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  • 1. “Okay, so you knew all this stuff, why didn’t you tell the world? What’s the point of having all the answers if you don’t do anything with them?”“I could plan. I could feel something wasn’t right.War, civil unrest, natural disasters… whenever thesethings happen people like us, criminals, findopportunities. I could smell something was on the horizon and Ineeded the facts to plan how I was going to comeout on top, with the sims I care about safe.”
  • 2. “I didn’t speak out because it’s better to look after number one, and knowledge ispower. Why spread it around? Besides, the information got leaked without me. Itmust have been some staff whistle-blower. It’s not being reported on our localnews, but those in the big cities know the truth. The governments trying to containit but… well. The protests started simultaneously in Bridgeport and the capital,Sunset Valley. Now they’re spreading.
  • 3. “The anger at the government ismostly driven by those frustrated withofficials for not helping those hithardest by the drought or the blight.Sims like your parents Megan,ordinary, good sims who have losttheir livelihoods.Many are furious the governmentdon’t seem to be worried by anypotential long term effects on theenvironment. Why aren’t plans beingmade in case of new plant diseases,earthquakes or future droughts?It’s no longer nude protests, flyercampaigns, the odd hippy shouting atcouncil buildings… it’s getting nasty.”
  • 4. “Basically now sims know the permanentsunshine is dangerous for all sorts ofreasons they’re getting violent.”
  • 5. “As the violent spreads and gets worse the government willbe forced to turn the machine off. After so many years ofbeing suppressed, no one knows how extreme the weather’sgoing to get. I fear for our little town Megan, Appaloosa’s sofar from anywhere we might have to fend for ourselves.”
  • 6. A few evenings later Edward invited Megan out into hisback garden. To her surprise he walked into the middle ofan overgrown flowerbed and beckoned for her to join her.Heart thumping, she did as she was bid.
  • 7. In the middle of the bushes there was a hidden spiralstaircase. Megan followed him down into a dark seriesof rooms. It was like walking through a front door intoa fully furnished flat, but underground.
  • 8. Edward gave her the tour and explained. He’d had this basement built during the nightwhen he had first moved to Deasil Street. He’d had a similar set up in his last home. Itgave him a place to hide his stolen riches and hole up in if the world went crazy.
  • 9. Allain soon got home but Megan could only think about how amazing Edward was.When he made money he poured it into important things, was careful and planned forthe future. Nothing like her dad. He’d built a big basement because he had the moneyand fancied the space, not for security. And he couldn’t save to save his life
  • 10. She asked him about what he’d been up to thatnight, how much he’d made in stolen goods orvaluable information. He answered happily enoughat first, but got a bit annoyed when she kept talkingabout crime.
  • 11. His life wasn’t just about being a thief. Why didn’t she everask about his martial arts? He was entering a competitionnext week. Or her life, why didn’t she ever talk about hermanagement of James’ future musical career any more?
  • 12. His dreams thatnight revealed hisdarkest fear. ThatMegan liked hisolder brother morethan him.
  • 13. Deasil StreetNo. 1 No. 3Edward and Allain Poeson The Williams FamilyNo. 2 Marley, Aimee and MalikaThe Bailey Family. No. 4Warren , Teresa , James, Megan and Bernice and Gracie Kasitova.Emma Marshall. Ambrose Merrihall and her son Julian. No. 5 Alfred Hennrick No. 6 Patrick and Betty Nasir No. 7 Simon Lewes Ariette and Annette Vickers Next Bernice and Sonja have a surprise delivery… Time… Find out all about it next time on Deasil Street!