Is there a writer in you intro course


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Is there a writer in you? Discover the answer in this informative slide show!

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Is there a writer in you intro course

  1. 1. Is there a Writer in You? A class that helps you discover if you have what it takes to be a writer!
  2. 2. What you’ll Discover in this webinar… 5 Key Questions that stand between you andpublicationHow to search inside yourself to discover the storyor article you want to write How to find time and space to write How to get started on the writing process What to do next…Stick around for a Roadmap at the end to help youget started….And…a bonus offer to help you write the novelyou’ve always wanted to write!
  3. 3. Do you hear voices?There may bea writer in you.
  4. 4. What I learned through that first novel was:1. Writing a good novel was harder than I thought, and I needed a lot of work.2. I love to write and was willing to make the journey, whatever it took.3. Even if I never got published, my writing journey would grow me as a person.
  5. 5. Do you want to be published? Being published isn’tmagic…it’s just hard work!Are you ready for the hard work? Let’s find out!
  6. 6. The Power of 5 Key questions to get you started! Who are you? What are you? Where are you? When are you? Why are you?
  7. 7. Question 1: Who are you?A writer will often gravitate toward stories, and the opportunity for imagination.
  8. 8. Wordsmith vs. Storycrafter testMake two columns, or add it in your hand. S vs. W.Would you rather listen to poetry or watch a documentary about abattle?Are you more interested in the lyrics of the song, or the sing-ability (howfun it is to sing along?) of a song.Would you subscribe to, or This day in History?Dead Poets Society, or Star Wars? Which one would you watch again?Gilmore Girls/House, or 24 and Law and Order? Which would youchoose to watch?
  9. 9. A great novelist is both a wordsmith and a storycrafter!
  10. 10. Question 2: What are you?What makes you interesting? What do you know? What have you been in the past? What interesting things have you done, or experienced? What kind of life did you live?
  11. 11. Write down 3 unique andinteresting things about yourselfthat you could possibly use as a springboard for an article, a devotional, or even a novel.
  12. 12. Question 3: Where are you?Are you in a place in your life where youhave something to say about it?Have stopped on your journey to ponderyour life, and what it means?Have you looked back and seen truths thatyou could talk about?
  13. 13. Great books are written out of great struggleWhat issues have you struggled with, perhaps even foundanswers to in your life can you bring to the page?
  14. 14. The Fourth Question: When are you?When are you in the journey of life?How will you carve out time to write?
  15. 15. HINTS to getting started Share little victories with the people whobelieve in your dreams Keep a log of what you are doing. Set weekly goals
  16. 16. The Fifth Question: Why?
  17. 17. Why does a writer write? Because they must.
  18. 18. The Big Question: How?
  19. 19. Jumpstarting your writing career: What do you read? What are you? Where are you in your life? When will you write?
  20. 20. An Action PlanGet books in your genre and dissect them.Get some writing craft books.Join a writer’s groupAttend a writer’s retreat.Write. A Writer Writes!
  21. 21. The Publishing Roadmap Learn the Craft Join a Writing Community Get professional Feedback (coaching!)Sell Your Novel!
  22. 22. What you’ll learn: 40 powerful lessons for you to consume at your own pace. Step by Step activities that build your story with a dedicated coach helping you with each step in your journey! A private member forum with other dedicated writers.
  23. 23. The Online Storycrafters course combines all these into one powerful step. Writer’s Life Training-Finding the time and creating discipline to write The theme and Story Question of your book that will make your book worth reading The Basic Plot Plotting the inner journey. Creating the Perfect Hero Create the Perfect Heroine Crafting Your Premise in Six Easy Steps! The Whens, Whys and Hows of Your Inciting Incident The Six Elements to Crafting your First Scene! Putting It All Together: Tell yourself the Story Let’s Make a SCENE! Build the elements of an Action and ReAction scene Scene Flow and POV Storyworld The Scene Hook What’s at Stake? Hero/Heroine Identification - helping your reader relate Emotional Layering Starting On the Run Let’s Talk: Dialogue! How to Handle Internal Monologue Write Your Scene! Write and Submit your first scene Editing Your Scene Putting It All Together: Writing the Synopsis Crafting Your PITCH Create your Pitch Sheet. Build Your Query Letter A Note about Sample Chapters Extra! Planning Your Writing Career Storycrafters Challenge: Write the Novel in you!
  24. 24. How much is it worth to see your writing Dreams come true?A Master’s Course in Writing a Novel…from Discovery to Publicationwith a private coach…in the convenience of your home…. $2000?(The cost of many college programs…and online classes…) $1000? (The cost of one master level online class)
  25. 25. Today Only… $2000 $1000 $549!Plus over $450 in added value bonuses - FREE!
  26. 26. Bonus Offer #1One year membership in theMBT Advanced TeamMember Area! $140 Value
  27. 27. Put testimonials here for advanced site
  28. 28. Testimonials – video?
  29. 29. Bonus Offer #2One Chapter & Synopsis Evaluation…. $265 Value
  30. 30. Gift! The Book Buddy Workbook to help you plot this novel…and the next!...
  31. 31. First Three lessons… FREE! Learn at your own pace…. if you don’t like it after the first three…cancel for a full refund, and keep your Book Buddy!
  32. 32. Today Only… $2000 $1000 $549!Plus over $450 in added value bonuses - FREE!
  33. 33. Get started on your writing Journey Today!
  34. 34. Q&A How do you get your lessons? (and how often?) How much feedback do I receive? How much success have you had with this program?When do I receive my synopsis and firstchapter evaluation?