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  1. 1. Deasil6.3 Street
  2. 2. Ariette got to Annette early thatmorning before Harry could sayanything. She apologised for thesudden change, for hiding heraway and allowing herself to bebullied by her father, foreverything. She swore she’d try tobe a better mother from now on.
  3. 3. After their long talk Ariette hurried off togive Peps her morning ride.Annette was less industrious. She struggledto concentrate on her family historyproject, her mind was so confused by thechanges in her mother.
  4. 4. The sense of rebellionmust be contagious, as shesoon bailed to go for a walkand try to clear her head.
  5. 5. At the Baileys, they’re in realtrouble. Although there hadbeen no change in the weather,no swarms of unusual insects…the plants were dying.
  6. 6. Teresa has had no luck diagnosing the disease, asthere are no symptoms. They simply shrivel and die.It is a major concern. There is no way they canafford any deviation from maximum output. Shebarely manages to keep a lid on her rising panic.
  7. 7. Teresa thought she was keeping their worriesfrom their kids… But Megan had been regularlysneaking looks at the family finances for years.She knew everything.
  8. 8. Aimee is also strugglingwith work, in that she stilldoesn’t have any. She’sunder-qualified for anythingdecent, but over-qualifiedfor starter positions.
  9. 9. Marley was happy though. Heloved his job as a fireman, andhad carved out quite a niche forhimself. He was picking up all theskills he needed for the job like aduck to water.
  10. 10. When on duty, his job was strictlyspeaking a medical role. But his co-workers were finding her could berelied on as a handy number two inmany situations.
  11. 11. In a small town like Appaloosa,coincidences happen. One eveningMalika walked to the station afterschool, as her mum was out lateworking an evening shift as aninterview. In the foyer, she met apolicewoman she recognised. It wasthe lady who had arrested that scaryman right in front of her!
  12. 12. PC Marsh was flattered byMalika’s awe, it was sorare to find a child or teenwho was ready to voicetheir admiration for thepolice.While they waited forMarley to finish, she gaveMalika the contact detailsfor a programme they ranfor young peopleinterested in the law.
  13. 13. PC Janet Marsh was a plain clothes detective, who had risenthrough the ranks from the pathology lab to an activeinvestigator role.
  14. 14. Despite tracking down criminals as a detective, she also worked behind the scenes anddid the odd shift walking the streets in uniform. She had no family at all, and her co-workers quietly pitied her workahloc lifestyle. Non of them had the heart to call her onthe fact that she shouldn’t be doing so many different jobs at once.
  15. 15. Malika took the bull by the horns andwas soon signed up to theneighbourhood watch. She couldn’twait to be a teen and enrol afterschool as a police cadet.