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  1. 1. DeasilStreet5.2
  2. 2. The Bailey Household Warren Bailey Warren moved into the street with his first wife Miranda. She was their main breadwinner despite her ill health. They had a son, James, before she died of cancer. After her death Warren took to gardening to get over his grief, later turning it into a business. He employed Teresa Marshall to care for James, and despite feeling guilty for moving on, fell in love with her.He and Teresa had Megan following a one night stand, though he was almost unawareof this as she disappeared. It was Jen Martinez who anonymously tipped him off. Hefought to have them stay with him, and eventually they married.He gets on well with both his son and daughter, despite often making mistakes whentrying to relate to them. Sending James to boarding school troubles him, but he’sdetermined to do the right thing.He is reckless with money, but his heart is in the right place. He just doesn’t have ahead for business. Loves his wife and children, tries to be a good friend and is proud ofall he has done so far in life.
  3. 3. The Bailey Household Teresa Bailey (Nee Marshall) Employed by Warren to be a housekeeper/childminder. She got the job by knowing Pablo Martinez under circumstances not yet fully explained. She was an intern in Pablo’s company, but never worked in business again once it was completed.She loved little James first and then her employer. She fell pregnant with Meganfollowing a one night stand and disappeared out of shame and fear. WhenWarren tracked her down, she moved into the Street permanently. Eventuallythey admitted their mutual feelings and got together and married.She has an excellent head for business, and is often frustrated by Warrensattitude to money. Loves him and their children, but is a little wary of James, notknowing what he thinks of her after her reappearance in his life.Her best friend is Bernice Kasitova, who she has known since they were teens.She is also very close to Jen Potter, and is currently getting to know AimeeWilliams well. Doesn’t like Ariette Vickers, who she regards as a snob.
  4. 4. Coffee morning at Bernice’s place. Everyone invited except Ariette. She walks past and is sad.Bernice was still putting off getting a job. Her latest distraction was organising a get-together with all the other women on Deasil Street. It had taken a while to find a timewhen they were all free, and she was feeling quite pleased with herself.
  5. 5. She hit it off with Trinitystraight away, she wasless stuffy than theother women.Trinity on the otherhand was a bituncomfortable. Bernicewas a full adult likeTeresa, Jen and Aimeebut was acting likeshe’d just aged up froma teen! Even she feltmore mature than her,and Trinity was still ayoung adult.
  6. 6. Ariette had been out on anevening walk, and hadn’t beenable to stop herself fromseeing what was going on.She’d been irresistibly drawnby the light and happy voices.
  7. 7. Realising everyone exceptherself and the recluseBelladonna were there hither hard. She headed home,miserable.She knew she didn’t havemuch in common with theothers, but…And the newcomers hadn’teven met her yet, theydidn’t know Aimee or Jenany better than they did her.
  8. 8. She sat alone in the silence of her stylish living room, straining her ears to hear thesounds of merriment fromm down the Street. She felt a chill fall upon her that hadnothing to do with air-conditioning.
  9. 9. Annette watched her motherall evening. She didn’t movefrom her seat, not even fordinner. She didn’t speak, evenwhen spoken to.Her grandfather even ranted atAriette, calling her lazy, and asilly emotional woman, a wasteof space… it was horrid.Annette wished she knew whatwas wrong, so she could fix it.
  10. 10. The Bailey Household James Bailey James is the son of Warren Bailey and his first wife Miranda, now deceased. He has always been a solitary individual, happy to play alone even as a toddler. As a child, this has worsened to the point of a shyness that keeps him from making new friends. His family wonder if the disruption of losing two maternal figures before becoming a child is to blame.James had not been happy about his dad marrying Teresa, and this was mostlydue to resentment. She had left them both before, she wasn’t trustworthy. Sincethe wedding their relationship has been cool, never more than civil. Teresa isn’tsure how far she wants to push.On a holiday to France, James discovered a love of music. In time, his behaviourconcerned his parents so much they asked for help. A psychologist suggested hego to a boarding school that has music as a focus. There, he could find newconfidence and learn more about the only subject that brought him to life. He iscurrently still at boarding school.
  11. 11. The Bailey Household Megan Bailey Megan is the daughter of Warren and Teresa Bailey. Teresa had her in secret, so she spent her time as a baby and toddler living with just her mum in a tiny flat. She and her mum later moved in with the Baileys, and her parents only waited for her to age up into a child before getting married, so she would remember it.Megan is a popular, confident and attractive child, throwing her shy brother evenfurther into the background. She also takes after Warren more, loving the outside andsharing his dark hair. Though she also shares her mothers keen business sense, neitherof her parents realise her intelligence or knowledge of the subject. Though finding herbrother annoying, she misses him now he’s at boarding school.Her best friends are Annette and Malika, though she also enjoys spending time withher neighbour the young adult Trinity Darkstone, who she finds fascinating.Recently she’s been experimenting with her look, trying out the darker clothes of amore alternative fashion. This is mainly due to her crush on her babysitter, AllainPoeson, though she has never been a girly girl, and has battled to be herself at times.
  12. 12. Annette attends a gathering at the RidingClub, and meets some of the children hermother was so keen on. To her surprise, theydidn’t seem too snobby, and she actually hada good time. One small group in particularadopted her, twins Alicia and Adam Barrowand Gerald Orande.
  13. 13. They politely didn’t mention her enrolment in thelocal school rather than their more exclusive,expensive establishment. Instead, they invited herto their after-school social club. None of theirparents got home before late, so this was asecond home to most of them.
  14. 14. It was tastefully furnished, and had everything!She felt herself here, she didn’t have to beoutside roughing it with Megan, or studying asat home. It almost reminded her of the schoolshe’d lived at most of her life. Before hermother had admitted her existence.
  15. 15. Megan was still her best friend though. Her first friend inAppaloosa and her neighbour. She just wished… wellMegan could be pretty single minded sometimes. Noteveryone liked hanging around in a tree-house for hours.