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1.4 1.4 Presentation Transcript

  • DeasilStreet 1.4
  • There are new neighbours arriving in Deasil Street. The new residents are a set oftwins who are moving into number one, Trinity and Belladonna Darkstone.
  • Warren popped out towelcome his new next-doorneighbours. He thought theyseemed alright. A nice coupleof girls.
  • Trinity went up tointroduce herself to theother occupied homes,and was well received.She was glad to havemoved into such afriendly street.
  • But Ariette was not aspleased as she hadpretended to be. Werethese sisters part of “thegothic’s”? They were notthe kind of people shewanted on HER street.
  • Ariette calls a meeting withWarren, Paulo and jen aboutoreserving the tone of theburgeoning street. She invited round to her home the other residents she thought of as being more ‘her’ kind of people. Albeit not as well bred. She discussed her worries and Pablo agreed with her immediately. Warren was not as quick to judge, and Jen stayed quiet, intimidated by her surroundings.
  • Warren kept Teresa upto date with thestreets gossip. Heplanned on going tothe Martinez’ latestdinner party despitetheir feelings overTrinity and Belladonna.
  • Needless to say, theDarkstone sisterswere not invited.
  • They ignored the sounds of merrimentfrom down the road, and spent theevening quietly getting on with theirhobbies.
  • Trinity was disappointed with the situation developing inthe Street. She knew Appaloosa Plains was a pretty staidcommunity, but she and her sister hadn’t displayed anyanti-social behaviour.
  • Trinity worked out her frustrations on thetreadmill, before doing some research onthe area. What kind of peopletraditionally lived here, and was therecent expansion of the town changingpeoples attitudes?
  • Pablo had decided to impress ArietteVickers, so his party was a formaloccasion for once. Jen had panickedand opted for a ball gown, when herguests arrived her choice made her feelincreasingly uncomfortable.
  • Despite her backgroundin politics, Jen was notcoping very well. She’dbeen out of the loop fora while, and was keenlyfeeling how far behindshe was falling in termsof knowledge and publicprofile.
  • So Jen avoided interacting with theguests by creating a role for herself, sheplayed the piano as entertainment.While she played, she didn’t have to gothrough any mortifying small talk.
  • Pablo however was in hiselement. He was schmoozing thehigher ups from his company, thelocal elites and minorcelebrities… he kept the liquorand conversation flowing.
  • He put particulareffort into impressingAriette. She was histicket to societyparties (or so hethought), and spentsome time discussingthe Darkstoneproblem.
  • As the guests left, Pablo stared at hiswife in disappointment. She hadn’tbeen the sparkling hostess he needed.At least her playing was decent.When he got a phone call through, itdidn’t take much for his to abandonJen to clean up and head out.
  • At breakfast the next morning,Belladonna informed Trinity sheneeded to do some work, they had toget together a few months mortgagepayments before she could relax.
  • Trinity smiled to herself.Her sister handled thedomestic stuff, and shemade the money. Itsuited her, she lovedwhat she did for theirliving.
  • Trinity waited for darkness to fall, wondering howtired she would by the morning. Belladonna watchedher sister prepare with practiced ease, she couldn’tlet on she was concerned every time she sent hertwin out.
  • Trinity hopped in her car as twilightapproached, and made her way tothe outskirts of town.
  • She made her way to an old shack by the hills,and disappeared inside. What on earth doesshe do for a living that would have her in aplace like this? It seems suspicious. CouldAriette be right about her?
  • But how could the ownersof such a cute little kittenpossibly be in any way thebad guys?
  • The next morning, Jen madehangover cures while Pablokept a low profile.
  • All he could thinkabout was theblonde he had metup with last night.By the time He’dslunk home, thehouse had beenspotless and Jen hadgone to bed.
  • Out in the street, Teresa finally metAriette Vickers, and let her knowthat she and Warren would maketheir new neighbours welcome.
  • Ariette could tell she and thiswoman would not get on.But no matter, she was justsome housekeeper. Warrencould afford her for now, buthe wouldnt forever.
  • Deasil StreetNo. 1 No. 3Trinity and Belladonna Darkstone For SaleNo. 2 No. 5Warren and James Bailey For Sale No. 5 No. 6 Empty Lot Pablo and Jennifer Martinez No. 7 Harry Vickers and his daughter Ariette Next Time… Did Pablo cheat on Jen? Will Trinity’s source of income be revealed? Find out next time on Deasil Street!