Mateusz boruta. ecr poland. pallets at ecr forum moscow
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Mateusz boruta. ecr poland. pallets at ecr forum moscow






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    Mateusz boruta. ecr poland. pallets at ecr forum moscow Mateusz boruta. ecr poland. pallets at ecr forum moscow Presentation Transcript

    • Working together to fulfil consumer/shopper needs – better, faster and at less cost in a sustainable way The Pallets Odyssey 2004-2009 ECR Forum Moscow, 2010.06.02-04
    • Agenda of the presentation  Historical background  Pallets challenges  ECR Poland Pallets-related activities  2004-2009 sum-up  The next steps ECR Forum Moscow, 2010.06.02-04 2
    • Member Companies 05.2010 MANUFACTURERS - 38 companies RETAILERS & DISTRIBUTORS - 14 companies SERVICE PROVIDERS – 20 companies ECR Forum Moscow, 2010.06.02-04
    • 50 years of Pallets in Poland  ‘68 - EUR Pallet standard introduced by PKP railways  80’s & early 90’ – superb quality, no issues  Late 90’s - quality control issues, brand eruption  2004 – PKP lost the supervisory rights As of 1st of May 2004 EUR-PKP pallets no longer officially produced and legal  Increasing numbers of issues:  Receiving of goods refused, pallets to blame  Problematic pallet returns  Safety concerns  2007 – IPP Act change (pallets affected) ECR Forum Moscow, 2010.06.02-04 4
    • ECR & Pallets – why?  Problem of all participants and supply chains  Different aspects of the problem for manufacturers, logistics companies and retailers – but same core  No single party could solve it by themselves  Increasing number pallet-related conflicts between trading partners  The only possible solution – JOINTLY elaborated best practice guidelines & market-wide standards  2004 H2 – ECR Members officially create the „topic” ECR Forum Moscow, 2010.06.02-04 5
    • ECR Poland pallet solutions  A comprehensive report on „Pallet Market in Poland” ‘2005 Thorough analysis of the situation, root causes and solutions proposal Outcome - continous improvement approach  Work at basics – simple, easy-to-use, efficient tools ‘2006: Pallet Assessment Cards Pallet Costs Analysis sheet  Training programme – both open and in-house  Close cooperation with PKN Epal ‘2008 Promoting one standard for pallets assessment ECR Forum Moscow, 2010.06.02-04 6
    • ECR Forum Moscow, 2010.06.02-04
    • ECR Forum Moscow, 2010.06.02-04
    • ECR Forum Moscow, 2010.06.02-04
    • How to measure real costs ECR Forum Moscow, 2010.06.02-04 10
    • Pallet Costs Analysis sheet Free download from ECR Forum Moscow, 2010.06.02-04 11
    • 2004-2009 effects wrap-up  Pallets need to cost money  Big numbers Total number of pallets used in Poland End of 2007: ca. 70% ”EUR pallets” non EUR End of 2009: only 15-30% of EUR to be disqualifiable  Rationalised approach to pallets management Cost and benefits analysis Risk mitigation Quest for value  Solutions alternative to EUR standard ECR Forum Moscow, 2010.06.02-04 12
    • Pooling systems And others… ECR Forum Moscow, 2010.06.02-04 13
    • The right pallet management…  Which system to chose One-way and/or disposal pallets Own pool of open system (you own the EUR pallets) Own pool but professionally managed (partially outsourced) Pallet rental (full outsourcing)  How to make the right decision Supply chain analysis – configuration, geographies Trading partners willingness to adapt changes Feasibility and cost of the reorganisation Costs of using pallets vs expected benefits ECR Forum Moscow, 2010.06.02-04 14
    • Example – costs analysis Own pool of EUR pallets Rented pallets Price of new pallet Cost of rental / delivery ”Natural damage” / pool depreciation ”Natural damage” / pool depreciation??? Repair costs Costs of delayed return Transport costs (empty pallets) Transport costs (empty pallets) ??? Warehousing costs (empty pallets) Warehousing costs (empty pallets) ??? Warehouse handling Warehouse handling Administration costs Administration costs ???/!!! ”Political costs” - negotiations ”Political costs” – entry barriers Legal risks Costs of legal check Environmental fees Pallet for internal use ECR Forum Moscow, 2010.06.02-04 15
    • The Pallet Odyssey Continues…  Revolutionary Technologies? RFiD?  Pallets owned vs rented?  Wooden pallets (EUR/pools)?  Cardboard?  Plastic? ECR Forum Moscow, 2010.06.02-04 16
    • Any questions? Thank you for your attention! Mateusz Boruta ECR Forum Moscow, 2010.06.02-04