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  1. 1. Deasil6.4 Street
  2. 2. James was passing by the window when he noticedsomething moving behind the row of dying plantsin the front yard. Thinking it was a dog, hecontinued watching for an owner but was startledwhen a human stood up and made a run for it.
  3. 3. He rushed out of the house anddown the road after the figure,but they were too fast for him.
  4. 4. He stopped to catch his breath,watching them go out of sight.He felt quite proud of himselfreally, for seeing off a burglarwhile they were in such poorfinancial shape.
  5. 5. One night, Bernice didn’tfind a man but met anamazing woman who shecouldn’t stop talking to.She invited her back forcoffee, but found herselfunsure and a littleuncomfortable. Bernicewas sure the woman wasflirting with her. In theoryshe didn’t mind, but it wasa new experience for her,and she wasn’t sure whatto do.
  6. 6. Flustered, she decidedto be bold and see if herhunch was correct.
  7. 7. Gracie did like her, and kissed her back. Butshe explained to Bernice one night standsweren’t really her thing, and though shethought earlier she could go through with itshe’d rather just hang out until daybreak.Bernice wasn’t sure if she was relieved ordisappointed.
  8. 8. After talking for hours, the twoof them did manage to get a bitof sleep.
  9. 9. After Gracie had left Bernice went straight over to see her best friend Teresa. She was totally out of her depth, and needed someone to tell her what she was thinking.Teresa points out she hasn’texperimented much, living sucha boring, insular life while she’dbeen caring 24/7 for herparents. She should relax andjust see where this was headed.
  10. 10. Teresa was glad she could help someone else, shehad no idea how to help herself. She and Warrenwere being careful with money by cutting downon their food budget… which meant eatingleftovers they ought to have thrown away Teresa could still feel that old pie churning about inside her. Maybe she had kept those leftovers a bit longer than she ought… but money was so tight!
  11. 11. Megan had sensibly stuck to some ice-creamshe’d found at the back of the freezer. WhileTeresa recovered on the sofa, she quietly let hermum know she knew about finances, and gaveher some of her ideas for some quick money-making schemes.When she and her dad hung out at the library, itwasn’t stories she was reading. It was tomes onpersonal finances and editorials on the financialmarket, spending habits and current trends. Though their organic veg and wine had been bang on trend, the disease that killed the plants meant they ought to move on quickly. Entertainment was what was big now. With her know-how and the rise of social media they could make James a star. Use his musical talents.
  12. 12. Though ignoring her at the time, the nextday James’ playing draws Teresa into hisroom to watch. She starts to wonder.Perhaps Megan was on to something.