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  • 1. The role of internal communication in pursuit of silver bullet: improving cross-departmental cooperation Anete Gribuste, Hill and Knowlton Latvia Uldis Pāvuls, Energise
  • 2. Where does internal communication Are the messages strategy belongs in our for my clients similar business plans? to ones for my employees? Who’s responsible for the intranet? What’s more important – our place into Why is the ‘silent the Reputation rating or what one heard about us during some dinner party? phone’effect growing stronger and stronger? Why do I need to engage Where them? They’re doing their job just fine. to start? They can still smell economical downturn – is there more motivation needed?
  • 3. Goal of internal communication function – motivated and engaged employees
  • 4. Engaged/ not engaged – what’s the difference? !   Only 29% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs – work with passion, feel profound connection to their company, actively engaged helping move the organization forward. !   54% of employees are not engaged – putting time, but not passion into their work !   17% of employees are actively disengaged – are busy acting out their unhappiness. Employment engagement index (By Gallup management journal) Source: Ivevy Business Journal
  • 5. Employee engagement has relatively little to do with macro-economic conditions and payment.. It is the unique element* of the work expierence that is most likely to influence engagement Source: Ivevy Business Journal
  • 6. *Synergy
  • 7. Only 3 steps to make it happen
  • 8. What values are keeping us together? !  Conversations with employees !  Values workshops !  Internal communication audit !  Employee survey
  • 9. Who we are What do we stand for What do we want to achieve
  • 10. Generate meaningful content !  When, what has happened or is planned to happen? !   Context of a situation, why is it important for us? !   Gains/benefits !   What behavior is expected !   What possible support is available?
  • 11. 3P (People, Product, Profits) 4P (People, Place, Product, Profits)
  • 12. Plan chanells and deliver !  Multiple channels mix !   The Best and the most sticky* story wins: !   Simplicity !   Unexpectedness !   Concreteness !   Credibility !   Emotions !   Stories Timing !   * Chip and Dan Heath, Made to Stick, Random House, New York, 2008
  • 13. Please use printer for the purposes of work only
  • 14. Please wash your dishes yourself. Thank you!
  • 16. Use SMS for internal communication HTTP://WWW.APPLE.COM/IPHONE/GALLERY/
  • 17. Thank You! Anete Gribuste Uldis Pāvuls Senior account manager Partner, HR consultant Hill and Knowlton Latvia Energise, Ltd.