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  1. 1. DeasilStreet 3.3
  2. 2. Jen confronting Pablo, who promises to clean up his act.Jen forgave Pablo and agreed toreturn home, but on the conditionhe would sleep on the sofa for anight. Just so she could sleep on herdecision, make her mind up withoutdistraction
  3. 3. Pablo vowed to do one better, hewould spend the night in a hotel, shecould have the house to herself.Alone in the marital bedroom, Jencame to the conclusion she wouldgive her marriage a second chance.
  4. 4. She explained to Pablo how she felt overbreakfast the next day. She was giving thema shot, but he would have to change hisways and earn her trust.
  5. 5. She had to make her positionclear again when they went tobed that night. He had to earnhis way back into her goodbooks…
  6. 6. Ariette finally got round to enrolling Annette inthe local school, and today is her first day. It’spretty nerve-wracking. She had lived at herprevious school since she was 6 months old,everyone else was new. She was the one whoknew how everything worked.
  7. 7. She and Megan Bailey got on at the same stop, soMegan slipped into the seat next to her. She triedtalking to her, but Annette was just too shy torespond fully.
  8. 8. Throughout the day, Annettehung around Megan. Theother girl was bright,confident, had loads offriends – everything she wassupposed to be. Annettedecided if she got a secondchance, she’d befriendMegan in an instant.
  9. 9. At home, Megan didn’t feellike someone to be envied.She felt like her dad was tryingto get her to be something shewasn’t. The only thing shereally liked about her roomwas the game table.
  10. 10. She tried to be enthusiasticabout the costume Warrengot her. It was meant to be atreat, a princess dress with ahat. She said she loved it, butshe didn’t. She didn’t feel likeprincess material.
  11. 11. How she envied James, given thespace to do his own thing, decoratehis area how he liked.
  12. 12. She would come up with a plan. There had to be away of letting her dad know she wasn’t a girly girlwithout hurting his feelings or being a disappoint.In the meantime, she’d trash the dress by playingoutside. In the mud.
  13. 13. Annette was strugglingwith the role beingdoled out to her as well.Harry was notimpressed when heheard she had beengiven no homework.
  14. 14. So Harry made up an assignment. Thestudy of the Vickers family throughthe ages, with a thousand wordsummary by the weekend.
  15. 15. She was also instructed to begin extra-curricular activities in the arts and inforeign languages. She would be anaccomplished young lady in the Vickerstradition soon enough.
  16. 16. She was miserable, but Ariette andHarry were pleased with her progress.
  17. 17. She just wanted to be a kid again.
  18. 18. As it turns out, both girls oftenchoose to stay at school for a littlewhile at the end of the day. To dotheir homework, and keep out oftheir parents hair.
  19. 19. It was somewhatinevitable, on thewalk home afterthey were kicked offthe school grounds,that they wouldbecome friends.
  20. 20. As night falls, figures approach thehouse on the corner, number 3.Opposite the Darkstoneresidence. It’s a new familymoving into Deasil Street.
  21. 21. It was a small family, mum dad and daughter. Theywere all tired, so didn’t make the rounds to meettheir neighbours right away.
  22. 22. Aimee and Marley Williams had up and moved to Appaloosa with theirdaughter Malika to escape the rat race of the bigger towns. Appaloosamight be up and coming, but it was still small enough to feel rural.
  23. 23. Their first meal in their new home was amuted affair. Aimee and Marley had beenpicking at each other day with the stressof the move.
  24. 24. Malika had decided toavoid their passiveaggressive squabblingand eat outside.
  25. 25. She silently waved the two strangersinto the house. She’d watched themcome over from the house acrossthe street, but was too shy to talk tothem herself.
  26. 26. Aimee was surprised that their neighboursjust walked in to say hello, it wasn’t whatthey were used to. Their old town had beenfriendly, but this was like living in the fifties!She hoped Appaloosa wasn’t going to be allStepford wives and gossip.
  27. 27. She was pleased to hear Teresa was gainfullyemployed. Running her own business, gardenerand now a fledgling wine brewer, it wasimpressive stuff. Aimee told Teresa she hadstarted out in teaching, but was hoping to make anew start as a chef.
  28. 28. It was a big relief to findsomeone on her wave-length so quickly. Settlinginto this new town mightnow be too hard after all.
  29. 29. Malika was sent over theroad early the next morningto meet Megan. She wasn’thappy, meeting people likethis was so embarrassing.
  30. 30. Megan came out to meether, and Malika wasrelieved that she tookcharge straight away.Megan chattered about theschool she’d be joining, theplaces to play….
  31. 31. It seemed she had madeher first friend, and Meganand made a new one.
  32. 32. Deasil StreetNo. 1 No. 3Trinity and Belladonna Darkstone The Williams Family Marley, Aimee and MalikaNo. 2The Bailey Family. No. 4Warren , Teresa, James and Megan For Sale No. 6 No. 5 Pablo and Jennifer Martinez Empty Lot No. 7 Ariette Vickers, her father Harry and daughter Annette Next How will Malika and her parents get on in their Time… new home? Will the Martinez’ get back on their baby-making grand plan? Find out next time on Deasil Street!