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  1. 1. DeasilStreet 8.2
  2. 2. Annette was due to age up into a teen, andcouldn’t wait. She’d finally be able to ridePeps, and she would be in Megan’s class inschool. Everything would be so much better.
  3. 3. Ariette had planned a simple day withAnnette. She had offered to run a bigparty, but Annette had resisted. Herfriends were all too different, and halfof them were ignoring her.All she wanted was hot-dogs for dinnerand a day with her mum.
  4. 4. Ariette insisted on a cake though, and Annette wasglad she had. It was her first age-up out of theboarding school she had grown up in, and it madeit all so much more special. She had dreamed ofbirthdays like this her whole life.
  5. 5. Ariette had got her few bits and pieces tomark the occasion. Nothing too expensive,she would be paying for riding lessonsinstead. Annette hugged her mum, content.
  6. 6. Ambrose knew she couldsometimes be describedas scatterbrained. True totype, she hadn’t noticedher body going throughany changes until she felta sharp jab in her midriff.Realising she waspregnant was a pleasantsurprise. It was just ashame Frank was stillaway with work, shewould have liked to showhim the baby kicking.
  7. 7. She told Bernice when she got home from work. She said it so calmly and matter offact that Bernice didn’t believe her at first. Where was the shock, the emotion?!Ambrose replied she was happy, why would she make a fuss?
  8. 8. Bernice rolled her eyes and gaveher friend a hug. It was typicalAmbrose, not noticing hersymptoms for so long, and thennot getting worked up about it atall. Maybe she just needed sometime for it to sink in.
  9. 9. But as time went on Ambrose didn’tfreak out. When questioned, she didseem to understand that having ababy was a huge responsibility, andthat not knowing where the fatherwas is a bad thing. But she didn’tseem phased by anything.
  10. 10. Trinity was going through some changes herself. She hadstopped dying her hair black, and toned down the gothicaspect of her daily outfits. She didn’t feel like she was growingup out of it, the goth lifestyle wasn’t just for teens after all . Butshe did feel she needed a change.
  11. 11. She talked all her feelings and frustrations throughwith her partner Edward. Her sister had causedher to question her lifestyle, and she wanted tomake some changes. The next job they didtogether would be her last. She still loved him, butdidn’t want to be a criminal anymore.
  12. 12. Edward was satisfied she wasn’t going tosnitch to the police the moment she wentstraight, so told her he was fine with it. Butwas he really?