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Deasil Street E9.32
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Deasil Street E9.32




Published in Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. Ariette’s date with the handsomenewcomer Jed had to be postponedafter he was called out to a horsebreeding convention at the lastminute.What she found sweet was that herang her all the nights he was awayjust to talk. She found herself lookingforward to his calls more thananything else in the day.
  • 2. When he returnedthey went to dinnerand then a walk atdusk along the shore.He was charming, andfunny… Ariette felt likea girl on her first date.Tummy full ofbutterflies.
  • 3. It surprised her how quicklyshe had fallen for him. It wasimpulsive, silly even.But there it was. She was inlove again at last.
  • 4. Emma Marshall was in a rut. Sincemoving into Deasil Street she had triedto make friends but found she hadnothing in common with the teens inAppaloosa. Her days consisted of school,homework and chores.
  • 5. When feeling lonely, there wasn’t anyone athome she could talk to. Megan was wrappedup in her own life, hardly ever in. James hadonly just found happiness with the popularityof his busking and Annette, so she didn’t wantto burden him.Then there was her mum and step-dadWarren, who were too tired at the end of theirlong working day to listen to her troubles.
  • 6. She slipped out of the house one eveningand headed for the nearest bar. Her fake IDfrom her previous life got her served, andshe was soon pretty far gone.Obviously getting drunk wouldn’t help inthe long run, but she knew from experienceif would numb her feelings for a little while.
  • 7. The strangerintroduced himselfas Simon Lewes.He’d recentlymoved into DeasilStreet. He thoughthe recognised her,but perhaps hewas mistaken. Hewas sure he’d seenher catching theschool bus…
  • 8. He let her know kindly that she was busted, but he wouldn’t let the barman know, ortell her parents. He had been young once too.It was a little odd that she was drinking all alone though, that was a bad idea for ayoung woman even in a quiet place like Appaloosa. Was there someone he could call?
  • 9. Emma protested against a phone call. Hermum and Warren were such good people,they would be so ashamed to get a phonecall to pick her up from a bar.Simon let it go, but told her she’d hadenough and he couldn’t leave her. Hewould take her home himself.
  • 10. They had a bit of a chat onthe short walk back to theirStreet. Simon thought sheseemed like a nice kid.Quietly intelligent, thoughhe sensed she was a littledamaged.Not something he wouldhave expected to find inthis little town.
  • 11. It was a shame she wasn’t a little older. It mighthave been fun finding out what made her tick. Buthe would do her a favour and stay away.
  • 12. Deasil Street No. 1 No. 3 Edward and Allain Poeson The Williams Family Marley, Aimee and Malika No. 2 No. 4 The Bailey Family. Bernice and Gracie Kasitova. Warren , Teresa , James, Megan and Ambrose Merrihall and her son Emma Marshall. Julian. No. 5 No. 6 Alfred Hennrick Jen Potter and Angus McKirrick No. 7 Ariette and Annette Vickers Next Bernice and Gracie make a life changing decision Time… and newlyweds Jen and Angus have an unwelcome guest… Find out all about it next time on Deasil Street!