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Uploading my sims 3 soap opera for everyone to enjoy

Uploading my sims 3 soap opera for everyone to enjoy



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10.31 10.31 Presentation Transcript

  • Deasil 10.3Street
  • Sonja was not giventhe welcome she’sexpected when shewas dropped off ather new home.Apparently, her twonew mums hadn’tbeen expecting her.They thought shewas coming for aninitial meeting, notto stay.While the blondeone was on thephone to heragency she sat andglowered on thesofa.
  • When the mum with brown hair got home from work, she had taken charge and pulledthe blonde off the phone and down to the park. She had been determined to staygrumpy, but she couldn’t help herself.
  • Sonja liked the mum withbrown hair more, shelooked a bit like her too.Maybe that was why shehad been sent here.Their names wereBernice and Gracie, butshe wasn’t sure what tocall them. At the momentshe was avoiding callingthem anything, contentjust playing. The park inAppaloosa was cool.
  • Back at the house, Sonja met Ambrose and Julian.Because she was unexpectedly early she had toshare a room with him, but that was ok. It was abit of a relief to have another kid around afterleaving an orphanage full of them, she might notbe too lonely now. Plus she won the rock, paper,scissors for the top bunk. That was cool too.
  • Bernice and Gracie crept in to check in on herlater that night. Julian was sleeping in his mumsroom for that first night in case Sonja hadnightmares or something… but she seemed fine.Gracie was happier. The misunderstandingmeant they hadn’t met Sonja before she arrived,but she seemed a cute kid. Bernice hoped itwould work out, but was still a bit worried. Atleast they had a month to see if they all suitedeach other before signing the adoption papers.Sonja had to agree to sign too, they were asmuch on trial as she was.
  • Megan wasn’t sure what had gotten into Allain. Since their littleargument the other night he had been overly attentive and romantic. Ithad culminated in this night, when he had invited her to ‘stay the night’.She agreed readily, hoping he was suggesting what she thought he was.
  • He was. After fancying him since she was a child, Allain was finally asking her to sleepwith him. She had been starting to wonder if he’d ever ask. Normally confident, shehadn’t known how to broach this subject. Had she known his reasoning, she mighthave been less impressed. He loved her of course, and felt she was ready… but he alsowanted to get her attention back from his brother.
  • The next morning, Megan didn’t feel any different. She thought maybe she’d feel moreadult, or more in tune with Allain as a couple. If anything, she saw him more clearly now. Had she been idealising him and her firsttime before, with the reality now far less exciting?
  • She came downstairs without dressing because Allain had told her they had the houseto themselves, but there was Edward in the middle of the kitchen. Blushing a little, sheretreated back upstairs to put some clothes on.
  • Seeing Megan like that was unnerving for Edward. He wished hedidn’t have the image in his head, as he feared it would be hard toforget.She impressed him further by rallying and making conversation as ifshe wasn’t embarrassed in the least over breakfast. Even thoughshe had to know he suspected what she’d been up to overnight.
  • This was starting to get problematic. She mightbe intelligent and beautiful, but she was also ateen. And his little brothers girlfriend.
  • And even if she didn’t realise how high in his esteemshe was, Allain had figured it out. And he didn’t like it.