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  1. 1. Houseshare – Kasitova and Merrihall Bernice Kasitova Bernice moved to Deasil Street following the death of her parents, whom she has been tied to due to their ill-health. She’d always planned to move from the village where she and Teresa had grown up, but hadn’t been able to. Her parents had her late in life, so she’d spent her youth and young adulthood caring for them in their dotage.She’s a musician, learning early on in life that music lulled her parents to sleep whenthey were in great pain. Whenever she’d got an evening off, she’d gone into the city toparty. To hear the music there and get a bit crazy, away from her troubles.She’s never had a job, living off her parents pensions. But that’s due to to change thatin Appaloosa. Although she doesn’t have a clear plan yet…Her best friend is Teresa, and though she’d felt betrayed when the letters had stoppedand Teresa had disappeared, never stopped loving her. She hopes that one day Teresawill be able to open up about her past, but until then, she sees it as her job to remindher friend life can be fun whenever she gets a bit down.
  2. 2. Houseshare – Kasitova and Merrihall Ambrose Merrihall A classical musician, Ambrose is an able Pianist and can turn her hand to pretty much any other instrument if needed. She lives for her music, the only reason she isn’t married is that she honestly doesn’t notice men noticing her. People think she’s dim, but it’s just that she hasn’t a nasty bone in her body. It doesn’t occur to her that everyone isn’t as friendly and straightforward as herself.She has breezed through life so far, despite being orphaned early. Her parents andlatterly her agent to find her concerts and private performances to play. Hermoney goes into an account, and as there’s always been enough in it for her tobuy whatever she’s wanted she’s never given her balance a second thought.She met Bernice at a party thrown by Pablo, and then again at a gig in the city, andwhile chatting found that both of them were musicians and fancied moving toAppaloosa. A quick internet search and a few phone calls later and the two ofthem were on their way to Deasil Street.
  3. 3. The fight with her sister was all Trinity couldthink about. Since that day, Belladonna had triedto justify herself. There would be woulddismissive comments about the so called charmsof Appaloosa. She would point out every newsitem that showed the dangers of the outsideworld… It was time to raise the subject with heragain. But how? She wouldn’t get any answers from Jerix. She had to tackle Belladonna head on.
  4. 4. Trinity hesitantly brought upthe subject as soon as her twincame downstairs. Did shemaybe want to go out for lunch,get something they couldn’t doat home. Sushi maybe?Belladonna couldn’t believethey were going through thisagain, hadn’t she made herselfclear? She just didn’t want togo outside.
  5. 5. She tried to stay calm thistime, she really did. Shetried saying she didn’t likesushi, or that she alreadyhad plans for lunch today.There was some chickendefrosting, it neededcooking up.
  6. 6. Trinity zeroed in onBelladonna’s angry reaction.She was normally so mildmannered, it had to be acover for a differentemotion. She tried again.She explained she wasworried about her, shewasn’t sleeping for worryover what was really goingon. Was she beingthreatened, bullied?
  7. 7. It worked. Belladonnawas a good soul, whohated making a fuss. Thethought that she wascausing Trinity so muchtrouble made her openup where nothing elsewould.The truth was, she wasscared, terrified even. If alovely person like Trinitycould be a careercriminal, imagine whatnasty people werecapable of. Moving to anew town where shedidn’t know where wassafe, or who anyone was,had just made it worse.
  8. 8. Trinity flew to give hersister a hug. She wasso relieved to havebroken though thebarriers to find outwhat was really goingon. She couldunderstand whereBelladonna wascoming from, but wasdetermined to haveher out and about assoon as possible.
  9. 9. The Hennrick Household Alfred Hennrick A lifelong bachelor, Alfred had experimented with relationships and found them not for him. They were too… messy. He had been living in the city, but had found as he got older it became too noisy. Once the nocturnal lifestyle had been a draw for him, as he slept by day and worked at night – it was handy having everything open 24 hours.Now, he had got to the point where he didn’t need to be in the city to do his job. Assuch, he took the plunge and relocated to a rural town. He had thought about goingfor the suburbs, but he wasn’t one to do things by half.He felt calm and in control of his life, lacking nothing. Needing nothing. But perhapshis burgeoning friendship with Warren Bailey will open his eyes to new ideas.
  10. 10. Jen burst into the Bailey household in quite a state. She’d been away in the cityseeing a lawyer, and had come home to find a new floor had been built aboveher flat. Teresa was shocked, they’d heard a bit of noise last night, but nothingto suggest a speed construction job.
  11. 11. Just like her flat on the ground, thisnew floor was basic, and had goneup overnight. Jen suspected theywere pre-fabricated, only thatcould explain the speed.
  12. 12. That morning, a man turned up and put in a concrete car parking space. Jenstayed inside and watched out the window. She knew that renting ratherthan buying meant she would have less control over the property, but shehadn’t been expecting this.
  13. 13. By late afternoon, a smallcar drove down thestreet and parked up. Ascruffy looking man gotout and headed straightup the stairs to the newflat. Jen wasn’timpressed. Her flat hadbeen advertised as beingfor professionals only,and this man didn’t looklike he even had a job.This was the last thingshe needed.
  14. 14. She got on the phoneright away to thelandlord, but hebrushed off hercomplaints with alaugh. She had a cheapproperty in a nice area,who was she tocomplain about herfellow renters? Shewould just have to putup with it.
  15. 15. Was this new resident bad newsas Jen seemed to think, or washe being judged unfairly onappearances?
  16. 16. Deasil StreetNo. 1 No. 3Trinity and Belladonna Darkstone The Williams FamilyNo. 2 Marley, Aimee and MalikaThe Bailey Family. No. 4Warren , Teresa and Megan Room-mates Bernice Kasitova and Ambrose Merrihall No. 5 No. 6 Alfred Henrrick Jen Potter and ? No. 7 Ariette Vickers, her father Harry and daughter Annette Next More Character Profiles. Time… Plus, How will Jen and her new neighbour get on? What bad news is set to befall Ambrose? Find out next time on Deasil Street!