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  1. 1. Bernice is unaware ofwhat her best friend isgoing through over theroad. She is full ofthoughts for the future.Gracie has agreed tomeet her to talk.
  2. 2. They meet at the beach and have along talk walking alone the shore.The bottom line is Bernice had doneenough to convince Gracie to giveher a second chance.
  3. 3. Gracie had just wanted to be clear that she waslooking for a serious relationship. Bernice nowknew that was what she wanted too. It was timeto introduce Gracie to her friends.
  4. 4. Teresa wasn’t answering her phone, soBernice organised dinner withAmbrose and Frank instead.Bernice was struck by how Gracie hadbrought wine with her and was tryingreally hard. Frank on the other handwas being a bit weird.
  5. 5. While Bernice cleared the dishes after dinner Ambrose struggled to keep conversationgoing. She spent ages explaining her job as a musician and how Frank was involved…but he didn’t sat more than a few words. Ambrose couldn’t understand why herboyfriend was being so quiet. Had she done something wrong?
  6. 6. Frank decided to leave early, muchto Bernice’s relief. While Ambrosesaw him out she quickly filled Graciein on Frank.As far as Bernice was concerned, hewas a bit of a sleaze. She had beentoo preoccupied with her ownproblems to warn Ambrose offwhen Frank had first made a move.Now she wasn’t sure how to break itto her innocent friend that Frankwas only looking for fun, and thatthis couples dinner date hadprobably been a step too far.
  7. 7. Gracie advised to stay quiet. If Bernice attacked Frank’s character Ambrose would haveto defend him, and that might ruin their friendship. Better to let him break Ambrose’sheart , he was bound to anyway and that way she would learn an important life lessonbut still have her friends to support her.
  8. 8. Ariette had heard theshouting from the Baileyhousehold last night on herevening ride with Peps. Thiswas a chance to repayTeresas kindness followingthe death of Harry.She invited her over on somepretext and then wouldn’ttake no for an answer whenTeresa said she didn’t wantto talk about it, and soon thetruth came tumbling out.In a horrible way, Ariette was in luck. There were many parallels between Teresa givingup Emma, and her giving up Annette. The women sat and talked about theirexperiences for hours. It was good for both of them.Ariette felt afterwards that she had finally bonded with Teresa. She had a friend at last.
  9. 9. Alfred was glad to see Warren, even though he had let himself in withoutknocking – something Alfred normally found intolerably rude. It had been a whileand he hadn’t been out of the house for over a week, But Warren wasn’t there toinvite him out for a drink.
  10. 10. Warren needed some advice, so he’d come to the neighbour who knew his wife theleast. He explained everything that had happened in their house recently and askedAlfred what he should do.Alfred replied that although this Emma girl was no blood relation to him or his son, itwas his wife’s daughter. Megan’s half-sister. Whatever the circumstances Warrenshould swallow his pride and try to make her welcome. For all their sakes.
  11. 11. Warren saw the truth in Alfred’s words. He heardthe loneliness in his voice, he was probablyjealous of him having a family at all. He rushed home to apologise to Teresa.Emma had to come and live with them. He wouldfind a job. The two of them would never havesecrets again… somehow they had averteddisaster and had come out a stronger couplethan ever.
  12. 12. Deasil StreetNo. 1 No. 3Trinity and Belladonna Darkstone The Williams FamilyNo. 2 Marley, Aimee and MalikaThe Bailey Family. No. 4Warren , Teresa , James and Megan Bernice Kasitova and Ambrose Merrihall No. 5 No. 6 Alfred Hennrick Jen Potter and Angus McKirrick No. 7 Ariette and Annette Vickers Next More changes to the Bailey household. Time… A whole new future opens up for Megan at the Poeson place… Find out next time on Deasil Street!