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  • GOAL: Learn to A) breakdown concepts and B) use “AND”. First, ask the students to do a search in the library catalog, without telling what to do. They will most likely enter the entire phrase “teaching music in kindergarten” as keywords.  3 results. Tell them it’s different to search in the library catalog than in Google. Ask the students to breakdown into concepts; Introduce “AND” and * Do a simple search together with students in the Library’s catalog.  12 results
  • GOAL: Learn how to A) use truncation and B) limit material type.
  • Beware of variant spelling of genre and names. Use truncations! Ask students whether they know of other composers for whom truncations can be used, e.g. Tchaikovsk*, Rachmanino*
  • GOAL: Identify synonyms. First, ask students to identify the main concepts here. Tell them to do the search in the library catalogue, i.e. music and business and job.  11 results Then, help them develop synonyms. Modify the search with the synonyms added. Include a truncation. Introduce the use of “OR” for synonyms.  37 results
  • After demonstrating how to play a track, you will very soon hear some music playing. That means, you have achieved your learning outcome. Also show students where to get liner notes, info about performers / recordings.
  • GOAL: Understand the reference nature of Oxford Music Online
  • Exercise: Find me The nickname, key, and opus number of Beethoven’s symphony no. 3 The year of birth and death of Beethoven, and the country where he was born.
  • GOAL: Learn how to use IIMP and how to evaluate irrelevant hits, e.g. reviews. Do this exercise with students. 1. Enter “music therapy and cancer” to initiate a simple search. 2. After the initial search, there are a total of 230 results. Note that you will find obituaries (#10) and book reviews (#23) in the result list. 3. Now, limit the result to “Peer-reviewed articles only” and “Excluded reviews”. There should only be 99 articles found. 4. You can also limit it to music therapy for children with cancer (add “child* or kid* -> 67 articles found) . 5. Show also how WebBridge works.
  • A simple keyword search music therapy and cancer* will yield 230 results.
  • GOAL: Learn how to evaluate results. Let’s look for irrelevant hits. #10: obituary
  • GOAL: Learn how to limit a search in IIMP
  • 1) Refine the search by adding another concept. -> 287 results 2) Click on “HTML Full Text” to show full text. 3) Add 2 articles to folder, and show how to send them via email.
  • GOAL: Learn how to read a citation and the elements in it. Is this an article or a book? How to identify?
  • Different citation style. But is it an article or a book title?

Library Workshop for MA Music Library Workshop for MA Music Presentation Transcript

  • LIBRARY WORKSHOP Master of Arts in Music September 2010
  • Library Catalog Library Catalog : Books Multimedia Journal titles Databases : Journal articles Newspaper articles Theses
  • Search Tip (1)
    • Key terms
    music teaching kindergarten Teaching music in kindergarten and and teach * music kindergarten Connect the keywords with AND
  • Search Tip (2)
    • Truncation Mozart’s piano concerto K. 595
    Keyword search with truncation * e.g. Concert *
    • Warning for variant spellings!!!
    Search Tip (2) Prokofiev = Prokofie v or Prokofie ff Sonata = Sonatas or Sonate or Sonaten or Sonatina Use truncation: Sonat * Use truncation: Prokofie *
  • Search Tip (3)
    • Synonyms
    music music and job * career business business and Job Music Business job * or career ( ) Finding a job in the music business
  • Other E-Resources
    • Naxos Music Library
    • Listen to music online
    • Access from home
    • Comprehensive collection of classical music
  •  magic flute overture
  • Other E-Resources
    • Oxford Music Online
    • Great reference tool, includes
    • - Grove Music Online
    • - Oxford Dictionary of Music
    • - Oxford Companion to Music
    • - Encyclopedia of Popular Music
    • Contents:
    • - composer’s / biography
    • - style & analysis, terms
    • - list of works
    • - bibliography for extended reading
  • Beethoven
  • Electronic Databases
    • Library Catalog
    • - Find books, journal titles, scores, multimedia materials (CDs, DVDs…)
    • Electronic Databases
    • - Find individual essays / articles written inside journals
    Electronic databases Library Catalog VS. Electronic Databases?
  • Electronic Databases
    • International Index to Music Periodicals (Fulltext)
    • Music Index Online
    • RILM Abstracts of Music Literature
    Databases : journal articles
    • Academic Search Premier
    • ERIC
    • ProQuest Dissertations & Theses
    • China Journal Net 中國期刊網全文數據庫
  • Electronic Databases MUS7260 Library Guide! Loads of resources, chat reference, discussion forum…
  • Sample Search 1 music cancer cancer patients music therapy and cancer music music therapy How does music help cancer patients?
  • Too many results? Make sure you evaluate them! music therapy and cancer
  • Obituary = Death announcement! (irrelevant result) This is a book review only! (irrelevant result)
  • music therapy and cancer Ways to limit your search
  • Sample Search 2 Music education for children
  • Too many results? Consider narrowing down your topic by adding another element. and compo*
  • How to Locate an Item?
    • Current (1-2 yrs): 2/F
    • Old (>2 yrs): check call no. to locate the floor
    Citation: Mullins, S. (2003). Adventures with music. The instrumentalist, 57, 19-21. (APA Style) Journal name Page no. Issue no. Article title Authors Pub. Yr.
  • How to Locate an Item?
    • Current (1-2 yrs) : 2/F
    • Old (>2 yrs) : check call no.
    Citation: Hamann, Donald L., and Robert Anthony Gillespie. "Strategies for Teaching Strings: Building a Successful String and Orchestra Program." MUSIC EDUCATORS JOURNAL 91 (2009): 60. (MLA Style) Journal name Page no. Issue no. Pub. yr. Article title Authors
  • Article Finder
    • Help you quickly locate the specific full-text article!!
    Just enter the citation details & it will take you directly to the full-text article if the Library has it. It’s EASY!
  • Services & Facilities
    • Login to access databases remotely from home
    • Online renewal… and more
  • Help? Katie Lai Music Liaison Librarian MUS7260 LibGuideS Ask @ the Reference Desk Call @ 3411-7363 Email @ Ask a Librarian