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  1. 1. Over at numbersix, tensions were high.Angus got an earfulfrom Jen for asking howher day at work hadbeen. The Appaloosacouncil had grown inher absence… andgotten more frustratingand complex.
  2. 2. She apologised the moment she finished ranting. She didn’t know was got into her. Angus just gave her a big hug, work could be stressful – he understood.He suggests they have a party withtheir neighbours. He’d like to meetthem and she could do with abreak.
  3. 3. It was a nice do. They invited the neighbours, and the musical ones among thembrought instruments and had a jam. Angus got to meet everyone all at once, and Jencaught up on all the gossip.
  4. 4. At first Jen had troublerelaxing, watching to make sure herguests were happy even when trying todance herself. But Angus spotted herdoing it, and forced her into enjoyingherself instead.
  5. 5. As the light began to fade, and the effect of thedrinks make themselves felt, Angus pulled Jenin for a kiss. They grinned at each other, butdidn’t go for another. As the guests floatedaway they stayed up chatting and jokingaround on the lawn.
  6. 6. Once again, Ariettehad not been invited.She didn’t want to blameher dad for how her lifehad turned out. Thatwould be too easy.Looking in the mirror evenshe didn’t like who waslooking back. Who’d wantto hang out with thesevere looking woman infront of her? Where hadthe real her gone?
  7. 7. She took Peps down to the beach to lookout over the water and cry a bit. It helped alittle, but she still hurt inside.
  8. 8. Remounting, she vowedthat things had to change.She wasn’t sure how, butshe was lonely and didn’twant to be anymore.
  9. 9. The next morning she moped about a bit,her clothes were all quite severe, evenwith her hair down and makeup toneddown.But then she dug out a few old clothesfrom her rebellious period. As she slippedthem on, she felt herself snapping back towho she really was. Still respectable, stillwanting the best for her family – but muchmore relaxed.
  10. 10. She and her father had a daily discussion about family finances and so on, which wereusually a chance for him to vent at her for not doing enough. Today, he frowned andstarted on her outfit with renewed venom. It was just not suitable. What kind ofexample was she setting her daughter?
  11. 11. For once, Ariette just grinned at him. It was likesomething had snapped. He could growl asmuch as he wanted, she could dress and do asshe liked. He’d signed his debts over to heryears before. She was in charge.
  12. 12. It felt so good to put her father in hisplace. She felt herself, she feltcomfortable, and the future could onlyget better. When Annette got home fromher sleepover tomorrow, she wouldhardly recognise her mother.
  13. 13. The next morning,bright and early,Ariette rang herfinancial advisor. Shehad a few plans to runby him…
  14. 14. Deasil StreetNo. 1 No. 3Trinity and Belladonna Darkstone The Williams FamilyNo. 2 Marley, Aimee and MalikaThe Bailey Family. No. 4Warren , Teresa , James and Megan Bernice Kasitova and Ambrose Merrihall No. 5 No. 6 Alfred Hennrick Jen Potter and Angus McKirrick No. 7 Ariette Vickers, her father Harry and daughter Annette Next Are Jen and Angus really attracted to each other, Time… or was it just the party atmosphere? Will Allain go back to school? Find out next time on Deasil Street!