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  • 1. Social Media fromthe“Inside Out”Bobby Harris, CEOBlueGrace Logisticswww.mybluegrace.com/smc3
  • 2. About BlueGrace• 0-$80MM in 7 years, 100+ employees• 400% sales growth since 2009• Employee recruiting and retention key• Client satisfaction is paramount
  • 3. Why Social?• More than 1 Billion people use social networks• Facebook 850 Million People• Awareness of Facebook close to 100%• Average Facebook session 37 minutes• 400 million people use Facebook daily• More than 50% social network users are connected to brands
  • 4. Why Social?• Market to your audience where they are• Forward thinking technology• Social is mobile/Mobile is social – Logistics both• Adapt or die• Increase effectiveness of all marketing efforts
  • 5. Got Video?YouTube – More than 3 billion views per day – 48 hours of video uploaded every minute – More video uploaded to YouTube in one month than the three major US networks created in 60 years As close as you can get to Face to Face
  • 6. Social Media “Inside”• Social Media is part of BlueGrace culture• Employees encouraged to use social internally• Improves employee morale/retention• Reduces training expenses• Employee recruiting via LinkedIn for Jobfair
  • 7. Social Media “Out”• Leverage and connect with partners• Multiple Charitable causes/partners• Humane Society of TB• Humanize the BlueGrace brand• People buy from people
  • 8. Social Media “Out”• UFC Sponsorship• Close Demographic match to client base• Broad Reach (1 Million+ fans on Twitter alone)
  • 9. Social Media “Out”• Increased Brand recognition• Improved external communication• Deeper client and partner relationships• New lead source for business development• Increased customer satisfaction
  • 10. Social Business = ROISocial Currency = Action = Revenue• Total Web Traffic up 7%• Google Web Traffic Down 2.9%• Web traffic driven by Social Media up 105%• Traffic driven by Twitter up 60%• Traffic driven by Facebook up 33%• Traffic driven by LinkedIn up 289%• Social Media search/engage is replacing traditional Search• Adapt or Die
  • 11. Don’t DO Social, BE Social !• Having a: – Facebook page – Twitter account – LinkedIn profile – Blog ….Is NOT enough!
  • 12. Social is an extension of current marketingdriving a larger business platform
  • 13. Connect with usFreeWhitepaper“The Top 10 Social Media Tips forLogistics”*SMC3 attendees only www.mybluegrace.com/SMC3