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  1. 1. DeasilStreet 6.1
  2. 2. Teresa was getting worried. Her pay cheque had come through just in time to pay offsome nasty bills, and was completely spent on them. They’d be back in debt justbuying food this coming month. If they had any more unexpected expenses they wouldhave to sell some furniture or something.
  3. 3. She tried talking to Warren about it,about how they had to expand, startdigging up more of the garden, plantmore… but he brushed her concernsaside. Again. But this time she wasn’tgoing to be ignored. It was getting tooserious.
  4. 4. She tackled him headon. His recklessspending on the househad left them withdebts they wouldn’t beable to pay nextmonth. Unless theyfound another sourceof income or increasedtheir main one, theywere screwed.
  5. 5. He started spluttering. It wasn’t as bad as allthat. Her job was bringing in money, and he hada number of… she cut him short. It was as bad as all that, perhaps he should follow up all those opportunities he had instead of just talking about them. He agreed readily.
  6. 6. He seemed to get the message properly after some machinery broke down the nextday. Next time the brewing machinery blew up in her face Warren might not be handyenough to fix it. If it broke properly they couldn’t afford to but another, neither couldthey afford to live off the sale of vegetables alone.They were on a tightrope, and Warren was finally done shaking it.
  7. 7. Instead of concentrating on his finances, Warren preferred tospend time continuing his plan of action with Alfred Henrrick.He guilt-tripped him into ‘getting to know his neighbours’,and tried to befriend him.
  8. 8. Henrrick wasn’t quite sure whatto make of it. He had tried beingunfriendly, but Warren wasn’tgetting the hint. The man was likean eager puppy, being mean tohim made you feel bad.Despite himself, he began to havea good time.
  9. 9. Chowing down after their night out, Warrenmentioned doing it all again next week - andtrying to get Marley involved. Henrrick foundhimself agreeing without a single protest.
  10. 10. For some reason, the idea of spendingmore time with Warren wasn’t anathemato him. Perhaps it was that the man wasso bumbling, so well meaning… it wasalmost impossible not to see the world hisway after a while. Even if realityreasserted itself once he was gone. Theeternal optimism of Warren Bailey wasfascinating to a man like himself.
  11. 11. Warren just had his fingers crossed. He really hoped the three ofthem would hit it off and be mates.
  12. 12. Malika was taking a break from hanging out with Megan in the park. Since Annette hadmade new friends, she was finding herself in much higher demand and Megan couldget a bit much sometimes.
  13. 13. Her peace and quiet wasshattered by a womanchasing a man, who whencaught up with was rude andinsolent. Malika couldn’thelp but stare, shewondered how the twoknew each other. Thewoman seemed very angry.
  14. 14. Suddenly, the woman pounced on the man, whowas halfway through insulting her. Taken bysurprise, he went down like a sack of bricks.Malika fell off the bench with alarm, she hadnever seen a fight before! What should she do?
  15. 15. The woman beat the man, who sat on the floormoaning. Malika had never thought something likethis could happen in the park! Who was she? Thiswoman was amazing but a little bit scary.
  16. 16. When the woman dragged the man to hisfeet and cuffed him she understood. Thewoman was a police officer! Starstruck,Malika stared as the woman phoned forbackup, read the criminal his rights and hadhim taken into custody.
  17. 17. When he was gone, the officer checked to make surethe little girl who had witnessed her arrest was alright.Seeing a fight could be frightening. She then gaveMalika a lift home, as it was getting dark so curfewwould soon be in affect.