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Music promotions ignite slideshow

  1. 1. Online and Street Promotions By: Sabastian Barron
  2. 2. How I Got Into This Profession Back in sophomore year in high school, in Career Management class. We had to do a project for something we wanted to do so I went toward music; we also had to conduct an interview with someone within that field so I went to a musician from a local band, and conducted an interview with him which ended up being about five to six pages in length. This was one of the best interviews out of the entire class, however once I did the interview and that project I was hooked on music entertainment and wanted to manage bands, and preform on stage. I will continue to chase my dreams, and work and push myself to accomplish more I have already accomplish my life.
  3. 3. Want Made Me Want to do Online & Street Promotions Online Promotions, gave me the opportunity to help my favorite artist, and allowed me to promote their CDs or tour through online and street promotions. It made me respect the artist, and the music more and made me understand what it’s like to fight against the illegal downloads that happens everyday.
  4. 4. Doing online and street promotions can help a lot of artists out.
  5. 5. What’s in it for your audience? why the topic is important or worth discussing.
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  8. 8. Preview the three main points that will support your big idea 1) Make more money for the artist, by using word of mouth.
 2) help the artist gain new supporters.
 3) create a new outlook so they are not losing money due to illegal downloading on the Internet.
  9. 9. 1.) Make more money for the artist; by using word of mouth to gain new supporters – In order, to help the artist with money and to make more money is by adding certain merchandise to their CDs that you can’t get with downloading like a T-Shirt, Voucher for Tickets or any merchandise of their choice..
  10. 10. Taken By Myslef - Sabastain Barron
  11. 11. Do you have the knowledge and the experience to do promotions? Can you keep up with the record labels as well?
  12. 12. 2) Help the artist gain new supporters – In order to help the artist, is using promotional skills and speaking highly about the band using the word of mouth method. So that we can make them sound like the best band or the best album is out. So people can go check them out, or have an iPod, iPhone or any device that has their music on for them to check it out as your speaking to them about the band, the tour, and the album.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. 3) Create a new outlook so they are not losing money due to illegal downloading on the Internet. – If people take the time to actually understand how much money, their favorite artist is losing money and how it is affecting their career, what can happen if caught doing illegal downloading. To create the outlook is to
  15. 15.
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  17. 17. In order to help the labels and the artist, you have to show respect and the dedication of helping the labels spread the word for music from their roster, to bring in more fans or new revenue for CD, ticket, and merchandise sells.
  18. 18. Doing online and street promotions can help a lot of artists out.
  19. 19. What is music to you, that is a great question and needs to be asked to everyone around the globe. Music is inspiration, music is the gather of sounds: from beats, vocals, guitar, drums, and much more. Music is all things created together in a equal form or fashion, or sometimes it's just a mixed of all the elements in one.
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