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    9.41 9.41 Presentation Transcript

    • Deasil 9.4Street
    • It had been a while since Jenand Angus had got married,and she had finally got herdownstairs flat on themarket. There had been acouple of viewings, but oneunwelcome visitor keptturning up.
    • Jen tried to ignore him, but one morning he campedout by her front door. She had to walk past him togo to work, so decided to confront him.
    • He tried to explain thathe needed to talk to her.He started to babble,trying out topics to gether to talk, to engagewith him.A client was suing him,could she pull somestrings? Could he havethe recipe for sausagecasserole she used tomake? Did she knowAngus had a history ofdomestic violence?
    • Jen was not impressed. It was bad enoughPablo was hanging around, but trying todrive a wedge between her and herhusband? Enough was enough.
    • She told him firmly that if he didn’t leave shewould call the police. She would be takingout a restraining order today regardless. Hewas not welcome, never would be.
    • He scurried away shouting abuse. Jen wipedaway tears, finding herself filled with pity forher ex-husband. He was a shadow of hisformer, confident self. She would never regretkicking him out, but she did wish life hadgone a little better for him.
    • She told Angus all about it that night inbed. She was concerned the restrainingorder wouldn’t be enough, Pablo waspersistent and in his current state whoknew what he was capable of.He had nothing now,nothing except for herand the hope shewould take him back.It was a little scary.
    • Angus suggested they leave. Just pack up and go. Her flat was on the market, theycould tell the landlord to stick both on. Her career was on the up but stalling becauseof the stagnancy of the council in Appaloosa… there was nothing holding either ofthem here. Jen agreed, perhaps a fresh start elsewhere was the way to go.
    • Angus didn’t wastemuch time. Beingsomewhat nomadic foryears he knew thequickest way to move,and got on it right away.He was worried abouthis wife. She waslooking out of windowsnervously, and checkingcaller ID before pickingup the phone –something she’d neverdone before.Appaloosa had givenhim Jen, but he couldn’twait to leave.
    • He soon found them a house in Sunset Valley, so it was time to go. Warren and Teresahad invited them to dinner, so Jen decided to break the news then.
    • Warren and Jen had bothmoved to Deasil Street when itwas a brand new development,and had become friendsquickly. Warren had since losthis first wife Miranda, and Jenhad divorced Pablo, but theyhad always been firm friends.Warren and Teresa had helpedJen regain her confidence, andTeresa especially had becomeher best friend. It was a sadparting, but Warren was gladshe had found happiness.
    • In the end, they parted with smiles allround. Jen would be safe and happy withAngus in Sunset Valley, her friends couldhope for nothing more for her.