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check my blog for regular updates from Deasil Street,

check my blog for regular updates from Deasil Street,

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  • 1. DeasilStreet 3.2
  • 2. Teresa and Warren flog most of the wedding gifts and invest in their business,including many expensive types of fruit and veg… but still have money left to spare.
  • 3. So the rest of the cash goes on building a basement. Warrenmoves the master bedroom down there, and it’s where theystow the wine making machine brought back from France too.
  • 4. With the bedroom gone, the living space onthe ground floor is really opened up. So, theysplurge on redecorating the kitchen/diner andliving room too. It’s a far cry from the dingylittle place Warren brought with Miranda.
  • 5. They’re back to zero in terms of their savings, even alittle in the red; but it was worth it. And both of themdidn’t mind living a little dangerously if it meantimproving the house. They wouldn’t come to regret it,not with their business picking up.
  • 6. Ariette Vickers did not have agood a nights sleep as herneighbours down the road. Shehad decided to bite the bulletand tell her household the news– they were to expect a newhouseguest. A permanent one.
  • 7. She practises by telling thehousekeeper first. She takesthe news calmly, stoically.There’s no surprise on herface. But then, discretion ispart of what she’s trained for.
  • 8. Telling her father is afar more frighteningproposition.
  • 9. To her horror, herfather Harry knowsall about Annette.He had Ariettefollowed when shetook off, and hadyears worth ofphotographs of hisgranddaughter.Ariette feelsviolated andresentful, but a littlerelieved too.
  • 10. Over at the Baileys, the honeymoon period is slipping away. Teresa used thesale of her old home to buy wine making equipment and is busy brewing herfirst wine. Homemade vino will make far more money than raw fruit andvegetables.
  • 11. But try as she might, she is oftendistracted.
  • 12. Warren doesn’t seem to have much of a head for business, his record keepinghas been sloppy and Teresa has her work cut out for her trying to make theirbusiness profitable.
  • 13. But she is determined tomake it all pay. She’s got asecure family life now, it wastime to get her business brainback on track too. She’dlearnt a lot as a businessintern in Pablo’s company –nothing much had gone toplan since then but it washigh time it did.
  • 14. Speaking of Pablo, Warren’s beenworrying about his possible infidelitiesagain. Teresa says if his concerns areconfirmed, he should tell Jen. There’sno point depending on gossipthough, he should find out for himself.
  • 15. He follows Pablo on oneof his evening businessmeetings, and isunsurprised to findinstead of going towork, they are headingto a club. With a blondehe remembered seeingfrom several parties.
  • 16. Warren keeps a lowprofile, watching how Pablobehaves. He isn’t impressed, allhis worse fears have beenconfirmed. Pablo is having anaffair.
  • 17. He makeshimself knownto Pablo, andleads himoutside.Once there, heconfrontshim, whichprovokes Pablo’sanger indefence.
  • 18. Warren goes straightto Teresa to tell herwhat’s happened.She isn’t surprised,and lets him knowshe’ll tell Jen. He’djust muck it up.
  • 19. She heads over the road, and awkwardly tells Jen whatshe and her husband have found out. Jen remains verycalm, and quietly asks if she can spend the day at theBaileys, so she doesn’t have to confront Pablo rightaway. Teresa agrees readily.
  • 20. Jen seems to want to act normally,so the two chat the day awayabout what they’ve been up to..Teresa talks for at least an hourabout the garden to fill the time.
  • 21. When Megan gets home, she’ssurprised to see her neighboursat at the table. Teresa quietlyexplains the situation, and shemakes herself scarce.
  • 22. That same night, a smallfigure approaches number7, Deasil Street.
  • 23. She is shown to herroom, newly decorated for theoccasion of her arrival. It hadbeen a junk room.
  • 24. Annette Vickers changes and climbs into bed. She hasnever spent a night away from the boarding housebefore, and it’s a bit frightening. She doesn’t sleep verywell. It’s hard, she doesn’t understand why hercircumstances have changed so suddenly.
  • 25. The next morning, Ariette tookher daughter in hand. Up till now,meetings between the two havebeen limited to fortnightlyacademic updates; Arietteexplains that circumstances havenow changed, they will learn to bemother and daughter. Annette willlearn to be a Vickers.
  • 26. Annette tries to speakup, to say how happyshe is to be living herenow, with her mother.Life in the school wasall she had everknown, but she hadbeen lonely as one ofthe only girls to stay onin the holidays. Everyholiday… But she isquickly interrupted.
  • 27. Ariette is off on a spielabout what it means tobe a Vickers. Now she isa recognisedheir, Annette must be awinner in everythingshe attempts. She mustbe beautiful, well-mannered and well-educated. She must….Poor Annette isoverwhelmed.
  • 28. And she isn’t too impressed withher overly enthusiastic newGrandfather. She wasn’t thetouchy feely type.
  • 29. At dinner that night she got thesame speech about being successfulfrom him as well. She couldn’tchoke down her lobster, her senseof inadequacy was so strong.
  • 30. She sat in room, lonelier than ever. She thought finally livingwith her mother would be the start of a whole new life. She’dfantasised about being here ever since she could remember…but it felt cold instead of warm. She missed the school.
  • 31. A couple of days passed, and Jen finally left the Baileys house to get some clean clothes. She had barely got in the door when PabloJen confronting ambushed her, turning on the charm. She agreed to stay and listen to whatPablo, who promises to he had to say.clean up his act.
  • 32. Over dinner, he talked about howmuch he loved her, how he hadnever meant to jeopardise all theyhad worked towards. Theirmarriage, their home together… Hehad just made a terrible mistake.
  • 33. Jen got drawn in, sheremembered the day Pablo hadproposed, he’d just stared intoher eyes and asked. It had beenspur of the moment, no ring, noplan. Just passion.
  • 34. And on theirweddingday, they’dbeen so inlove. It trulyhad been thehappiest dayof her life. Butwould thatmean she’dforgive him?
  • 35. Deasil StreetNo. 1 No. 3Trinity and Belladonna Darkstone Under OfferNo. 2 No. 4The Bailey Family. For SaleWarren , Teresa, James and Megan No. 6 No. 5 Pablo and Jennifer Martinez Empty Lot No. 7 Ariette Vickers, her father Harry and daughter Annette Next Can the Martinez marriage get back on track? Will Annette settle in happily? Time… Find out next time on Deasil Street!