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Ecr pallet workshop_presentation_ecr_poland Ecr pallet workshop_presentation_ecr_poland Presentation Transcript

  • Working together to fulfil consumer/shopper needs – better, faster, at less cost and in a sustainable way ECR Pallet Workshop print-out ECR-Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09
  • Agenda of the Workshop  Introduction & field visit  Defining the problem (one perspective for all)  Joint understanding of the pallet situation right now What types of pallets are really used  What do commercial and logistics agreements say  EUR vs GOST pallets - what's the difference  3D Pallet Management - legal, safety, economics  Pallet Management variety - possible alternatives pallet pools business models, 1-way, traded pallets etc.  The way forward for ECR-Rus & pallets ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 2
  • Introduction: why ECR & Pallets  Problem of all participants and supply chains  Different aspects of the problem for manufacturers, logistics companies and retailers – but the same core  No single company could solve it itself  Increasing number pallet-related conflicts between trading partners  The only possible solution – JOINTLY elaborated best practice guidelines & market-wide standards  ECR – the only platform gathering the three sides of the story at one table… ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 3 View slide
  • ECR Poland pallets history  „Pallet Market in Poland” ‘2005 report by ECR & ILiM Thorough analysis of the situation, root causes and solutions proposal Outcome - continuous improvement approach  Work at basics – simple, easy-to-use, efficient tools: Cooperation with pallet service and solutions providers Pallet Assessment Cards - v.1 ‘2006, v.3 – ‘2008 Pallet Costs Analysis sheet – ‘2006  Educational programmes – both open and in-house  Close cooperation with PKN Epal as of ‘2008 Promoting one standard for pallets assessment ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 4 View slide
  • Pallets issues: points of view  Retailers / distributors …  Manufacturers …  Logistics Service Providers … ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 5
  • Main issues listed in Poland  Costs - High investments/loss in new EUR pallets Frustration of pallets not returning  Warehouse operations efficiency Pallets assessment and „negotiations” Pallets segregation  Legal safety Intellectual Property Protection & Industrial Design Rights Vs counterfeit an low quality pallets  Labour safety – high racks, etc.  Distortion of regular commercial cooperation Pallets discussion as part of commercial negotiations ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 6
  • Pallets in Russia – the problem  The Problem is defined as: ……………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………… …and as such, understood by all parties involved in the same way. ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 7
  • Pallets reality in Russia  Kinds of pallets commonly used  Are pallets (types) specified in commercial contracts?  Number of pallets shipped annually  Number of pallets purchased annually  Pallet money/costs - estimates ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 8
  • Pallets reality in Russia  What is official, what is real (the standards)  Write-offs, pallet losses, pool depreciation…  Pallet market stakeholders, key players  Anything else? ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 9
  • EUR vs GOST vs „?” Pallets EUR Pallets GOST Pallets Other pallets Market share Average quality Quality assurance Standards availability Standards awareness Counterfiting Return rate Costs involved ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 10
  • EUR vs GOST vs „euro-type”  Any technical / functional differences?  Are the standards really respected?  Are they inter-changable 1-to-1? Separate stock? ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 11
  • EUR Pallet - standard  EUR pallets are trademark, also the practical, industry-approved standard  EPAL is a pallet-governing body  pallet producers association,  quaity assurance role  EPAL organisation is the entitled, legal represntative of the EUR trademark owner  The official definition – UIC Codex 435-2  Pragmatic tool – ECR PL’s Pallet Assessment Cards Initiated by ECR, supported by EPAL and the whole market ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 12
  • ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 13
  • ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09
  • ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09
  • ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09
  • Phito-sanitary requirements  IPPC – International Plant Protection Convention ISPM 15 standard – since 2002 To decrease the risk of transport and expansion of diseases and worms affecting trees and forests Actively in place in European Union, big organisations (IKEA), and others In Poland – mandatory for all new pallets since 01.2010. HT – heat treatment Old pattern New pattern ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 17
  • 3D of Pallet Management  3 dimensions Legal Safety Economics  incl. geographic factor & feasibility ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 18
  • 3D of Pallet Management  Legal dimension Trademark-related Product related Tax / returnable packaging aspects Practical and state-official standards and requirements They are… ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 19
  • 3D of Pallet Management  Safety dimension Labour safety  Special focus on pallet racks  warehouse operations  etc. Product safety  damage  contamination Warehouse equipment safety They are… ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 20
  • 3D of Pallet Management  Economics dimension Cost of new pallets / investment Return ratio Pallet operations (segregation, repairs, storing, utilising)  Labour  Equipment Cost of pallet accountancy  Financial  Political Cost of frozen capital Impact of geographies - 1 standard vs dedicated solutions Feasibility – geographical, commercial/political ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 21
  • How to measure real costs ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 22
  • Pallet Costs Analysis sheet Free download from, ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 23
  • Costs & feasibility study Own pool of EUR or GOST pallets Rented pallets / 1-way / Traded Price of new pallet Cost of rental / delivery 1 standard for all customers/locations How about remote deliveries ”Natural damage” / pool depreciation ”Natural damage” / pool depreciation??? Theft, shrinkage Still attractive? Repair costs Costs of delayed return Transport costs (empty pallets) Transport costs (empty pallets) ??? Warehousing costs (empty pallets) Warehousing costs (empty pallets) ??? Warehouse handling Warehouse handling Administration costs Administration costs ???/!!! ”Political costs” - negotiations ”Political costs” – entry barriers Legal risks Costs of legal check Environmental fees Pallet for internal use ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 24
  • What are the options?  1-way / disposal pallets (sometimes called „industrial”)  Returnable pallets purchased, „owned”  Returnable pallets leased/rented ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 25
  • Option 1 – 1-way, disposal  Disposal almost always equals cheap  Safety & quality issues, low applicability for FMCG  Sometimes necessary – e.g. pharmacy  Sometimes cheapest – e.g. construction business  Sometimes reasonable – long distance deliveries, limited time options ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 26
  • Option 2 – your „own pool”  Standard pallets – GOST or EUR, EUR2, EUR3 etc.  Widely accepted throughout the market  You either trade them – with every delivery customer is invoiced for the goods and the pallets  Or you „manage” them – trying to get them back By yourself (with delivery 1-4-1, every set time or quantity) By specialised „pallet management” company / LSP  Your own pallets you don’t always really own… ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 27
  • Option 3 – rental pallets  Compatible with standard pallets – usually EUR  Increasing acceptation throughout the market  You order the given amount you need for certain time, inform the rental company on the destination and quantities and get invoiced by the end of period  You don’t buy, own, repair, stock, retrieve pallets  Pool operator assures sufficient supply, quality and legal safety of the pallets, takes care of the returns  Charges you on agreed conditions Fees may vary depending on customers, return time ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 28
  • The Pallet Odyssey Continues…  Revolutionary Technologies? RFiD?  Pallets owned vs rented?  Wooden pallets (EUR/pools)? Cardboard? Plastic? ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 29
  • Expected future in Russia  1 standard vs multiple (few) standards vs no standards?  Will the key players be willing to align?  Solutions for European part and for the far East?  Expected availability of rental pools over near future?  Purchased vs owned?  Revolution vs evolution?  What needs to be checked, changed, improved? ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09 30
  • Any questions? Thank you for your attention and cooperation! Mateusz Boruta ECR Rus Moscow, 2010.11.09