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8.31 8.31 Presentation Transcript

  • DeasilStreet 8.3
  • Bernice and Gracie decided to celebrate theirengagement together rather than have separatehen parties. It was also the perfect time forGracie to meet all of Bernice’s friends.
  • Gracie had becomesomething of a workaholicwhen she moved toAppaloosa, so had nofriends of her own to invite.Instead, all the women ofDeasil Street made her feelwelcome.They danced into the wee small hours, and enjoyed the fancybooze Bernice had got on discount from her job at a bar.
  • A few days later everyone from the street that they knew turned up to their sunsetwedding at the beach. The children and teens couldn’t come as it would run on untilafter curfew, which suited Gracie. She was a bit unsure around children.
  • Teresa was especiallyproud to watch her oldestfriend finally find love.
  • Night had all but fallen by thetime they actually exchangedrings, and the stars stoodwitness to their vows.
  • They cut the cake and sent their guests on their way.They hadn’t been able to afford a reception party aswell as their hen night celebration.
  • But the lack of a lengthy party suitedthem. It meant they could go home andenjoy being married straight away.
  • Ambrose’s boyfriend Frank had finally returnedfrom his long business trip. She was over themoon to see him, especially given her verypregnant condition.Frank however took one look at her baby-bump and screwed up his face in disgust.
  • He stayed calm long enough to ask if the baby was his.But when Ambrose nodded shyly, upset at his colddemeanour he flew into a rage.
  • He told her straight out hehad never been looking fora long termrelationship, and trying totrap him into one bygetting pregnant was theend of them as a couple.What did she think shewas playing at? How dareshe decide to carry thebaby to term withoutconsulting him…He conveniently forgot hehad given her no way ofcontacting him for themonths he had been away.
  • He had never loved her and now they were over, their only contact would now be viahis lawyer. He would be ending his contract with her a musician as well. He expected apaternity test to be conducted after the birth, if she refused she wouldn’t see a pennyfrom him.Ambrose was too shocked to cry or shout or defend herself. He stalked off withoutbeing contested.
  • She was still standing outside whenBernice came home from work.Soon the whole story was out, andBernice vowed Ambrose wouldn’thave this baby alone. Frank wouldpay up alright, but have nothing todo with the baby even if hechanged his mind after the birth.She and Gracie would be with herevery step of the way.