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  1. 1. Ambrose could hardly believe Julianwas due to age up into a child.Between working, childcare andher burgeoning friendship withneighbour Alfred his time as atoddler had flown by.He was a cheerful kid, whothankfully was taking after herrather than his absent father. Shehad taught him to walk, talk anduse the potty – she couldn’t wait tosee what he would be like a littleolder.
  2. 2. Julian kept his colouring in common with hismother, and now older he looked even more likeher than before. He seemed a bit quieter thanbefore though – Ambrose hoped it was just theexcitement of his birthday getting to him.
  3. 3. He seemed happy enoughthough, and that was enough forAmbrose.
  4. 4. Megan was spending alot of time at thePoeson’s house nextdoor. When Allainwasn’t in, she andEdward would hang outuntil he came home.They would watchTV, play chess…
  5. 5. … eventually Edward started asking forher help in planning the criminalactivities of his organisation. To hisfrustration, Allain had never been verygood at that side of things. He couldfollow orders perfectly but not plan.
  6. 6. Megan had been reading books onbusiness since her earlychildhood, creating business plansfor her parents that had alwaysbeen ignored. Now was hermoment.Edward was astonished at thedepth and breadth of herknowledge, and even found himselfasking her advice now and again. The business stuff was fun, and Megan enjoyed learning how to manage criminal networks, create plan B’s, C’s and D’s and utilise corrupt officials. Working for Edward was like having a teacher in the dark arts.
  7. 7. She loved the feeling of knowing things other peopledidn’t. The thrill of being on the other side of thelaw, of being different and dangerous. She felt like shewas being appreciated by Edward, whereas herparents had always ignored or dismissed her.
  8. 8. Bernice loved being married to Gracie, but something hadbeen bothering her recently. She couldn’t put her finger onit, but there was something missing.
  9. 9. Slowly she began to realise what itwas. Sharing a house with Ambroseand Julian was making her broody.But there was no way she and Graciecould afford to have a child of theirown. It would either mean expensivetest tube stuff or the scary lottery ofsperm donation.
  10. 10. She and Gracie had a long chat aboutit. Gracie loved having Julian around aswell, and they soon came to theconclusion both of them wanted afamily ASAP.But how to go about it?
  11. 11. Teresa was thrilled her for her friend andimmediately assumed she would beadopting. Bernice was stunned, how hadshe and Gracie forgotten that option?
  12. 12. Deasil StreetNo. 1 No. 3Edward and Allain Poeson The Williams FamilyNo. 2 Marley, Aimee and MalikaThe Bailey Family. No. 4Warren , Teresa , James, Megan and Bernice and Gracie Kasitova.Emma Marshall. Ambrose Merrihall and her son Julian. No. 5 Alfred Hennrick No. 6 Simon Lewes No. 7 Ariette and Annette Vickers Next The Kasitova’s have an interview, but for what? Time… And will they pass? Find out all about it next time on Deasil Street!