Francis quinn l oreal_presentation kl_5 oct 2010


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Francis quinn l oreal_presentation kl_5 oct 2010

  1. 1. DRIVING SUSTAINABILITY Francis QUINN Kuala Lumpur 5th October 2010 Key take home message L’Oréal is committed to SUSTAINABLE GROWTH
  2. 2. Sustainable growth is a major business challenge Considering the critical evolution of the world which surrounds us, in the scientific, economic and societal arenas, it has become essential to reinvent ourselves by integrating Sustainable Development into our business. The cosmetics industry is in pole position for Sustainable Development. Our industry has developed a unique expertise by striking a balance between a natural capital and a man-made (chemical) capital by the selection and the formulation of its raw materials. L’Oréal: A century of Sustainable Development and Growth Our longevity and our track record have demonstrated our capacity thus far to rise to the challenges of Sustainable Development. Our commitments to respecting ecosystems, while focusing on economic performance and standing up to our societal responsibility, is fully recognized by the markets and our stakeholders.
  3. 3. Sustainable Development is not only an Ecological Challenge Our targets for 2015 are ambitious: • 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (absolute) • 50% reduction in water consumption (per finished pdt.) • 50% reduction in generated waste (per finished pdt.) But, these are only our environmental indicators… We have to bear in mind that Sustainable Development is also a societal challenge. What kind of Sustainable Development for L’Oréal? In this rapidly changing world in search of a new paradigm, the strategic challenge is no longer to make compromises on how to manage the three constituents of Sustainable Development, rather to deliver: SUSTAINABLE GROWTH Green ENVIRONMENT Conscious ENVIRONMENT Green Beauty Business Beauty Life Innovation Life Quality Growth Bearable Viable Sustainable L’ORÉAL Sustainable SOCIETY Equitable ECONOMY SOCIETY Performance ECONOMY Added Value CCR SUSTAINABLE ARRANGEMENT SUSTAINABLE GROWTH
  4. 4. Sustainable Growth is about Transparency and Dialogue Sustainable Growth is about where you stand on Key Topics
  5. 5. A key issue for our Sustainable Growth: Sustainable Consumption Our Vision of Sustainable Growth Economic development is compatible with environment and resource (in particular biodiversity) management. The development of new technologies and innovations will be vital to this process. L’Oréal’s vision is centred on Sustainable Innovation (Green Chemistry, Eco-design, Life Cycle Assessment…) thus our long term commitment to investing in research and innovation on a global basis.