelp • Facebook
  • Ads Pay per click Google Facebook Yahoo! Other sites Banners Numerous options
  • GoogleAdWords Payperclick Basedonkeywords FollowGoogle’sbestpractices Usekeywordresearchtoidentifybestoptions Properlywrittenandtargetedadsarecheaper • Match keywords with landing page Adjustadsfrequently • Success goes down as time passes Testdifferentads • Lawyer • Attorney • Advocate
  • Facebook Pay per click • Demographics • Age • Gender • Interest Sponsored posts • Demographics • Choose a specific post • Identify how much to spend • How long to run the ad • Where it goes
  • Behavioral Marketing Followspeoplearoundthewebbasedonwhattheysearched • Details stored in cookies SearchedforSEOonGoogle • Facebook shows ads for SEO Remarketing • People see ads for your site over and over
  • Hiring an SEO • ManySEOindividualsandcompanies • Watchforpromises • “We can get you to page one” • Watchforkeywords • Are they really useful? • Do a cost/benefit analysis oDifficulty of keyword oChance of success
  • Hiring an SEO • Exactly what will the firm do for you? • How much will it cost • Many companies charge between $1,000 and $5,000 per month • Difficulty of the market impacts charge • Amount of work impacts charge • How long do they think it will take • Are they focused only on traffic? • What about actual leads? • What about actual clients? • Ask for references • Research the company online • Review the contract closely
  • Ask to See Content • Watch for bad spelling/grammar • Keyword stuffing • Automated content • Ask who writes the content • Ask about ethics knowledge • Check links
  • Watch for Black Hat • Purchasing links • Link farms • Pages that exist just for linking to or from • Requiring a link from you to SEO’s website • Violating Google’s terms of service • Harming your competitors with bad links
  • A Note about Ethics Don’tforgetabouttheethicalrules • Rules vary from state-to-state • Check your own jurisdiction(s) • Include disclaimers where you can • Be careful not to provide legal advice • Be careful about unauthorized practice of law in other jurisdictions • Watch language • Specialist • Expert • Numerousethicsopinionsinvolvingsocialmediaandtheweb • Still developing • Rules off line apply on line • See 7.x and 8.x
  • Contact Us JenniferEllis,JD Lowenthal&Abrams,PC 717-256-1638 (800) 571-8062 30-Day FREE Trial MyCase Web-BasedLegal PracticeManagementSoftware Get 10% Off Your First 6 Months With MyCase Using Promo Code: SEO14