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    5.31 5.31 Presentation Transcript

    • DeasilStreet5.3
    • The Williams Household Marley and Aimee Williams Aimee and Marley moved to Deasil Street to save their marriage, pure and simple. Their friends had, for reasons unknown, created rumours and spiteful gossip designed to split the two up. When they finally confronted each other on the accusations of affairs, gambling and drugs the stories fell apart and they realised none of it was true. So, the decided to relocate to Appaloosa. It would be a welcome relief from the poison they’d experienced in the rat race.Aimee had been a teacher, but dreamed of starting fresh as a chef in the newtown. Marley is also starting on a new career path, starting again as a fledglingfire-fighterThey’ve been quite unsociable so far, concentrating on each other and building uptrust. But they’re now starting to venture out and make friends.
    • The Williams Household Malika Williams Aimee and Marleys only child, Malika is a quiet, thoughtful girl. She spent most of her life listening to her parents being just horrible enough to each other to avoid a big row, and the new status quo of a happy family is alien to her. She wonders when the bubble will burst.She is friends with Megan and Annette, but often feels like the third wheel inan established friendship group. How much of that is her own imaginationremains to be seen. Certainly, she is more studious than the others, and seesthe world much more seriously.
    • Annette was now spending mostweeknights at the Club or at thestables with Peps. She hadn’tforgotten how hard her mother andgrandfather were making her life asa Vickers, but perhaps there weresome perks after all.
    • While Annette was at school, Ariettedecided to go for a ride. Just so Peps couldstretch her legs of course.
    • Away from the house and her father, Ariette rode pepsout to the middle of nowhere, to a large pond far fromtown. She had felt so… free. It had been a while sinceshe’d known anything but the crushing weight of duty.Peps was well worth the money.
    • Back at home, Ariette talked to Annetteabout her ride. For the first time,mother and daughter were on thesame page about something. At last,they were beginning to bond.
    • At dinner, Harry scolded Ariette over her trip. She had missed an importantsocial engagement thrown by a local charity. There had been a four courselunch followed by a game of golf - and her absence had been noted. Arietteignored him for once. It had been worth it.
    • Bernice was holding another gathering, but was disappointed by how early peoplewere leaving. Teresa tried to explain it was a week night… people had work or theschool run to plan for. Bernice wasn’t having any of it, she and her best friend weregoing out like in the old days. Bernice’s partying worries Teresa – they’re getting a bit old for all that.
    • Bernice dragged her friend out to a club. Teresa looked a little outof place, and felt a bit awkward to begin with. But she did findherself unexpectedly having a good time.
    • Away from her children and husband,Teresa got swept away by the music anddrinks and they ended up staying out tillthe morning.
    • Returning from theirnight out, Teresa studiesherself in the mirror.She’s happy with howshe looks, but the nightout seems to have takenit’s toll. She’d had a greattime but was worriedabout Bernice. How wasshe managing to go outlike that almost everynight?