8th Edition Customer Experience


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8th Edition Customer Experience

  1. 1. 8th EditionCustomer ExperienceIncorporating a Service Orientated Approachto Engage Customers and Enhance the HolisticCustomer ExperienceJuly 17 – 18, 2012Chicago, IL More Registration Details, Click Here!Chairperson: Transform the experience through customer empowerment.Christopher TamDirector, Customer Experience MarketingHilton Worldwide Featuring Case Studies from Leading Customer Experience Experts Including:Attending this Premier marcus evans Graham Tutton Christopher Tam Lisa K. WilsonConference will Enable You to: Vice President, Customer Journey Director, Customer Experience Director, Consumer Insights & Insights Marketing UnitedHealthcare Medicare• Utilize innovative insights methodologies to capture Comcast Corporation Hilton Worldwide & Retirement unstated needs of the market• Harness proven cross-industry approaches to asset Kareema Mejri Brad Benton Vera Gavrilovich Vice President, Customer Director, Rewards Global Programs Director, Customer Experience reallocation within the customer experience strategy Experience and Persistency, Marriott International ADT Security Services• Outline a unified framework across all customer International Business facing touch points to engage the entire workforce Metlife Amy Hahn Lynne Adame in experience delivery Director, Hersheys Senior Director, Communications• Leverage the benefits of internal and external branding Tom Moran Direct to Consumer Sodexo Director of Customer The Hershey Company to achieve a robust customer experience and Partner Experience• Explore the role of various siloed disciplines in the delivery Susan Forgie Microsoft Robert Bachman Director, Customer Experience of a superior customer experience Director of Customer Experience Management• Bring a cross-enterprise mindset to customer Peter Neill Avaya McAfee, Inc. Chief Customer Experience Officer experience initiatives Level Three Communications Andrea Papadakis Karl Sharicz Manager Director of Customer IntelligenceWho Should Attend: Michael Beaser Avaya Director, Customer Experience SimplexGrinnelllmarcus evans invites C-Level Executives, EVPs, SVPs, Fidelity Investments Candy MichaelVPs, Directors, Heads, Senior Managers and other senior Vice Presidentexecutives from all industry sectors Martie Woods of Customer Feedback Vice President, American General• Customer Experience • Brand Communications Chief Experience Officer Life Companies• Customer Intelligence • Customer Relationship Deluxe Corporation• Customer Journey Management• Customer Retention • Loyalty Marketing• Customer InsightsSilver Sponsors: Business Media Partners: Development Partner:
  2. 2. Pre-Conference Workshops | Monday, July 16, 2012 Day One | Tuesday, July 17, 201212:00 Workshop Registration 7:30 Registration and Morning Coffee1:00 Workshop A 8:15 Chairpersons Opening RemarksDeveloping a Voice for Customer Experience in CustomerEngagement Strategy Development to Promote Consistency UNDERSTANDING SHIFTING CUSTOMER NEEDSand a Holistic Brand Experience• Investigating customer engagement strategy as a pre-cursor for design of holistic customer experience campaigns 8:30• Implementing customer engagement into initial customer experience Unifying Customer Touch Points to Manage Experience design strategy to improve tactics and approach and Develop Attainable Expectations• Aligning customer engagement strategies with current customer • Recognizing the value of a customer life-cycle approach in delivering experience delivery methods to ensure promotion of an integrated a consistent experience customer experience • Establishing a consistent message from management to the front• Developing an integrated framework customized by unique lines to promote attainable customer expectations organizational structures and needs for delivery of an assimilated • Structuring a framework that elicits internal buy-in from each engagement and experience initiative customer facing touch points across the enterpriseBruce Bolger, Managing Director Peter Neill, Chief Customer Experience OfficerEnterprise Engagement Alliance Level Three Communications3:00 Networking Break 9:15 Embedding a Humanization of the Customer as a Starting Point3:30 Workshop B for Developing and Maintaining Relationships with the CustomerRe-examining Net Promoter Scoring through a Practical • Quantifying the value an integration of emotional triggersand Systems Approach to Understanding the Holistic has on brand identityCustomer Experience • Examining the process of building meaningful relationships• Exploring managing all sources of incoming customer feedback and increasing customer loyalty through humanizing the customer through a formalized customer experience management system • Investigating the sequence for integrating emotional elements into that is built around Net Promoter Score (NPS) the design and delivery of customer experience campaigns• Understanding approaches for driving NPS to the highest state Lisa Wilson, Director, Consumer Insights possible through examining organization-specific dynamics UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement for customer feedback management• Comprehending the need for a fully engaged and energized 10:00 Networking Break workforce equipped with appropriate tools and processes in order to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty and improve the NPS 10:30Karl Sharicz, Director of Customer Intelligence Exploring Sound Customer Experience Research MethodologiesSimplexGrinnell to Ensure Meaningful Experience Design and Delivery • Re-examining the utility of closed loop systems for enhancing5:30 End of Day the design of customer experience initiatives • Investigating the role of ethnographic research in driving insight and innovation in customer experience programs • Investigating the customer centric research process and the value of the iterative qualitative and quantitative approach • Transforming unstructured research data into usable knowledgeWHY YOU MUST ATTEND: through the customer strategy model Martie Woods, Vice President, Chief Experience OfficerCustomer experiences can make or break a company. In todays market, Deluxe Corporationthere is an evolving power shift between the customer and the providersof goods and services. Now, a c-change has shifted the emphasis 11:15on customer power, thus causing organizations to seek ways to improve Integrating the Voice of the Customer through Performancethe customer experience. Companies must learn to incorporate a caring Metrics to Support Cross-Enterprise Decision Making Processesservice orientated approach versus the traditional sales approach. • Investigating transforming the voice of the customer into actionableIn addition, organizations must learn to "help" rather than "sell" business intelligence methodsin order to stay ahead of competition. • Examining the process of reducing operating costs by providing customers self-service options based on feedbackCompetition for customers is fierce in today’s marketplace. Success • Identifying at-risk customers through understand the root causesis now determined by the total experience customers have with a brand. of dissatisfaction to enhance brand identificationExcellent customer support must be integrated into the organizational Responsetekculture from the top down to the front-line. Understanding the totalcustomer experience is necessary for customer retention and brand 12:00 Networking Lunchloyalty and it is more important than ever to keep the customer not justhappy, but engaged and excited about the quality of their experience.While addressing these central issues, the 8th edition Customer MARKETING INFOExperience Conference will build upon this foundation through A limited amount of exhibition space is available at the conference. Sponsorshipa discussion of the strategies and insights needed to keep ahead of the opportunities covering luncheon, evening functions and documentation also exist.changes in customer stated and unstated needs to incorporate a caring For further details, please inquire to Michele Westergaard,service orientated approach to engage and retain customers. michelew@marcusevansch.com or 1 312 540 3000 ext 6625.
  3. 3. Day One | Continued Day Two | Wednesday, July 18, 20121:00 7:45 Registration and Morning CoffeeReinventing the Healthcare Experience Utilizing a CustomerExperience Model 8:15 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks• Moving from a "client first" to a "patient first" perspective to enhance the delivery of customer experiences BRINGING A CROSS-ENTERPRISE MINDSET• Training front line employees to engage in positive experiences with TO CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE INITIATIVES patients in the healthcare atmosphere• Utilizing the patient satisfaction score to enhance customer experience campaigns in the hospital environment 8:30Lynne Adame, Senior Director, Communications Utilizing Employee Engagement Strategies to InvigorateSodexo Healthcare a Customer Centric Attitude • Exploring numerous styles of employee engagement incentives1:45 to promote internal customer centric cultureExploring Direct Interaction Tools for Enhancing Techniques • Searching for opportunities for employee recognition at variousfor Collaboration touch points across the enterprise• Examining the role of self-service tools to create meaningful • Deploying the use of departmental panels to identify current interactions with customers engagement levels of employees• Understanding the process of implementing direct-interaction tools • Organizing employee role playing sessions to gauge standards into customer experience initiatives of quality of employee-customer interactions across the departmentsTeletech Christopher Tam, Director, Customer Experience Marketing Hilton Worldwide LEVERAGING THE BENEFITS OF INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL 9:15 BRANDING TO ACHIEVE A ROBUST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Formulating Customer Experience Strategies for Social and Tradi- tional Media Channels to Compete in a Digital Marketplace2:30 • Recognizing the value of a unified strategy for delivering customerGiving Customers Control and Voice: Rethinking Brand Marketing experience initiatives through social media and traditional channelsStrategies for a Customer Driven World • Identifying target audiences to increase operational effectiveness• Exploring the value of integrating voice of the customer into brand and financial outcome from social media and traditional channels marketing strategies to improve the bottom line • War gaming social and traditional media channels to mitigate• Investigating branding strategies that create a sense of customer reputational risk Black Swans empowerment in experience design • Establishing tactics to avoid consumer fatigue in the new media landscape• Increasing positive brand identity through deployment of customer Amy Hahn, Director, Hersheys Direct to Consumer centric brand strategy development The Hershey Company• Developing customer "self-help" strategies to enhance usability of engagement tools 10:00 Networking BreakGraham Tutton, Vice President, Customer Journey & InsightsComcast Corporation 10:30 Breaking Down Organizational Silos to Create Meaningful3:15 Networking Break Alliances that Enhance Customer Experience • Realizing the positive impact of removing organizational barriers3:45 to promote effective customer experience deliveryIdentifying Reputational Risk Factors to Solidify on Mitigation • Creating internal communication channels that enhance communicationSolutions that Protect a Positive Brand across traditionally siloed businesses to ensure consistency across• Designing robust customer experience platforms based the customer journey on the identification and mitigation of reputational risk factors • Ingraining methodologies that promote collaboration between• Creating repeatable mitigation strategies to protect brand identity marketing and customer experience professionals to align when utilizing an outsourced model external messages• Safeguarding brand identity when employing an external • Enhancing the delivery of customer experience initiatives through distribution network the development of coalitions with front-line information technologyCandy Michael, Vice President of Customer Feedback professionals from various communication channelsAmerican General Life Companies Tom Moran, Director of Customer and Partner Experience Microsoft Corporation4:30Quantifying the Value of Loyalty Programs to Gain 11:15Management Buy-In Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences and Improved• Studying the delivery methods and value of loyalty programs Loyalty through Integrating a Layered Process Model into in a B2C market to augment the customer experience Customer Experience Initiatives• Determining the impact of tangible B2C loyalty rewards • Realizing the impact of customer communications for problem on the bottom line solving across the enterprise• Examining the role of loyalty programs for create a sense of unity • Investigating the importance of customer connections through international initiatives and commitments to the bottom lineBrad Benton, Director, Rewards Global Programs • Exploring how to delight customers through continuous customerMarriott International experience improvement methods and measurements Pete Psichogios, President, Performance Group5:15 Chairpersons Closing Remarks CSI International5:30 End of Day One
  4. 4. Day Two | Continued12:00 Topical Lunch 4:15 Exploring a Formulaic Approach to Customer Experience Design EXPLORING THE ROLE TRADITIONALLY SILOED DISCIPLINES through Prioritizing Individiual Customer Experiences HAVE IN DELIVERING SUPERIOR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES • Aggregating all feedback sources, including multi-channel survey inputs, to optimize understanding of the customer wants and needs • Improving customer relations using a track and follow up system1:00 that assigns and prioritizes customer comments through a functionalEnhancing the Customer Experience and Persistency Across approach to consumer engagementGlobal Operations • Closing the loop by utilizing a push/pull status method for field• Examining markets in the UK, Latin America and Asia to enhance managers through regular home office updates the Customer Experience and Persistency results across our Michael Beaser, Director, Customer Experience global operations Fidelity Investments• Exploring strategies to decrease cost, improve persistency nd enhance customer loyalty around the world 5:15 Chairpersons Closing RemarksKareema Mejri, Vice-President, Customer Experience and Persistency,International Business 5:30 End of ConferenceMetlife1:45Forming Coalitions with Internal Analytics Teams to BringMeaning to Customer Experience Design and Delivery• Promoting an alliance with the internal analytics team to enhance the customer journey• Identifying structured approaches to priority identification that includes analytics and experience input• Leveraging innovative alliances to increase effectiveness of customer experience initiativeSusan Forgie, Director, Customer Experience ManagementMcAfee, Inc.2:30 Networking Break3:00Deploying Cross-Enterprise Communication Tools to PromoteEngagement Platforms• Using cross-enterprise communication tools to optimize social advantages and improve employee engagement strategies throughout the organizational culture• Understanding how to successfully navigate and utilize cross-enterprise communication tools to promote employee enthusiasm for customer experience• Leveraging existing business systems with cross-enterprise communication tools to maximize promotional potential for customer experience initiativesRobert Bachman, Director of Customer ExperienceAvayaAndrea Papadakis, ManagerAvaya3:45 More Registration Details. Click Here!Revitalizing Employee Recognition Incentivesin the Outsourced Model• Providing immediate on-site managers with the resources necessary to implement employee recognition programs in individual branches LET US BRING THE TRAINING TO YOU!• Presenting tools to create special events and recognition experiences marcus evans In-House Training – Tailored solutions to meet your companys specific needs to enhance employee moraleVera Gavrilovich, Director, Customer Experience Exceptional Trainers: Annual global course portfolio over 3000 events a year guarantees access to the worlds best trainers.ADT Security Services Custom designed: Your team provides input into content and delivery through survey and consultation with trainers to match your unique training needs. Confidentiality: Your team may talk openly about their experiences and organizational needs in a secure and confidential environment. Cost-effective: Maximize your budget by cutting out travel and lodging expenses while also maximizing employee productivity and saving time.PRODUCER INFO: Any Training, Anytime, AnywhereI would like to thank everyone who has assisted with the research and organizationof the event, particularly the speakers for their support and commitment. For full information on open enrollment and in-house training go to www.marcusevanspt-us.comKristi Kawanna, kristineka@marcusevansch.com. or contact Anthony Knox at anthonyk@marcusevansch.com.