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9.12 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Ariette had been taught froman early age how to makemoney from stocks and shares.For years she’d purposefullymade only enough to coverbills and basics, Harry wouldhave just drunk or gambledanything extra.But now she was working hardto make as much profit aspossible, and her oldaccountant just wasn’t up to it.
  • 2. She kept her on for as longas she could for old timessake, plus the fact that thislady was nearingretirement and could usethe steady income.But eventually shemisplaced one zero toomany and lost Ariette toomuch money for her toignore.
  • 3. Ariette had had enough. She told herto go on holiday, and not bothercoming back. She would have to findsomeone else.
  • 4. Annette was thinking about herrecent visit to the Baileys. James hadbeen so friendly, but Megan hadn’tbothered to call her back yet.She decided to take the initiativeagain, and invite everyone to hersand give them plenty of notice.
  • 5. Megan turned up with themysterious Emma Marshall intow, who Annette greetedgraciously despite not havinginvited her.She seemed nice enough,quiet where Megan was loud,careful where Megan wasreckless.
  • 6. Conversation wasn’t goingwell. Megan wouldn’tvolunteer anything abouther new job, despite ittaking up pretty much all herspare time. She was tight-lipped about her boyfriendAllain as well.It was with a sense of realrelief that Annette went toanswer the doorbell.
  • 7. It was Malika, and shehad bought a friendalong too.Annette spent theevening watchingMegan wind the twopolice cadets up whileEmma stayed virtuallysilent nursing her drink.So much for rekindlingchildhood friendships,she had to admit theevening was awashout. It was ashame, she and Meganhad been close once.
  • 8. Jennifer Potter was about to get a whole lot closer toAngus in an outdoor ceremony by a lake.
  • 9. They had only invited Jen’s oldest friends Warren and Teresa to bear witness to theirwedding. The Baileys were thrilled to see her so happy, especially Warren. Jen hadbeen there for him when his first wife died, and he had supported her through herdivorce to Pablo. Now they both had their happy endings.
  • 10. Jen hadn’t been sure she would ever find love or happiness again, but Angus had madeher laugh when she was miserable, their differences had only spurred conversation onand both had experienced terrible previous relationships that only showed them howdifferent and perfect this new one was.
  • 11. They exchanged theirvows and rings,promising to loveeach other andcherish each otherforever.
  • 12. Warren andTeresa cheeredas Jen and Angusbecame Mr andMrs McKirrick.
  • 13. Deasil StreetNo. 1 No. 3Trinity and Belladonna Darkstone The Williams FamilyNo. 2 Marley, Aimee and MalikaThe Bailey Family. No. 4Warren , Teresa , James, Megan and Bernice and Gracie Kasitova.Emma Marshall. Ambrose Merrihall and her son Julian. No. 5 Alfred Hennrick No. 6 Jen and Angus McKirrick No. 7 Ariette and Annette Vickers Next It’s a first date for someone on the street, while Time… we say goodbye to one of our families… But which one? Find out next time on Deasil Street!