Decoding the unusual enterprise innovation code


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How enterprises can create new bread of innovations using their existing employees? Using Intrapreneurship!

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Decoding the unusual enterprise innovation code

  1. 1. DECODING The Unusual Enterprise Innovation Code @MussabSharif   Intrapreneurship Inside ™
  2. 2. Enterprises Should … Find New Way’s To Innovate Their Business Alongside the current traditional business value proposition development
  3. 3. The Triangle Of Any New Business Concept … IDEATOR INNOVATOR CUSTOMER
  4. 4. Innovative Business Concepts Only Happen When … IDEATOR INNOVATOR CUSTOMER Feasible Idea Founded Desirable Value Delivered Viable Business Created Innovation
  5. 5. IDEATOR INNOVATOR CUSTOMER Platforms for Inspiration Needs Probing Execution Resources Actors In The Triangle Need To Be Supported By…
  6. 6. Different Actions Need To Be Taken Based On Location … IDEATOR INNOVATOR CUSTOMER Platforms for Inspiration Value Resources Ideation (IDEATOR) Value Co-Creation (CUSTOEMR) Business Development (INNOVATOR) Product " Development Market" Development Customer" Development Different Actions Need To Be Taken Based On Location … Transit Actions Main Actions What to be done?
  7. 7. INTERNAL INNOVATION PLATFORMS Different Platforms Can Provide Sourcing / Inspiration … OPEN INNOVAITON PLATFORMS IDEATOR Platforms of Inspiration CORPORATE R&D PARTNERS CUSTOMERS EMPLOYEES VENDORS PEOPLE Design Thinking A HUMAN CENTRIC problem solving approach that businesses can use to achieve extraordinary outcomes
  8. 8. The Entrepreneur   No Pay Check Business Orientation Self Employed Look For Resources Create The Fire! INNOVATOR Execution Resources Different Type Of Innovators Exist, Beware Of Them … Organization Locating The Innovator Entrapreneur   Intrapreneur   The Intrapreneur   Gets a Pay Check Skillful Personal Work Within an Org. Assigned Resources Maintain The Flame! Normal Business Units  
  9. 9. INNOVATOR Execution Resources Innovators Look For These Type Of Resources … Financial Capital   Funding Human Capital   Skilled personals - Team Infrastructure   Technology – Hosting - Space Intellectual   Brand value – Legal - IP support Partnerships   Business Networks Customers   Marketing - Access
  10. 10. Innovators Use Different Methodologies … Design" Thinking Lean" Thinking Iterative" Dev. Business " Development UnknownSolutions  UnknownProblems   Insights   Rough" Concepts   Business" Models   Complete" Solutions   Ideas   Working" Prototypes   Ideator Limit Innovator Limit
  11. 11. CUSTOMER Needs Probing New Concepts, Follow The Diffusion Of Innovation Curve ...
  12. 12. CUSTOMER Needs Probing Design Thinking Is The Method To Understand The Needs …         Design Thinking What Is? What If? What Wows? What Works? What  is:  Current  knowledge,  needs  iden1fica1on.     What  if:  Gather  insights  from  immersive  research  and   customer  stories.       What  wow’s:  Synthesize  and  try  to  connect  the  dots.     What  works:  Ra1onalize  findings  to  something  that  is   really  relevant  and  feasible.      
  13. 13. Methodology Business Development Lean Thinking Design Thinking I VC I VC I V C 1. Idea 2. Concept 3. Business Offering Maturity High Medium Low Business Action Scale Develop Create Customers Main Stream Early Adaptors Innovators Every Business Offering Has To Pass These Stages … Not Present Partially Present Fully Present
  14. 14. Enterprises Should Give Space to Intrapreneur’s …