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  1. 1. DeasilStreet 1.1
  2. 2. Deasil Street, a brandnew little close in theAppaloosa Plainsneighbourhood. Sixnew houses had beenplanned to join an oldhouse to the mainroad, and with fivecomplete, peoplewere starting to movein.
  3. 3. Warren andMiranda Baileywere one of thefirst to arrive.Number 3 was adingy littleplace, cheaplydecorated, but thefirst they couldafford themselves.And it beat livingwith her elderlyparents.
  4. 4. Warren was keen tostart a family now theywere settled, and werehitting it off with theneighbours as moremoved in.
  5. 5. His argument might have been more compelling if their fireplace hadn’texploded in front of their dinner guests. Pablo and Jennifer Martinez suggestedthe Bailey’s might want to renovate before thinking about kids.
  6. 6. Miranda persuadedWarren to wait.They had plenty of timeafter all, and shewanted to get theirprofessional lives sortedbefore they committedto anything else.Money was tight.
  7. 7. Half the reason they’deven moved to DeasilStreet was the newopportunities for work inthe up and coming town.Babies were low on the listfor now.
  8. 8. She set up a little office in thegarage to work in, proofreadingpolitical documents for theexpanding local council.
  9. 9. She was working extremelyhard, especially givenWarren’s difficulty getting ajob of his own. And it wasstarting to take it’s strain.
  10. 10. Warren was full of admiration forhis wife’s hard work, well awarethey needed the money. But hewas concerned that she wasgetting ache’s and pains fromhunching over a desk for too manyhours a day.
  11. 11. He was being as supportiveas he could, it wasn’t easy notbeing able to contribute to hisown household.
  12. 12. But it wasn’t just a bit ofbackache, Miranda wassuffering from cripplingheadaches as well. But thatwas to be expected. Surelystaring at a computer screenfor so long was going tostrain something.So annoying, but normal.Right?
  13. 13. When the headaches began to makeher physically sick, she decided not totell Warren. It was probably justmigraines. She though she might havehad a great aunt once who had thesame. Nothing to worry about.
  14. 14. But onemorning, aterrible thoughtcrossed hermind. Couldshe bepregnant?
  15. 15. Across the road at numbersix, the feelings about possiblepregnancies were very different.
  16. 16. Pablo and Jennifer had been tryingfor a baby for quite some time. Buthad so far been completelyunsuccessful.
  17. 17. They’d tried seeing thedoctor, but he’d toldthem to stop worryingand just have fun. Sothey were trying to spicethings up a bit.
  18. 18. Jen had given up aprominent post in theexpanding Appaloosapolitical scene, which shehad loved - because all shehad ever wanted was tohave children. Pablo hadexplained she couldn’t doboth, so she’d done theunexpected thing and quit.
  19. 19. Sometimes she wondered if ithad been the right decision.Pablo all but ignored her duringthe day as he worked from home.
  20. 20. It’s not as if she was old.They had plenty of timeto have a baby. She justwished it would be soon.
  21. 21. Sometimes, when she wasn’tbeing her normal charitableself… she wondered if Pablowanted children as much asshe did. Or even (whisper it)at all.
  22. 22. And when he was alone, Pablo wonderedthe same thing.
  23. 23. When Pablo started working more at the office, Jenrefused to believe he was avoiding her. They bothwanted children, she was sure of it.
  24. 24. Back at the Baileys, Miranda’spregnancy was all they could thinkabout.
  25. 25. Warren was excited, butMiranda had herreservations. The doctor hadassured her everything wasfine with the baby, butsomething didn’t feel right.
  26. 26. But as the months passed by, and things didn’tchange, she passed her symptoms off as thenormal consequences of pregnancy.
  27. 27. When the normal pains she livedwith in her head shifted to herabdomen, she figured the babywas coming at last.
  28. 28. Her waters broke, and she wassure. The baby was definitely onits way. The wait was over!
  29. 29. Warren freaked out, was heready to become a father?
  30. 30. But the moment he held hisnewborn son in his arms, heknew everything was going tobe fine. James Bailey wasgoing to have a wonderful lifeif he had anything to do with it.
  31. 31. But Miranda wasn’t sosure. Her sons criespierced her and weremaking her headachesworse. And she hadn’twanted him in the firstplace, how could she be agood mother to him?
  32. 32. She put his crib next to her workdesk in an attempt to fostersome maternal feeling throughproximity – but she wasn’t sureit was working.
  33. 33. Jen asked Pablo if hewanted to go over and visitthe Baileys, meet littleJames and get a bit ofadvice over coffee.
  34. 34. Pablo exploded. Why dideverything have to beabout babies with her?Why couldn’t they justinvite the Baileys to theirswithout the squallingmini-me in tow.
  35. 35. Jen was astounded at his venom, where had it comefrom? It wasn’t as if James Bailey was asurprise, they’d been enviously watching Mirandawaddle about for months – or at least she had. WasPablo changing his minds about kids, or had she justcaught him at a bad moment?
  36. 36. Deasil StreetNo. 1 No. 3For Sale For SaleNo. 3 No. 5Warren and Miranda Bailey For Sale No. 5 No. 6 Empty Lot Pablo and Jennifer Martinez No. 7 Harry Vickers and his daughter Ariette Next Time… Will Miranda connect with her newborn son? Will Pablo admit he’s having second thoughts about being a parent? Find out next time on Deasil Street!