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  1. 1. DeasilStreet 2.2
  2. 2. Back at home, Teresa was left withnothing to do but think about whatthey had done. In the harsh light ofday, she was full of remorse. It hadbeen inappropriate given theirworking relationship, indiscreet… abad idea.
  3. 3. But looking at the flowers hehad given her on the table,she knew she wouldn’t beable to stay away. And if hewanted to bring up the nightbefore, make the change instatus permanent – shewouldn’t be able to say no.
  4. 4. But for some reason,he didn’t sayanything. Shecouldn’t work out ifhe was shy andembarrassed, orashamed. So shedidn’t bring it upeither.
  5. 5. So she pulled back a bit, stopped going with himwhen he sold his fruit and veg. Warren wasn’t surehow to tackle the problem. He really liked her, butwasn’t sure if he ought to pursue her. He was older,with a lot of baggage. How could he hope foranything more?
  6. 6. Teresa decided to stay in her job, andstay close to Warren. Perhaps, in time,what had happened between themmight happen again.
  7. 7. But not any time soon. Teresa had gone down with some illness, a tummy bug or amild case of the flu. Hard to say. It wasn’t bad enough to bother a doctor thankfully.She just took some over the counter medicine and went to work.
  8. 8. But she startedfeeling ill again atwork, so Warrensent her home torecover.
  9. 9. Back at her place,Teresa did a quickhome test anddiscovered she waspregnant. Apparentlyshe and Warren hadnot taken anyprecautions thatfateful night.She was happy to behaving a baby, butriddled with guilt.Warren wasn’tinterested, so shewouldn’t share theburden with him.
  10. 10. All Warren knew was thatthe day after sending herhome sick, she called tohand in her notice. Shewouldn’t be back.
  11. 11. James was upset at theabsence of his motherfigure, and Warren wasconfused and hurt at herspeedy decision. It didn’tmake sense, but hecouldn’t see how to fix it. They would just have to get on without her.
  12. 12. It was a shame… She missed James ageingup by a couple of days. The sparkles beganand he aged up into a child.
  13. 13. Both of them goton with theirlives. Warren waslooking after andgetting to knowhis son. Teresameanwhile waslooking afterherself, living offher savings andtrying not to lether heart breakof loneliness.
  14. 14. Both of them felt unable to contact theother. It was a real shame that neitheror them could overcome theirawkwardness and make the first move.
  15. 15. James all but forgot his babysitter. It’s hardto say how many memories we carry withus from toddler to child. He vaguelyremembered a woman he thought offondly. She had brown hair. But he hadmoved on.
  16. 16. New adventures were on the horizonfor James Bailey. Starting with school.
  17. 17. Warren was aware that hisson was a little sociallyawkward, but wasn’t surewhat to do about it. Heseemed happy enough.James wanted to make hisdad proud, but didn’t feelconfident enough to makefriends. He had friendlyacquaintances in class. Itwould have to do.
  18. 18. Warren had a suspicionhis sons shyness was aresult of losing not one,but two maternal figuresin his young life. All hecould do was try and beworth two parents for hislittle boy.
  19. 19. Teresa was about ready topop, and decided to have herbaby at home. Less questionswould be asked. She could putWarren on the birth certificateand file it later withoutwitnesses.
  20. 20. She gave birth to a little girl. Shewas perfect, with a few strandsof hair the colour of Warrens.Teresa named her Megan.
  21. 21. She was overwhelmed for her feelings for the little bundle of baby. She lovedher and was full of joy, but she couldn’t shake the nagging voice in the back ofher head. Her savings wouldn’t last forever. She needed a new job, but whowould look after Megan while she worked?
  22. 22. All she can do for now is live asfrugally as she can, and buy thecheapest baby gear possible.Once Megan was a toddler shecould put her in day care, andgo out to work.But for now… she was stuck.
  23. 23. Out walking, Jen Martinez had seen Teresaout with her baby girl.She struggles with what she had learnt,should she tell Warren about Teresa’sbaby? Was it even his? And what if heknows already, but doesn’t care? She couldbe sticking her nose in where it didn’tbelong. She didn’t want to lose one of heronly friends over this.
  24. 24. She decides to send Warren ananonymous email, written froman address she created for theoccasion. Untraceable, she wouldbe without blame if it all wentsouth.
  25. 25. Warren tended to check hisemails every day, so it wasn’tlong before he saw Jen’smessage. He thought it mightbe a hoax at first, but therewere too many details thatrang true.
  26. 26. Oblivious to thefact it was herwho sent theemail, he calledJen over to watchJames while hewent to confronthis ex-housekeeper.
  27. 27. Teresa was shocked tosee him, and kept himtalking outside ratherthan let him in. It soonbecame clear however,that he already knew hersecret.
  28. 28. So she let him in, and Warren met Megan for thefirst time. Teresa was deeply uncomfortable, shefelt guilty for keeping them apart for starters. Butshe was also on tenterhooks, waiting to see howhe would react once the shock had worn off.
  29. 29. All Warren did wasmumble some apologies,and tell her he’d be intouch very soon. Teresasupposed the shock andemotions had gotten abit much.She sat and wonderedhow little James wasnow. She had missed himterribly. He wouldprobably be a child bynow.
  30. 30. Deasil StreetNo. 1 No. 3Trinity and Belladonna Darkstone For SaleNo. 2 No. 5Warren and James Bailey For SaleTeresa and Megan Marshall No. 5 No. 6 Empty Lot Pablo and Jennifer Martinez No. 7 Harry Vickers and his daughter Ariette Next Time… Will James adjust to the new members of his household? Will Warren and Teresa ever get it together? Find out next time on Deasil Street!